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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Our small family run farm is located in Vignale Monferrato, in the countryside of the beautiful UNESCO heritage. We are an Italo / Spanish family who decided to return to live in the countryside to allow our four children to live immersed in nature.In 2017 we started a snail farm, in 2018 will start a new initiative of horticultural gardens that we will manage in a natural way respecting the specifications included in organic farming. We have an orchard and breed goats, sheep and poultry for family self-consumption. We transform our products trying to preserve the traditions of our cultures. WWOOFers will be involved in all activities and will be hosted in a separate room with bathroom. Languages spoken: Spanish and English
We are a group of 30 people living on 100 ha of land which we care for in a natural and organic way: we are trying for sustainable negative growth (decrescita) in a realistic and non fanatical way. We raise pigs, beef cattle, farmyard animals, a small vegetable garden and an orchard for home consumption, grain, hay, especially alfalfa and 20 ha of vineyard. The idea is to do jobs by hand and to use as few machines a possible. The tasks are mainly in the vineyard, the cellar, the orchard, vegetable garden, cleaning in the fields (from March to October). During the winter (from October to March) you can also work in the slaughterhouse, there is maintenance of buildings and wood cutting in the forest, the small dairy or in the restaurant. Accommodation by prior agreement in the campsite. The meals are organic using our own produce. We ask you to be collaborative and positive and to adapt to the jobs you are asked to do. You also need to entertain yourselves in the evenings as the members of the cooperative go home to their families at that time. We are reachable by train at Tortona and then bus or we will come and collect you. English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish spoken.
I cultivate and sell vegetables produced with organic regenerative agriculture in southern Piedmont (in Serravalle Scrivia, where the Apennines begin). The farm is very new and I need help (and comparison) to build and improve in cultivation and sales. I used to work in large-scale distribution. I am 48 years old and live with my wife (Sara, 42, teaches mathematics) and our 3 children (14, 12 and 7 years old) in an apartment; the garden (about 7000 square meters) is located a few kilometers from the house, in the Gavi hills; my sister Daniela (46) collaborates with me, and lives right next to us and we use her apartment for WWOOFers (a dedicated room and shared bathroom, kitchen and living room). We would like to host WWOOFers who can stay with us for a couple of weeks or so.  We really like traveling to learn about different customs and habits and we have decided to try also to "travel from home" by hosting other people. Serravalle (about 6000 inhabitants, located in the center of the triangle Milan, Turin and Genoa) you can to reach these cities by public transport and to learn about the landscapes and traditions of our rural culture, at the foot of the Apennines. The period in which we would like to host is from June to October. We speak English and a little French, but it would be fun to try to communicate with different languages ​​too.
This small family run farm is situated in the Colli Tortonesi hills in Piedmont near Avolasca, a small rural village in the countryside, halfway between Genova and Milan, surrounded by woodlands and wild countryside. We mainly have a vineyard and produce wine but also have a vegetable garden and a restaurant at the weekends. We are a Belgium and Italian couple with a child (born 2002) and are very open to having people of different nationalities here. Accommodation in small apartment with kitchen but usually we eat meals together. No smoking in the house and you need to get to know the animals before you can look after them! We have a bicycle you can use and a bus stop nearby, but there are no buses on Sundays. We ask you to be adaptable as we all have many different activities. Stays of up to 1 month, English, French and Dutch spoken.
I'm Anna, this place was born from a life choice. I stopped living in Milan in technology closed in a room to create video advertising. I studied permaculture and regenerative agriculture. I looked for a piece of land that seemed to me suitable and cheap. And I started my transition in 2014. I was 54 years old. Three wonderful children. And a great desire to live a truer life. As a girl I had participated in the creation of an ecovillage in Argentina run by a research theater group. I knew I could live in an isolated place, frugally. I started to grow vegetables and now my garden is about 2000 square meters and every year that passes is always richer in life and produces vegetables much appreciated by supporters who buy them, mainly in Milan. I am looking for people who want to share this experience, made up of work, human relationship, resilience, culture and art. If you choose to come, I'd like you to stop a few weeks, after a first week of trial. We mainly work the garden where only manual tools are used. We also prepare macerations and we are starting to produce solutions of local micro-organisms. I'm not a vegetarian but I almost never eat meat. Nutrition is naturally based on vegetables from the vegetable garden! We cook in turn and willingly. I'm ten minutes by bike from the town center and the train station. But here there is a lot of peace, we are close to a forest and you can see beautiful stars. In the weekend, friends from the surrounding area or from the cities often come to visit me. I willingly welcome people from different cultures and languages, I can speak a little bit of English and Spanish.
We, Erica (1983), Matteo (1982) and Leonardo (2008), breed sheep and donkeys on our small family farm in Val Borbera. The farm is independent, surrounded by greenery, 5 min from the village with public transport, post offices and shops. After traveling for a few years we fell in love with our homeland and we found out how to live in harmony with our surroundings and its produce. We love to enrich our lives with exchange of knowledge and sharing of ideas with travelers. Our animals are kept free range, no GM, no powdered milk for our lambs. The milk from our sheep is made into Montébore cheese by a cooperative (Slow Food). We use the donkeys for riding with the kids and in the garden as animal traction. We have a vineyard with local grape varieties. Very close by runs a little river, crystalline water and alternating pools, rapids and waterfalls. Various routes and excursions into the wild Apennines start from here. Wwoofers will be involved in all activities of our farm: lambing (January / February), milking, grazing (March to November), working with animal traction (Oct / May), harvesting and making preserves from the garden, hiking, in the vineyards, educational farms (April / June, workshops on making felt, wool, spinning, which I will be pleased to teach you). Accommodation in your own tent, we are renovating a house that in bad weather can be used. We share meals and common areas. We ask for cooperation for cooking and cleaning. The food, including meat, is for the most part of our own production. No problem with vegetarians. Prefer medium to long stays. We speak Spanish and school English.
We are a family run farm with 7 hectares of vineyard cultivated organically and an underground cellar where make produce organic wine. I'm 27 and I work with my parents, my brother is at university. We have a vegetable garden, fruit trees and a forest from which we get our wood. The house is located in the village of Cella Monte, we are starting a farm here where we offer tastings of food and wine combined with guided tours of the vineyard and events of various kinds. We have two rooms for B & B and a small apartment for overnight tourists. We would love your collaboration in all the activities here, which vary depending on the season: in the vineyard, cellar, vegetable garden and farm and to be able to work together and share the various aspects of our work. We are very open to cultural exchange: to teach what we know and learn new things at the same time! Wwoofers can stay in a room of the house. We always eat together, dinnertime is the best time for everyone to chat, our diet is nearly vegetarian. We welcome one to two people and prefer longer stays, it takes a while to adapt to the rules of the house. Languages ​​are not a problem: we speak English, French and Spanish in addition to Italian. The area is beautiful for walks through woods and vineyards, cycling and visits to various wineries. We do yoga, meditation and reiki and it will be a pleasure to share these practices with interested wwoofers; we are also available to teach how to cook, make bread, yogurt and bean/seed sprouts.
I live in the southern Piedmont, on the border with Liguria: in the Monferrato hills. The nearest town is Acqui Terme, an ancient Roman spa town. I started my farm three years ago, I do the farm work alone, my partner helps me with bureaucratic matters, our family consists of the two of us, two female dogs (40 and 19 kg) a mare and various donkeys. The house is in an area surrounded by forests where two horse trekking trails pass. I have made a vegetable garden on the land. I use integrated pest management methods, the farm is organic without certification. I grow legumes, fruit and saffron. I dry the legumes and make jams and sauces from the soft fruit. The house originally had a wood-burning oven and I have built a new one. I have baked bread for two years and using my grandmother's recipes, the loaves keep for a week. For 4 years I have reared a herd of donkeys which I am training for riding. I need help with the donkeys, in the vegetable garden where the jobs are linked to the seasons. Accommodation is in a room of the house with a bathroom and shower. I hope to to re-evaluate an area which has been abandoned by many of its inhabitants and returned to its wild state: nature is taking over the civilization again, the woods are wild. Stay at least 30 days, we can accommodate two people, we speak Italian.

We are a biodynamic farm of 26 hectares in Piedmont 1 km from a village of 300 inhabitants, Tassarolo, 6 km from Novi Ligure. We grow mainly vines from which we make 8 different wines, some without sulfites. We work some vineyards, the forest and the garden with three French Comtois horses. We also run courses on agricultural work with horses. We have just started a sustainable self-sufficient project on production of vegetables using animal traction. We are inspired by the agricultural practice of Rudolf Steiner on which we hold a study groups and we have contributed to the founding of a Waldorf school nearby. Our philosophy is "GOOD, CLEAN AND RIGHT". We love and respect all animals, including insects.A few rules: 1. respect the children, try to be a good example for them; 2. respect animals; 3. cigarette smoking only outdoors or indoors only with others who smoke. No use of soft drugs during the entire stay both at leisure and at work. We do not accept people who in their private lives use drugs or drink alcohol in large quantities. 4. alcohol you drink at mealtimes in moderation and not during working hours. As we love animals, we limit as much as possible the consumption of animal protein. Positive people who want to contribute to a positive change in the reality of our society are welcomeVisit our web site!

Family-run 7 hecare organic farm (certified ICEA) in Piemonte, Monferrato. Their main produce is wine and hazelnuts. Situated 3 kms from the village, 15 km from Alessandra and 100 kms from Milan, Turin and Genova. The farm is very busy all year round and the owner always works with WWOOFers. Meals mainly organic (meat and vegetables) but can cater for vegetarians. Have two children 2004 and 2008. Jobs to be done: pruning, wood cutting and maintenance work (winter); in the vineyard (spring); the hazelnut harvest (August); the grape harvest and wine making (September) and all year round in the vegetable garden and garden. Possibility to help out at markets. Accommodation in room with bathroom, meals with the family. English and French spoken.