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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Started in 2010, this is continually evolving permaculture project. Located in rural Desenzano del Garda it enjoys both the green of the park of the Moraine hills and the close proximity of the city centre. Although the farm is small, 2 hectares, we have with many activities such as beekeeping, organic agriculture, construction with wood, a nursery with olive trees and we take care of different animals. Also we are dedicated to the study and experimentation of various agricultural techniques and organize teaching activities. Help needed from WWOOFers is for all of these activities, it is varied and proportionate to the abilities and possibilities of each person. Meals are generally prepared and eaten together, the meals are mainly vegetarian and we use mainly organic food. We would like a culinary exchange to expand our new cookbook with delicious dishes. We provide 2 beds in the common room in the house and in the summer there is the possibility of camping with compost toilets and outdoor showers. We speak English, Spanish and Catalan well.
We are a very large group that aims at a sustainable lifestyle in contact with nature. We have recently rented a farmhouse with land, constituting an Agricultural Company. We are a dozen friends - with different backgrounds - united by the desire to "live well". Not all live here all the time, but there is always movement and exchange (and always many guests). In this period we are focusing a lot on the 3ha of vineyard, 800 square meters of vegetable garden, 10 bee hives, in addition to maintenance work on the house. For now the rooms are shared and there is space for tents. We like to share, in addition to work moments, also free time: bathing in the lake, walks, parties, bonfires ... There are beautiful places on the lake and in the mountains which we try to take time to enjoy. The weekends are the period when many friends from Brescia come to the farm, both to give us a hand, and for a lunch / dinner all together. We have work groups (vegetable garden, vineyard, house, kitchen ...) and a weekly meeting where we discuss the progress and needs of the work. We focus a lot on self-training through first-person experimentation. Even meals are shared, everyone helps in the preparation of food, table, dishes. The foods are basically organic, the vegetables from our garden. We cook, almost always on a wood stove, vegetarian and we like to experiment with new and different recipes. We believe in openness as a key value: friends and relatives, cyclists and walkers often pass by. Everyone does his part, putting in what he can, in a broad vision of mutual exchange, help and trust. The area is beautiful, on the CAI path, it is easily reachable by bus and bicycle from Brescia. The space is open to those who want to share. You're welcome!
We are five brothers aged between 25 and 40. We cultivate the land that our family has had for three generations in the hills a few kilometers from the shore of Lake Garda. On a 25-hectare estate we produce wine, oil and local ancient varieties of cereals, and we grow fodder for our horses. Our riding school offers lessons for children on horseback riding and activities, and offers programs for youths and adults with disabilities, in collaboration with local institutions and associations. The farm is open for visits, courses, events and tastings, and there is a farm shop where we sell our produce. Through organic farming, the care of the vineyards and the manual and high quality processing techniques of our products we work hard to offer a good and healthy product, whilst safeguarding the health of the soil and the integrity of the landscape. You will be asked to participate in the work in the vineyard and in the countryside, maintenance and support in the wine making activities, and collaborate during events and tastings. Accommodation is in a private room with bathroom and shower, connected to our house. In the summer we like to cook outdoors and entertain the friends that pass through, so there will always be activity here. If you are looking for peace you can always have a private space and quiet to relax. The farm is located in open countryside, surrounded by vineyards and woods. You can easily reach the neighbouring villages by bicycle (there are two at your disposal) through the bike path that runs through the property. For trips to other cities we are available to take you to the nearest bus stop or train.
We are a very young farm, started thanks to Paola and Matteo, a couple with children, and managed with the invaluable help of Massi, Dario, Jessica and many other beautiful people interested in our project ... We are planning and implementing, step by step, an example of integrated and sustainable agroecosystem .... By helping us you can become part of this small but great project in progress ... We try to produce high quality food, which nourishes us thanks to its richness and completeness of substances and vitality. We also aim to set up a sustainable system from an economic, human and social point of view. At the moment we produce: vegetables, a mixed orchard with ancient varieties (Pears, apples, peaches, apricots, plums and table grapes), soft fruit (currants, raspberries and blackberries), olive trees for the production of extra virgin olive oil. There is so much to learn, thanks to the wide and deep experience of Matteo, who for years with TERRA ORGANICA forms and advises agricultural farms that decide to go "beyond the biological" and try to be "regenerative" .. And thanks to the passion of Paola, who believes in dreams and in the possibility of making them real, to Dario, Massi and Jessy, you can enjoy a working environment that is not only welcoming and familiar but also fun, young and dynamic. We need enthusiasm, willingness to compare, work and learn ... (after a few days try out we request stays of at least 20 days). We offer food, accommodation in a magnificent place overlooking the lake, a few steps from the shore, from the train station and surrounded by fabulous mountains ... In a undiscovered territory ...
We are a young couple who live and work on a farm in the green Valsabbia. Mainly we breed chamois goats and produce cheese; we also have a few cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens, a cat and a playful sheepdog. There is a vegetable garden and several fruit trees. In the summer we make the hay to feed our animals, but throughout the year there is never a lack of things to do! We are in Casto, near the Parco delle Fucine and various mountain shelters and walks. We gladly welcome those who want to gain experience with animals, working the garden, make hay and to understand what it means to have a farm and share with us our simple and natural way of life. We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks. We are not vegetarians but consume little meat (mostly ours), we respect all different food choices and for every need there is a supermarket 2 minutes' walk away. We are 5 minutes drive from the town centre, one hour from Brescia. We speak Spanish and are happy to try with English.

From just over two years we have rented the house and land (about 2 acres of lawn + wood). We are three people, two of us are concerned full-time kitchen gardens and animals while the third has kept his job for now allowing steady salary. Our choice was dictated primarily by the desire not to feel complicit in a system of life and market that we do not share. We are at 450 meters high on Lake Iseo, the terrain is mountainous, surrounded by chestnut trees. We keep poultry, rabbits and 3 goats that allow us to produce cheeses during the summer, mostly fresh. We have three gardens (biodynamic cultivation) for our consumption. We also find the idea of sharing this beautiful place with others very interesting also with different ideas of life. Accommodation in room or tent. We speak English, French and a bit of German.

This farm is located at 1000 meters above sea level, and was started in 1997, thanks to the property which was inherited by Amedeo and to the initiative of Abramo. The farm includes 12 hectares of land and 3 active farms. In the main, we run the agritourism and process the soft fruit grown on the farm (1 hectare of red currants, raspberries, black currants, blackberries, strawberries). We also breed animals for both the agritourism (poultry and beef) and for clearing the land (donkeys). In the apartment in the woods we accommodate overnight, whilst in the farm to the north is located the warehouse and animal sheds. There is also the maintenance of the territory - mowing hay for winter for livestock, cleaning in the forest, cutting wood for the winter, general maintenance (cleaning, agricultural machinery maintenance, etc.).
This is a farm that raises cows, goats and sheep in a semi-wild state, and which offers you the the possibility to experience life in a ‘Malga’. In all we have 100 cows and 30 sheep and goats. We are located in the heart of the Alps where there is the possibility to take beautiful walks to enjoy the local flora and fauna. It is family runt: mother, father and 26 year old daughter. We are omnivorous. The experience is based on the work of the malga, learning to approach the animals, milk by hand, see the cheese making and manage the animals that graze in an area of 150 ha. Our animals all have a name and their own identity. In your free time you can pick wild herbs, go in search of wild animals, take trips to the alpine lakes, go and see the exhibits of the First World War, all of this close to the Malga.
This farm was born with a very clear objective: to re-evaluate the production and management methodologies of the past, thanks to the study and the realization of new models of development. Everything started as a game in my father's barn. Now the game has become a job, and the barn, located in Ranzo, Pertica Bassa has become an operational venue and a reference point for all activities including having fun! The farm has 3 main areas: breeding, agriculture and forestry work, in particular controlled treeclimbing. We have twelve Scottish highland cattle and calves free ranging on the land, four Ragusani donkeys, chickens, rabbits and fields of aromatic and officinal herbs. In short, there is fun! The most important thing, however, is to involve anyone around us: friends, children, parents, teachers and wwoofers. Only in this way can one have the guarantee that these realities never cease to exist! Accommodation in shared room with shared bathroom. Minimum stays 14 days.
After several different work experiences I came closer to meditation and then permaculture. Becoming a mother led me to the desire for a different way of life and in 2013 I left my job in a multinational to start growing strawberries and soft fruit near Lake Garda. I sell fresh fruit and jams. I have about about one hectare of productive land. Following the maturation of the fruit most of the work is concentrated between June and September. This activity also gave me the opportunity to start collaborating by offering internships to ‘fragile’ student. Being with these people has made me realize how important my work is for them, in a risk-free environment, in contact with nature, and how gratifying it can be for me to follow these projects, teaching, harvesting the fruit, and being in the here and now. The objective I have is to promote an experience of real working life. By working together on my little farm I can actually provide more tools through true feelings, meditation, listening. The activities we ask you to share with the guests are harvesting the fruit and caring for the plants, the work is all done manually. To learn more and to get the best from your stay I ask for stays of at least 2 weeks. The farm is 5 km from the lake and you can bicycle or go by bus for a swim. You can also make beautiful excursions in the nearby mountains exploring ancient villages. So a true sport /agronomist experience!!! I look forward to meeting you.