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Council and Presidency - The broad circle is composed of the AGM of members and is concentrated into the operational core of the Council when it comes to dealing with ordinary management and official acts. Decisionality and concreteness at the service of the collective vision, towards the realization of the aims of the charter. 

Webmaster - Website, database, membership and all the telematic functionalities indispensable for the life of the Association, are managed and coordinated professionally by Alessandro. His technological skills are combined with experience in agriculture, WWOOF hospitality and coordination, which enables him to meet the heterogeneous domands of a complex reality such as WWOOF Italia.

Sunday, 30 September 2018 07:25

October is dedicated to the WWOOF Coordinators

Coordinators - The associative life on the territory is animated by a network of about 40 volunteers (hosts or WWOOFers) who deal with the requests of new hosts, organize local meetings, stimulate and collect projects of common interest. The group of coordinators is constantly evolving, maintaining strong connections and nuturing support and training.

The coordinators autumn riunion will be held in Fabriano, AN 11th - 14th October

Saturday, 01 September 2018 15:25

SEPTEMBER - Insurance and more

Insurance and more - Any Association needs technical and legal tools that translate its intentions and its mission. Members in good standing with their membership are covered by a policy during their activities thanks to the ethical intermediation of the CAES Consortium. In the more delicate cases and in the construction of projects and campaigns, the association can count on the solid collaborative relationship with William, a lawyer and frequent visitor at meetings.

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 08:58

August, local WWOOF Italia meetings

Local meetings - The associative relationship is built from the bottom: small groups of hosts, travelers and coordinators who meet up together, represent the first moment of the creation of a network between people who share the WWOOF experience. We share problems and difficulties of rural life, but also successes, adventures and products with warm bonding camaraderie.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 16:38

Trailer for the film The Green Lie

The Green Lie

“When you shop with a conscience, you don’t save the world, you save the corporations”


it is showing in cinemas all over Europe


Fabio - ... They paid me to teach applied art in school but with minimal results, the environment was too sterile, too much paperwork. When I began to pass on my knowledge to WWOOFers I discovered, with wonder, that this was the most fruitful school, that almost all the seeds sprouted.

Daria - For the past six years, I have been traveling across Italy and WWOOFing. The more I travel the more I feel at home. Each new experience, however unique and different from the others, has an immediate familiar flavour. Each time I recognize same shared intentions and ways of living that I feel to be part of and which solidify in this sharing of daily life. WWOOFer / coordinator.

I am a WWOOFer and for over six years I have been a wandering nomad. WWOOF Italia has helped me find the meaning of my life.

'Sun, earth, water, wind, patience, humility, tolerance, peace.

Peasants' tears make plants grow and nomads continue their endless journeys.

Nature is strong, the future in our hands.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 09:37

Spring work camp restoring an ancient olive grove

Restoring an ancient olive grove, 4 - 18 March.

Spring work camp - Reconstruction of dry stone walls, olive tree pruning, maitenance of olive grove and the land after the winter. 

We have a 4 hectare hillside olive grove on the Monti Pisani which is centuries old. We overlook forest, field, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is very beautiful. We have had an invasion of wild boar. They have pulled down a number of the dry stone walls and have caused a certain amount of devastation in the grove. Some of this we have addressed last autumn, thanks to an great team of Wwoof volunteers, some of the work still needs dealing with.

We are looking for a team, 4 - 18 March, of strong, hardworking and enthusiastic people to help us:

a) tidy the grove and

b) help with olive tree pruning 

c) prepare some of the walls for dry stone walling and to re build some of the walls

d) other associated land tasks - fence painting, pole planting, other pre season prep.

I must emphasize that this is hard but satisfying work.  

Awaiting your e mails.


La Lucertola - www.lucertola.info 

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