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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This is an association, a project and an agricultural reality devoted to self-sufficiency where, since 2011, people live, design, build and cultivate following the principles and ethics of Permaculture. Our main productions are Oranges, Lemons, Oil, Vegetables, Eggs, Fruit. The help we ask the volunteers is mainly in the fruit harvest, in the maintenance and management of the gardens, but also in the day-to-day management of the project itself and its structures, always remaining open to new contributions and new collaborations of various types, social and entrepreneurial. The project defines itself as a "farming community" because several people are actively involved in the management of orchards, vegetable gardens, Spirulina cultivation, preparation of biocosmetics and bioconstructions. We offer beds in caravans / caravans all year round or even summer tents from Glamping. The food is mainly vegetarian, we cook in turns even with guests who know and want to cook to always discover new recipes and we all like to eat together Right next to our land is the Simeto River, but the proximity to Etna and Catania are certainly a point of interest for our guests.
Our farm is located in the Simeto river valley with an incredible view of mount Etna surrounded by 3 ha of orange orchard, olive trees and an organic vegetable garden, chickens, geese, dogs and cats. The Waters of Etna converge on the farm and offer many opportunities for experiencing and creating water gardens. There are 1000 square meters of old buildings that we have restored a bit by bit because the property had been abandoned for about 20 years. Our intent is to be economically self-sufficient for the small group of people that live here respecting our biorhythms and the nature that surrounds us. We grow olive trees and citrus trees, prune in spring, in summer, irrigate, fertilize and harvest the olives in the fall and gather our oranges from December to April which we ship every week to customers, and from 2013 we have taken care of an abandoned avocado orchard and will harvest them too. We like to do our work on meditation, eating mainly fresh organic (when possible) vegetarian food and provide a break from the internet to our WWOOFers (although you can take a well-deserved afternoon off for a full immersion in the internet café 3 km away). We plan to continue rejuvenating the citrus trees, to improve and enlarge the vegetable garden in the spring, every so often we host someone who is interested in the project, and sometimes there are seminars. We welcome those of you who are willing and experienced in these activities, designers, artists and workers - meditators. We are open all year-round to WWOOFers hospitality in shared rooms with 2 or 3 beds.
This is a small farm located on Mount Etna, in the village of Puntalazzo di Mascali, 700 meters above sea level, composed of some lava stone buildings surrounded by about 4 hectares of terraced land, where I cultivate strictly organic grapes from must, cherries, hazelnuts and oil olives. I live on the farm with my two collaborators from Wagira from Sri Lanka and Asen from Bulgaria. The agricultural work takes place mainly from April to June (maintenance of terraced ladders, work in the vineyard, hazelnut orchard, cherry harvesting, olive trees), and from early August to the whole of October (harvesting hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, olives). I follow and often do the work personally, but in my absence Wagira and Asen are always present. Up to now I have occasionally hosted passing travelers, Buddhist monks and artists in search of inspiration, and now it stimulates me the opportunity to host WWOOFERS eager to experience this place and this time within nature and the possibility to exchange experiences and points of view. Accommodation in a single or double room with bathroom, in one of the farm buildings, where there is a communal kitchen, with the possibility of having our main meal together. The farm has a WI-FI connection. The territory in which I live, between Catania and Taormina, offers many opportunities for recreation nearby, from walks on Etna to the sea at ​​Taormina and Marina di Cottone, or visits to Catania, the Nebrodi mountains etc., public transport is not good so we need to be well organized!

Situated in Giarre (comune del Parco dell’Etna), this is a large centre in the province of Catania at the foot of mount Etna and a few kms from the Jonion sea. The farm (13,000 m2) is family run, everyone helps with the necessary activities but the jobs are mainly carried out by Tury, the head of the family, and Guido his son. We are getting a room in the house ready to host WWOOFers but until this is ready you will be accommodated in Guidos apartment a km away approx. halfway between the two pieces of land we work. Transport is good and convenient. We get around mainly on bicycles. The bus stop is just below our house and the railway station is a few hundred metres away. We are transforming an old citrus orchard into a fruit garden and planting trees that the climate permits (we have about 80 tropical and subtropical plants - all certified bio). We want to enlarge the vegetable garden and start a small plant nursery and greenhouse. We mainly need help with maintenance, (cleaning, working the land, harvesting, maintaining and repairing buildings, preserving our produce, with the farmyard animals etc) but there is always the chance to learn (for example grafting, pruning etc).

This 24 ha farm situated at the foot of the hills was abandoned for 30 years before we bought it in 2005 and our aim is to bring it back to life. It is 6 kms from the sea, 15 kms from Etna, 20 kms from Taormina and 30 from Catania. 100 meters from the farm the train which connects all the villages around Etna passes. Apart from the citrus orchard the farm has been totally replanted and has been organic since the begining, now we are gradually starting to use biodynamic methods. Our main activities, depending on the season, are caring for the 4 ha citrus orchard (clementines and small collection of varied citrus), 2,5 ha vineyard, fruit orchard, olive grove and pomegranate orchard. We have a vegetable garden for vegetables for our own consumption and we exchange excess. We have cats, dogs, 2 donkeys, chickens, turkeys and geese. We have a small centre in the old house and have two apartments there that we rent and are planning to convert more. Our main aim is to find a lifestyle which is different to urban living, all the renovation work has been done with great respect for energy conservation and we have solar panels. We need help in the house, with the animals, in the vegetable garden and sometimes for pruning and harvesting. When we started out we were a group of friends but over time everyone has taken different pathways and only Cinzia and Diego are here now to run the farm. Accommodation in room in the house where we share the kitchen and or in a tent, we prefer people to stay for longer periods. We eat together at lunch and take turns with cooking mainly vegetarian meals, anyone who has a particular diet can cook their own meals. We speak Spanish and some English and French.