Please note: Joining WWOOF Italia entitles you to WWOOF ONLY in Italy.

To WWOOF in other countries you need to contact their national WWOOF organization, all the official WWOOF sites can be found under 


Where do I send my photograph?

By e mail to info@wwoof.it (it is best to upload the photo when you fill in your on line membership form.)

Can I come to your office to collect my membership card?
Our office is a farm in the hills in Tuscany 30 minutes from the train station and we do not recommend that you come here as you will waste a day doing so! We now do all memberships on line and you will be sent a pdf of your card once you are a member, if you wish you can print this out, or simply e mail it to hosts when you contact them.

Do you arrange the farm visits for me or do I do this myself?
Once you have received your list it is up to you to contact the farms that you wish to go to yourself. This is not our job, the farms on the list are very varied and WWOOFers are looking for different experiences from a farm. For example you may be interested in milk sheep and cheese making, or wine production, we cannot possibly know which your interests are. Your initial contact with the host is also very important as it gives you a chance to explain who you are, why you are interested in volunteering on a farm, your interests in organic production etc.

Do you have a cheaper membership fee for couples traveling together?
No we are unable to offer a cheaper rate to couples as we provide personal insurance cover included in the membership fee.

What do hosts expect from me?
The most important quality for a WWOOFer to have is to be able to fit into the very different lifestyles that the hosts lead. A host will expect you to be interested in what they do and how they live, collaborate with them and help them. They would also like you to help with the chores (such as cooking and washing up) and not create difficulties for your host. Hosts are all very hardworking people mainly living on a tight budget and you should accept this fact and respect it.
WWOOFing is NOT a cheap holiday and way to travel. It is a voluntary organisation set up to teach people about the organic movement and give them hands on experience and to help out organic producers as organic production is very labour intensive. If you are solely looking for a cheap way to see Italy WWOOF IS NOT FOR YOU.
Always respect the dates you arrange with your host, if you have to change them for any reason you must give your host ample warning so that they can make other arrangements. Please don't just not turn up, this can cause major problems for your host (who has probably turned down other people as they were expecting you to come). Please be responsible and thoughtful and take your responsibilities seriously. If your stay is not satisfactory for your host he can always ask you to leave, although with good communication between host and WWOOFer it does not usually need to resort to this.

What should I expect from a host?
A host should offer you basic accommodation and food, you should check before you go exactly what this is as it varies greatly from farm to farm. Some may have a tent only, others may ask you bring your own tent. You may well need to take a sleeping bag. Most have a room for WWOOFers. If you have special dietary requirements (ie vegetarian, vegan etc) or specific allergies (ie to animals) you should check with your host that this is allright before you go. The host should stay with you at times and be willing to teach you about organic farming. It is very likely that you will be on your own a fair amount and many of the tasks may be mundane, but a lot of agriculture is! Once again check with your host what jobs you will be doing. If for some reason the situation is not satisfactory for you discuss it with you hosts and if a solution cannot be reached you are under no obligation to stay if the situation is intolerable. Any feedback to us would be appreciated.

How do I know if a host is on the current farm list?
It is always a good idea to check that the host farm is on the current list (especially at the beginning of the year when we publish the new list). All hosts now have a membership card which you can ask to see. You can always check with Bridget if you are unsure. If the farm you are on is not on the current list your insurance will not be valid and you may well find yourself in trouble with the local authorities for working illegally. WWOOF is totally legal and registered as a non-profit organisation.

Do I need a work visa to WWOOF?
You can WWOOF here on a tourist visa and there is no reason for you to obtain a work visa (which is very difficult to get and if applied for could jeopardise you chances of obtaining a tourist visa). Visit this useful website for more information on obtaining a visa:


Can I bring my child/children with me?

Yes sometimes. A lot of the farms like to take people with children, especially if they have children themselves. ALWAYS check with the host first though and if you have young children who need a lot of your attention discuss this with your host first. They obviously don't want to feed extra mouths and have very little help given in exchange. There are dangers on a farm and the parent should be willing to take total responsibility for the safety of their child.

What is included in the insurance cover?
We have to provide insurance cover by law and this is included in your membership fee (13 euro of the 35 you pay). It is a very basic cover and is valid for one year and only whilst you are on a registered WWOOF Italia farm. It covers accident, health care and third party liability. See page on insurance for more details.

How do I pay?
You can pay on-line. After filling out the membership form you can pay by credit card. WWOOF Italia has an account with the Post Office and you can send money via the post office system within Europe. We accept bank transfers to our account with the Banca Etica, but we do not accept personal cheques as we have problems cashing them here. 
If you are already in Italy you can pay directly from your local Post Office into our account:
Associazione WWOOF Italia,
No: 12421558
If paying by bank draft or post office  PLEASE write your full name clearly on the form to avoid mistakes and send a copy of the draft by fax or e mail.

How many hours a day are expected from me? What is the minumum/maximum length of stay on a farm?
The hours depend a great deal on what needs to be done. You should discuss this with your host and come to a mutualy satisfying arrangement. You are not an employee or sub contractor and should not be asked for too much, but also it would be unfair not to contribute enough. During a harvest for example when a crop needs to be got in you may end up doing much longer hours, but you should be given extra days off at the end to make up for this. Once again good communication with your host at the beginning of your stay should avoid misunderstandings about this.

Most farms will not accept WWOOFers for less than 10 days to allow a worthwhile exchange. There is no maximum length of time, obviously this is arranged by mutual agreement between yourself and the host when you contact them.

Do I need to be able to speak Italian?
A lot of the hosts speak languages other than Italian (mainly English) and it states clearly on the list which languages they speak. Do not go to a farm where they speak only Italian if you can't speak it, it only leads to misunderstandings and confusion. If you wish to learn Italian choose a farm where they speak some English and ask them if they could speak Italian to you, or would be willing to exchange English for Italian lessons.

Are the hosts on your list Italians or Ex-pats?
The majority of the hosts are Italian or one is Italian and the other is another nationality (usually European). Once again it is easy to tell from the list which nationality the host is.

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