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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This farm is situated on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia 50 km from Cagliari between Muravera and Castaidas. The unspoilt beach of Feraxi is a few km away. The farm has 3 hectares of land, one is woodland where there is space for tents, and the other two are cultivated. The restoration work on the house has been completed, 120 olive trees have been planted and work has commenced to maintain the woodland to make it more accessible for cutting firewood and pitching tents in the summer. In the last year, a hectare of aromatic herbs have been planted and a workshop has been built to process them. A greenhouse has been also constructed for the winter vegetable garden. Monica does not use chemicals, adores children and lives on her own with 3 dogs and a cat. The farm is isolated. Depending on availability there are two rooms in the house, space for tents and four beds in a caravan with an outdoor shower. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese spoken.
We have lived on this farm for the 2 years since we had finished building our house. We have also built an Agritourism. We have planted 2 has of olives for olive oil for the house. We are planning on planting a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and constructing a chicken run. We have two children of 12 and 16 who help with the ducks and with small tasks in the vegetable garden. We enjoy cooking (we are not vegetarian) and being with our friends, going to the sea and the mountains which are not far from the house. We chose this lifestyle and so being organic and building with green techniques come from a profound motivation and love for the environment. My wife speaks some English and Spanish, I understand, but do not speak, Spanish, therefore some knowledge of Italian is necessary.
We are a biodynamic farm in Masainas in southern Sardinia. We cultivate various vegetables, most of which are carrots and various cereals, including ancient cereals. We breed different animals, 4 cows, a goat, a sheep, three donkeys and a horse. We have many Cats and a dog some geese and some hens. There is an agritourism made of earth and straw, we transforms our products for our guests.

We produce organically-certified fruit and vegetables. The farm is divided into two large plots of land, the smalller one of 2 has, is located on the side of a hill dominated by Mediterranean marquis from where you can see the sea, here we also cultivate pears, other fruit and a small vineyard. The larger piece of land is approximately 3.5 has and includes several citrus trees - oranges, clementines, mandarins and lemons, olives, various fruit such as apricots and figs, strawberries and an area dedicated to vegetable gardens, where you can learn about different techniques of cultivation (synergistic gardening, crop rotation, intercropping, etc.). We have dogs, cats, chickens and turkeys. Help is welcome on the farm throughout the year, especially during the citrus harvest, but there is always something to do ... Meals are shared as is the cleaning of common areas. Accommodation in single or double room. We prefer people with some experience who are seriously interested in helping us for a period of at least 3 weeks. Accommodation in single or double room. The farm is located on the south-east coast near Villaputzu (5 km) and the beaches of Porto Corallo (4 Km) We have 2 bikes you can use. 

This is a 6 1/2 hectare farm and is located in south-east Sardinia. Four years ago my son Ivo and I decided to return to live in the country. Ivo runs a B & B and I devote myself to the garden, the synergistic vegetable garden (9 beds), a small orchard of 35 trees, an olive grove of about 70 trees. We also have a small greenhouse (which has been damaged by wind). Everything is taken care of according to the agriculture and natural synergy. Everything we produce is for us and for friends who come to visit us, excess produce is preserved in oil or made into jams, or dried - especially herbs. Every so often we organize courses on synergistic gardening for people who are interested and curious and also traditional farmers from southern Sardinia, or in the markets, generally monthly, the exchange of products, seeds and seedlings. We raise a dozen chickens for eggs and some ornamental chickens. We also have 2 goats, plus 3 black dogs and 3 cats, one of which is black. We need cooperation for the olive harvest between late October and November, but also help to clean and tidy up the synergic vegetable garden and orchard. We offer a comfortable room with private entrance to people who speak Italian and / or French.
We have been members wwoof for five years in which time we have hosted over 50 wwoofers, now, after a break of three years, we want to continue our successful experience as hosts. We live on a small farm 12km from the sea in the valley at the foot of Monte 7 Fratelli. We grow olives, grapes, fruits, vegetables and herbs. We currently have a chicken coop, recently we recently stopped breeding pigs for family use. We make oil, wine, jams, preserves and cold cuts, bread and often make pasta and desserts. Our daughter, her partner and our (soon to be 2) grandchildren live nearby. They too are farmers, have a flock of sheep and a horse. For some years we have been a social teaching farm - we host groups of children and adults who come to do workshops on the use of medicinal & dye plants, on the cultivation and processing of vegetables. We love the opportunity to learn and transmit knowledge, love people, plants and animals and to share what we are and what we do. We built our house with clay (adobe) with the help of our guests. We aim to grow our own food and be self sufficient in energy, we have photovoltaic panels for heating and hot water. We have good relations with our neighbours and exchange help also with other WWOOF hosts.
Farm and breeding, bio building, theatre, dance, music, etc. We have three children aged 17, 6 and 4. We breed horses, sheep, hens. Natural - or almost- vegetable garden. Theoretical and practical Organic Theater (Grotowski, Stanislavski). We have finished the construction of a circular hut in bio building, earth and straw, stones ... that serves as a kitchen or meeting point and reception ... we can accommodate more people in another large circular hut that is used during the day x theatre, yoga room. Music room, we still have another small single hut and a small room adjacent to the well to host. We have a sustainable and self-sufficient mixed wind-photovoltaic energy production. We offer horse riding and our knowledge on self-production, from home, to cheese, bread, lye and music together. We are interested in home schooling. Pregnancy and natural lactation. We have a very small video production company (especially nature documentaries but not only). Jobs are maintenance of the farm (oranges, olives, cereals), huts, parental school, with the animals. In the project we have the self-construction of a "sacred well" on the farm.
Our farm produces dried aromatic herbs for the kitchen and for teas, on 2-3ha (Demeter certified). The main jobs for which we need a hand are weeding and harvesting. For the weeding we use the tractor (driven by Pietro), the donkeys and the hoe. Many harvests are by hand, certain types of herbs are cut with a mower. The dried herbs must be prepared and this requires a lot of manual labour. According to the abilities and preferences of the helpers they can also do maintenance work on equipment and buildings. Wwoofers sleep in a trailer and eat with us. As a family we are Pietro, Beata, Sahira (born 2001) and Milena (born 2005). In the fields Gianni has done the work for 20 years with 1-2 helpers.
Tomaso and Kathleen (with, at times, their grown up children) have lived for 40 years on nearly 3 ha of land at the foot of Mount Liuru, 7 km from the sea. They have donkeys, dogs and cats, a vegetable garden and various fruit trees. They practise a combination of synergic and traditional gardening. In summer Tomaso sells crafts. Kathleen teaches English in the winter. They are interested in meditation. Kathleen is involved in reflexology and Reiki. Their buildings are built with material which is recycled and/or local. Energy is supplied by a photo-voltaic system. We are almost vegan but welcome people with diverse diets. We do not smoke or drink alcohol, not even wine. We are looking for collaboration, dialogue and meeting with different cultures and generations. The activities to be followed are manifold: planting, caring for and harvesting in the vegetable garden and orchard, animal care, maintenance of the buildings, harvesting herbs, and occasional bread-making. The period when they need the most help is in April and May. They can accommodate 1 or 2 people. Wwoofers' accommodation is in a large caravan. Meals are with the family. Languages spoken: Italian, Sardinian, English, a little French, and if one of their sons is home, German.