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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are a couple and we have lived for almost two years in a valley near Piazza Armerina (EN), rich in natural and cultural sights, such as the Villa Romana del Casale. We work towards self-sufficiency in food, the circular economy and the regeneration of the earth working together with neighbours and with anyone who wishes to share experiences and knowledge in the name of caring for the land and people. The plot is slightly larger than one hectare and a half, there is a small grove of oak trees, a stream, a flat area with the vegetable garden, herbs and trees, a terraced hill with various fruit trees, olives and pine trees. The accommodation for our traveling friends is in a room with a comfortable bed. We can accommodate one to three people. In summer you can also stay in a tent under a tree. Meals are shared as well as all the other times of the day. The food is mostly vegan, with mainly self-produced vegetables and fruit. The main activities are the synergic vegetable garden, the orchard, the regeneration of the earth, gathering firewood, shared organization and planning of open spaces. The minimum stay is two weeks, allowing time for a rewarding experience for both parties. The daily activities are carried out according to times punctuated by seasonal solar rhythms. Free time will be decided in accordance with the needs of people and of the moment. Dogs and other pets by prior agreement. Piazza Armerina can be reached by bus from both Catania and Palermo. Once in the city, we will collect you. Languages ​​spoken by Graziella: English, French, Spanish, Arabic.

On this 8 ha farm we cultivate olives and other crops and vegetables in the spring/summer. There is a small Mediterranean woodland. I have a small flock of 20 sheep which free range and they are useful to keep the grass cut! The land and the animals are kept according to the methods of organic farming, the farm is family run with use of casual labour. I am an agronomist and a freelance yoga teacher and for 15 years have concentrated on organic cultivation. I am on the farm all the time during the three months of summer and can host you in a room, when possible, or else in a tent or caravan. We prepare meals and eat together and have a typical Mediterranean diet, we can cater for special diets. Things to do on a farm are countless and varied : 1. Agricultural activities such as pruning and removing the suckers from the olive trees, grass cutting, building dry stone walls, wood cutting, fencing, irrigating olive trees at the start of the spring season, care of the environment around etc. etc. ... 2. Construction activities, such as restoration and maintenance of existing buildings There are many other activities apart from the agricultural ones that I plan to be implement in the near future; social and educational agricultural projects, harvesting of plants for therapeutic purposes or for craft activities (production of chairs, baskets, felting), informal hospitality, courses in yoga, meditation, etc. . I ask for a help especially during the following periods : - From July to September, for the care of the olive trees in the olive grove and orchard  - From late October to December for the olive harvest. I also want to restore the existing farm buildings, so people with skills in this are very welcome. We are in the Nebrodi Park, where the different varieties of oak trees form extensive forests, nearby is Lake Ancipa, Lake Regalbuto , Monte Soro, the Biviere Cesaro, etc. The Tyrrhenian coast is 60 kms away by car through the thick woods. The farm is on a hill at an altitude of about 650 ms, the typical medieval  town of Troina is located at an altitude of 1,120 mlm and in the summer holds numerous events and festivals. 

After teaching abroad (UK and Australia) I have for a long time (I am now retired) dedicated myself to the farm that I purchased more than 30 years ago in a very beautiful area, 7 km from Piazza Armerina (EN). It is located within a large nature reserve rich in vegetation and water sources, so it is ideal for those who want an experience of total immersion in nature, both cultivated and wild. The farm is small, 3 ha, and includes an orchard with several varieties of fruit trees in particular many Prunus Mume for the production of Umeboshi, a synergic vegetable garden with vegetables and herbs, citrus and flowers for the preparation in our workshop of 100% natural cosmetics, a nut orchard and a wooded area for spontaneous herbs and firewood. The cosmetics are sold in organic markets in Sicily. WWOOFers are followed by me in all of these activities during the various seasions of the year, the shared daily tasks are varied and interesting. In your free time you can explore the vast area of forests surrounding the farm on foot or by bike or come with me into town for the market or at weekends to visit other nearby towns and in summer the sea, 50 kms away. The cuisine is predominantly vegetarian and organic, and we always eat together in the understanding of the importance of good nutrition for our wellbeing. Accommodation is in shared room because the house is small and we cannot enlarge it owing to restrictions. I have learnt that the minimum useful period for us all is at least 2 weeks. Here no one has ever complained about working too much here or getting bored. Possibility to housesit ( a dog and some cats) in the winter, but only for the entire period from late October to late March and you must be able to come at least 2 weeks prior to familiarize yourself with the whole situation. You are welcome especially if you are in search of adventure rather than a picnic!
This farm is situated in Leano Piazza Armerina and is mainly an olive grove so help is needed with the pruning, clearing the land and the olive harvest from September to December, during the other months there is not always someone on the farm so stays by arrangement in that time. The house is newly built and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a living room /kitchen. Accommodation for a couple of WWOOFers in own room with bathroom. Meals not vegetarian but can be on request. Children welcome under supervision of parent/s as the countryside can be a dangerous place. Must be able to speak some Italian as my son, who interprets is not always on the farm. Spanish & French spoken.