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Alternatives to Air Travel

We feel very strongly that air travel is extremely damaging to the environment and so would like to offer you some alternative ways of getting to Italy and traveling around whilst you are here. It is far too easy to book a flight on line and travel by air, it takes much more effort and time to get here by other means but we would like to encourage you to try!

We hope that you as travellers will have many other ideas of your own, if you do send them to Bridget (info@wwoof.it) and we will add them to this page, we hope that this is just a start……..

With many thanks to Cora (WWOOFer from Holland) who researched most of this information

………. Fast travel is a bit like fast food, it might be quick, cheap and easy but you are missing a far better experience. And like fast food, it is less healthy, not to say bad for the environment. Therefore, we like to offer you a few 'low carbon diet' alternatives of traveling.

For more information and inspiration, have a look at the 'Slow Travel' website

Traveling by foot

Traveling by Bicycle

Traveling by car: carpooling and hitchhiking

Traveling by Boat

Traveling by Bus

Traveling by Train