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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Founded as a community project, based on the fundamental principles of solidarity and self-management, this farm has a family atmosphere. I live here with Katerina, our baby, then there's my sister who comes and helps and we also have the strong support of our parents. We have participated for several years in the ‘Genuine Clandestine’ movement and critical consumption. Ours is a project that works towards self-sufficiency. We produce a bit of wine and olive oil and care the vegetable garden, all in a natural way. We raise chickens, rabbits, pigs and chickens. We make bread, controlling the entire supply chain, and we cultivate the grains and ancient wheats ourselves. We collect wood for the stoves. We are gradually implementing the self-construction of our home, trying to make a collective and shared work of art . The borders are covered by medicinal plants, we transform fruits into nice things to eat and read comic books (we have a very rich library of books and comics). Ours is indeed a physical place but also a virtual space of everyday life and design. Besides us, sometimes there are also other people here: some spend some days with us, others only stay only for dinner ... We speak Neapolitan, Spanish, English, French and German.

I was born and I live in this house surrounded by 2 hectares of land with vines, some olives, wheat and a vegetable garden. I have a degree in philosophy and I speak fluent English and good Spanish. We have our water from a good well, the land is very fertile and generous, we have chickens and cats. We eat some of the chickens or we sell them. Bread is made weekly and we make jam, marmalade, olive oil, wine etc. The town is an important archaeological site: Telesia, formerly inhabited by the Sanniti, and then conquered by the Romans who built an amphitheatre, an aqueduct and spa there and you can visit the archaeological remains. I am 53 years old and I live with my son born in 2000. The house is very big and there is a room available for WWOOFers. We have WIF, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen and two rooms you can use in your free time. We do not have any television. Jobs which we do with you are mainly in the garden (digging, watering, sowing, harvesting vegetables and fruit, cutting woods) and maintenance jobs in the house. We are well connected with the cities of Benevento, Caserta and Naples (which is 55 km. away). The towns in this valley are very beautiful, nestled among green hills and mountains. There is a Spa, a lake and a natural park nearby and the house is surrounded by archaeological remains. In the winter it is not very cold but the house is well heated.

We are a group of friends, managing an eco-sustainable farmhouse, with 3ha of green park, Olive trees, vineyard, organic vegetable garden and woods. We also have a hen-house that gives us daily fresh bio eggs. We can host not more than two woofers. We prefer having sigle woofers, not couples. The farmhouse owner Salvatore lives in the farm, as well as Marco, his right hand;) Often other friends come to help, like Rosaria, dog lover, nice and friendly girl. Our woofers will help us in daily work: pruning trees, vineyard and organic garden maintenance, cutting grass, taking care of hen-house, cleaning, give food to hens. We will have lunch and dinner together, cooking typical Italian tasty dishes or you can cook your own favourite food, as well. We prefer a vegetarian, healthy diet. Our woofers will sleep in a cozy wood house, inside the farmhouse green park. Bathroom, showers are in the main farmhouse, as well as kitchen. In summertime we have also sun-heated showers outside. After our daily working duties, we will have free time to visit surrounding places, like the beautiful medieval town of Sant'Agata de Goti, or having a bath in the healthy thermal waters of Telese Terme. Visit Napoli is also possible. Train Station connects to Caserta city and Napoli. Our mission is to promote eco-sustainable tourism, respectful of nature and environment, for people looking for a peaceful environment, far from city busy life. We want to promote also holistic activities like yoga and meditation.
Family-run organic farm of 5 hectares with a mixed cultivation of olives, vines and fruit orchard. The work varies depending on the time of year. We are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children), living in a partially restored old house. Self-sufficiency is our objective but at the moment we still have to buy some non-organic products. Accommodation offered to 1-2 people in a room with own bathroom or a tent in the summer. Length of stay by arrangement. Meals vegetarian with mainly own produce. Arrive by bus from Naples or Caserta. English spoken.