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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This farm is situated 500 m from the centre of the village of Ternengo (population of 300) in the province of Biella in the hills and woods. We are a friendly family and are very open to share the work on the farm with people who are open to living new experiences. We prefer young not Italians to give us a chance to practice speaking other languages and to learn about other cultures.My husband, Maurizio and I, Piera, are both retired and we have two sibling, Enrico born in 1986 and Beatrice, born in 1990. We all speak fluent English, French, German and Spanish. We have several animals (sheep, goats, donkeys, horses, chickens, 2 dogs, 4 cats). We also have a vegetable garden for  the family. We need help with daily jobs (feeding the animals, making hay in the summer, weeding, in the garden, chopping wood). We can accommodate WWOOFers all year round, but preferably from March to October. Ternengo is about 8 kms from Biella and served by public bus.

I worked for 23 years in a bank ... then I decided to change my life: to learn about organic, have contact with nature and animals and to the rediscover ​​often forgotten values. I grow blueberries and vegetables in the greenhouse during the summer, in the fall I gather chestnuts, prepare jams, weave with alpaca wool, I have 3 rooms as bed and breakfast. The real core of the farm is the breeding of alpacas, we are, I think the largest alpaca farm in Italy with between 50 and 80 animals: this work occupies me all year round, with the management of births, weaning, health treatments, veterinary checks and training. The farm is located at 950 m. above sea level, the Zegna Oasis (Biella) is a charming place, 4 km from the town centre where there are basic services. I am the sole owner of the farm, I live with my husband, who has a textile company. There are also 2 cats and 3 dogs. Given the mountain terrain, all jobs are done manually on 3 h of land. We eat natural products, prepared by myself and when possible home produced. I speak very good French and sufficient English. You will be accommodated in a private room with a bathroom which is also the emergency room and laboratory for the alpacas. You will share with me all the daily jobs. You should be lovers of country life, not chaotic and good with animals animals. No smoking. The area is very good for hiking.

We (1962, 1947 and 1989) live in a house about 14 km from Biella at an altitude of 500 meters in the foothills of the Biella alps. The place is sunny, secluded and rich in water sources, forests and meadows. The nearest town of about 1000 inhabitants (were there is a bus service) is 30 minutes by foot. There are natural sites to visit nearby places and eco-museums. R. with the help of A., works full time on the 2 ha farm which was started in 2010. The main activity is the cultivation of organic herbs, distillation and production of aromatic waters and essential oils which are sold at markets. WWOOFers participate in all the activities including weeding, mulching, picking flowers, distilling, and in the kitchen garden. The farming jobs are almost all carried out by hand by choice and also because the steep terrain makes using machines difficult. We provide a room for one person who would like to stay for at least 15 days between April and September. We cannot accommodate children. We are motivated by a desire to broaden our knowledge and share our passion for herbs, including wild herbs, and to have a practical and respectful involvement with nature. We'd also like to create rest areas on our land for the trekkers and cyclists who pass through and this could be helped by the WWOOFers creativity and craftsmanship. We would also like to use the opportunity to improve our knowledge of English and French.

This is a permaculture project which was born in 2012 and is also a holistic and reception center in the making. It is also a farm, but currently without income because it is early days and also due to other priorities. We are located in a wonderful place with great energy 1000 meters above sea level, bordering wild areas, surrounded by forests, meadows and streams in a stone farmhouse renovated using green building criteria. The nearest town is about 5 km and we are 15 km Biella. I live together with my husband, who works as a teacher, and our son who was born in 2002. Our mission is to create a small paradise or oasis and make it accessible to a permanent community. Currently our main attentions go to the regeneration of the soil and planting fruit trees and shrubs to form, over time, an edible forest. We'd like to accommodate people who want to dream with us and to make small steps in this great journey. We can accommodate 2 people in a separate room which has been lovingly decorated by hand, or in an apartment when it is not occupied by other guests. In good weather we can also offer accommodation in a tent. We prefer that our guests stay with us for a longer periods. We would like to receive help both for routine activities and for the many exciting projects that we are initiating. We love to cook and eat well, with meals mainly vegetarian using mostly organic products (partially self-produced in season). We are also a centre for seminars and courses and we host people coming from Italy and abroad. I am a professor of facilitation techniques, permaculture and deep ecology.
We're Mirko and Viola and together we run our farm with a B&B and agriturismo. We are in Cossato in the Biella district, on the border with the Natural Park of Baraggia in the north of Piemonte. Our main activity is natural farming inspired by permaculture (a nice mix of many natural methods). We have a small garden and orchard and we run an agritourism where we host people for bed and breakfast. Besides, we have some chickens, retired horses and donkeys. We both work full time on the farm. We would like to involve travelers in all the work that we do on the farm, jobs will depend very much on the season in which you come, in the summer you can harvest and make preserves, in autumn prune and prepare for winter, in winter make order and prepare for spring and in spring planting, preparing the soil and so on. We would love it if you leave some fruit of your talent, interest or capability on the farm when you leave. The accommodation which we offer you will be in a room in our farmhouse. We take people all year round. We speak English, French, Spanish. The spirit with which we face every day is to have fun and learn as much as possible. Biella is a paradise forgotten by man, and that's why, almost in its totality, it is still a place where nature is untouched, and where there is original and unique craftsmanship, we like very much to show you these things as it gives us an excuse to go to find them again. We are two young people who have just started this adventure, your talents and your skills can really influence it from its beginning.
Ciao! I am Michele, I am 55 years old, father of a daughter (1989) who lives in Rome and two children (1998 and 2000) who - whenever possible and in the holidays - live with me. I live on a farm in the woods of Biella Pre-Alps, though only 10 km from the town of Biella. For 30 years I have bred dairy goats organically producing fine cheeses and managed a pasture with farm for 12 years during which time I have been aWWOOF host. Now I'm back living on my farm and I am ready to be a host again after a two year break. I have a dozen goats, lambs for breeding, dogs and many cats. WWOOF has offered me really beautiful and interesting experiences! The activities in which I may need help include, in addition to the management of animals and the cheese making, the maintenance of the garden and fruit trees with relative preserving of produce, cleaning the land. The milk processing is usually practiced here from April to November. I can accommodate only one guest at a time, in a separate room, preferably for periods of at least a month. A simple serene lifestyle with good simple food, Wi Fi available. I love good music, conversation, good food and cooking, silence. Here we share everyday cooking and managing the house together because every guest here is part of the family and the place.
My small farm is situated in the foothills of the Alps in Biella at an altitude of 600m in the Sessera valley. It is an ideal place for people who love peace and quiet and walking in the woods. Activities here are mainly with the animals, we have 4 Jersey cows, calves, goats, dogs, cats and chickens. We make cheese which we sell in the local markets. I also have a small agritourism. Every day we care for the animals, the house and cooking and then depending on the season there is also grass cutting, hay making, caring for the vegetable garden….. I do not consider this as work but more as a choice of faith, we try to live with respect for the cosmos which builds the rapport between man, animals, vegetation and the visible and invisible worlds. I am vegetarian and offer accommodation in a room with shared bathroom. I speak English, French and Spanish. Gay friendly. Amma is my guide, but you are welcome whatever your faith.