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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are Claudia and Filippo, and have chosen to be peasant farmers. We are guardians of ancient varieties of seeds and plants. We grow old varieties of cereals such as Farro Dicocco, Senatore Cappelli hard wheat and other wheat varieties including Gentilrosso and legumes, especially chickpeas and lentils, vegetables and olive trees. We believe in the solidarity economy, we sell our produce via buyers groups and we have chosen to be supported by MAG6's ethical finance cooperative, rather than by traditional banks. The heart of the farm is in Forlì (Magliano) in a farmhouse from the early 1900s surrounded by 10ha of land. Filippo lives here and he takes care of the land, there are some guest rooms as well as a room with twin beds and a private bathroom for WWOOFers. Filippo's kitchen is the communal space for sharing vegan meals. Claudia, who takes care of the guest rooms, lives a few kms away, where there are are also 2 ha of land cultivated mainly with vegetables. We need help in the vegetable garden and in the fields, with keeping the garden and ditches in order and in maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and the communal areas of the farm. We could also do with a hand and good ideas in organizing events! Filippo, who was a wwoofer and is a vegan cook, is the father of two beautiful girls born in 2010 and 2012. He speaks Italian, English and French. Claudia, former software programmer, is married and has no children. She speaks Italian, English and some words of German (and would like to learn more!). We do not have TV in the farmhouse, but there are many books and good wifi internet. We are well connected to the centre of Forlì (San Domenico museums), Forlimpopoli (Artusiana town) and Fratta Terme, which you can enjoy visiting in your free time.
Hello everyone! I am Alice, I live with my husband Omar, we are both 33 years old and have two children, Gaia aged 16 and Pablo almost 14. since October we have lived 3 km from Pieve di Rivoschio, a village on the Romagna Apennines between Forlì and Cesena at an altitude of 450m. The farm consists of a large ancient farmhouse surrounded by 53 hectares of land with woods, chestnut groves, arable land and pastures and various fruit trees. We have worked 2000sqm of land for vegetables. In addition to our needs we would like to cultivate to sell the products and subsequently to supply the raw materials to the farm that we would like to create within two years. Omar worked a few years with pack animals and thanks to this passion we replaced the spade with harrows and other tools pulled by our workhorses, Arturo and Persi. We have a small greenhouse, essential for growing the young plants. We cut wood in the winter, while in the spring and early summer we extract it from the woodland Towards the end of the summer we begin the cleaning of the chestnut grove, of almost 2 hectares, in anticipation of the October harvest. To accommodate those who want to get to know us and walk a part of the journey together we have an independent room under our apartment and, when free, even a small apartment. For now the only fully functioning bathroom is ours but soon another one will be available. We speak English (especially Omar) and we would also like to host people of different nationalities. For some years we have lived a life experience of rural community, of which sharing is the base. We hope that this can be a place of exchange of knowledge, where work, play and music dance together.

This is a farm with an old stone farmhouse run by a young couple, with others. It is located in the mountains at an altitude of 500 meters, 5 km from Tredegar (FC), and is in a valley near the Tramazzo Casentino National Park. On the farm we cultivate fields, orchards, a chestnut wood, a small vineyard, fruit trees, meadows and woods. The activities are varied and seasonal, eg. harvesting the chestnuts, planting and caring for the garden, constructing fences, sheds, etc, collecting firewood and varied maintenance jobs. We also have accommodation for tourists, a campsite and a small restaurant. We specialize in using local produce, baking bread in the wood burning oven, using local produce and preserving our own produce. We have pets as well as a few goats and a couple of pigs. The farm is also a timber workshop. We hold an important rural festival here in the summer and actively participate in initiatives to promote the territory and in festivals in the area. The farm is in the the Slow Food accommodation guide. It is always better to contact us by phone or give us a telephone number we can call you back on.

Our farm is situated in the Romangolo Apenines at an altitude of 750m on the border of the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, a wonderful place with breathtaking views situated in completely unspoilt countryside. More precisely, it is located in the Comunità Montana dell’Appennino Cesenate, in the municipality of Bagno di Romagna. The total area is 68 hectares, much of which is forest but with some pasture. The project ‘La Fattoria dell'autosufficienza’ (’Self sufficient farm’) was started in 2009 and the first real work started in 2011. We are building a centre based on the principles of permaculture from scratch. We have made a large synergic garden, dry stone walls, terraces, ponds, organic gardens, orchards of heirloom fruit varieties, fields dedicated to ancient grain varieties, etc.. On the farm there are also free ranging pigs and chickens, rabbits (kept outside), dogs, cats and other animals. We organize summer courses related to self-sufficiency and permaculture. Accommodation is in a tent or yurt and we eat meals together outside. We can host people from May 1 until the end of October.

Hello everyone ! In the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines, near the town of San Piero in Bagno stands a magical and powerful land. My name is Chiara, I am a traveler, a nomad in constant search. Having become a mother, my baby, of Nordic origin, led me to experiment with new ways of living, and I keep the second in my womb. This land has called us, there are many projects, including a workshop for the construction of an 8-meter-diameter yurt, which you can take part in from mid-July to learn construction techniques. In the land of over 4 hectares, there are fruit trees, flowers and a growing vegetable garden. In the stone farmhouse, which will soon be a place of green building experiments, there is a large kitchen. Many dining options, wwoofers will be accommodated in tents or eventually in caravans. A river flows in the land and nearby there are lakes, waterfalls and sulfur springs. A permaculture project will soon be launched. Our goal is to create a timeless land, a place that perhaps resides in dreams or imagination, a true and authentic space where you can feel at home, where you can relax and find yourself, a theatre of artistic experimentation, of sharing, of spiritual growth. All in harmonious balance with Mother Pachamama: loving her, respecting her and interacting with her. So we want to spread and use ethical, sustainable and loving ways of life. Food forest, animals, biodynamic cultures for sustenance. I am a psychologist and artist, I speak English, Spanish and little French, my son is two and a half years old. I teach Yoga and practiced daily. We love to know, share time, knowledge and joy of living with people!
We are Barbara and Leonardo, a couple with a desire for a life closer to nature, the goal is to live our talents and, over time, become self-sufficient with eco-sustainable measures. Rediscover the relationship between man and nature, spreading gestures and philosophies useful for the well-being of man while safeguarding the environment. We are in the territory of Sogliano Al Rubicone, crossed by 180km of marked trails along gullies, river Rubicone and Uso; 25 km from the Adriatic Riviera and 20 km from the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi (UNESCO protected heritage). In May 2018, in the Natura2000 Oasis "Montetiffi, Alto Uso", on Monte Meleto, at 500 meters above sea level, we bought 2 hectares of land and houses abandoned for 10 years. Surrounded by woods and orchards of ancient plants, some olive trees and vines that enjoy a unique panorama: from the Adriatic coast to the Tuscan-Romagnan Apennines! The farm was born here: through the principles of permaculture, convert the current land into an edible garden "food forest"; at the same time being an educational / natural park accessible to those with disabilities. We are ready to share but also ready to learn the knowledge needed to create sensory paths, areas for birdwatching and watching the stars, vegetable gardens and educational beds, dry stone walls, terraces, ponds, therapeutic gardens with low-impact "gardening" techniques. environmental and areas designed to accommodate wild animals, clay oven (there is both clay and a lot of stones). Musical events and workshops are organized from May to August. Bathroom and kitchen are shared within our home. In summer we eat together outdoors, the cuisine is mainly vegetarian and gluten-free but sometimes we make a barbecue of meat with friends. We speak English, Spanish and Italian.
I'm Lorenzo, I'm from Milan (where I worked in an office) and I have a three-year degree in viticulture and oenology. I have been passionate for years about agriculture and permaculture and I moved a few months ago with my wife Lucrezia to a house in the countryside in the Apennines, which in ancient times was a farm. Currently I'm starting to cultivate crops and reproduce plants, I have also started to produce some handcrafted foods. I am learning the 'practical' profession, as I have already studied theory; I need help planting trees, creating the irrigation system. I have not much money to invest (I spent almost all of it to buy the surrounding land of about 1 hectare) in machinery, and so for the moment I do everything by hand .... and I need help to do various things, since my wife works almost every day. I heard about wwoof from friends who did it abroad; I was a woofer in Austria for a week, and it was a great experience. I would like to host wwoofers to speak English and broaden my circle of friends; to talk about my origins. I have an apartment with beds available for guests and any wwoofers and a small music rehearsal room where you can play.
We are in Quarto di Sarsina, a small village surrounded by greenery in the Savio river valley. My name is Gioacchino and together with Giorgia, my partner and our sons Gaia and Noah of 9 and 11 years, we acquired a house with a 4 hectare farm. Our dream is to realize a small self-sufficient farm that becomes a place where you can share the life of the countryside, its works, the fruits of the earth and the secrets of nature. We think that the world and the individual need these choices as a conscience of a more conscious and just evolution of our future. We have just arrived in this wonderful place that needs care and love. We are doing various maintenance jobs, inside and outside the house, we have plastered some walls with straw and clay and we would like to do others, it would be nice to discover the creative and artistic vein in other people, to build in original and sustainable ways, make shelves, paint walls ... Clearly, we are following organic farming and, for starters, we have to fence the fields because wild boars and roe deer are at home here, we will prepare the land for a nice garden and plant soft fruit, we will collect soil from the pine forests to start a raspberry plantation, we will also prepare the firewood for the winter. We are not vegetarians but willing to follow vegan diets and try new recipes. We have a pretty big house with a attic with guest bathroom. Giorgia speaks English, and a bit of German, I speak Spanish and the romagnolo dialect. Love and gratitude.
Ciao a tutti! We are a family with two children aged 5 and 3, we live in Ronco dell'Asino, a tiny hamlet in the municipality of Verghereto (Forlì-Cesena) at 1100 meters, at the foot of Mount Comero. A series of coincidences, or maybe not, has led us to choose this place as our home in order to experience firsthand what Nature wants to share with us and what it can teach us. We have about 7 hectares, a part consists of wood for firewood, a part is pasture and in another plot we grow potatoes. We have just planted about 250 seedlings of small fruits (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries). In the months of September / October there is the honey extraction and cleaning and harvesting in the chestnut wood that we rent with some friends. We have 3 pet donkeys that we are training for trekking and helping with jobs around the house. 2 dogs and a few cats (no animals, however, enter the house) We try, as far as possible, to feed ourselves with our products (we have the garden with a bit of everything, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits ... and 3 pigs) For guests, we have an attic with a double bed and another double mattress if desired (shared bathroom with us for now) or we have a tent trolley (2/3 places) on top of the mountain, in the woods, with a spectacular view and a gas stove (the bathroom is outdoors). Obviously families with children are welcome! We like to share meals together but everyone is free to use the kitchen whenever they want! We speak English, some French, Spanish and Portuguese. We believe that living such experiences with people from all over the world is an excellent lesson in life, growth and sharing!
We come from a family of hotel owners, our grandparents moved from the countryside to the sea in the 1960s and built a small agritourism, my grandmother in the kitchen, my grandfather in the dining room, and from there began the story of our family. Me and my cousin, more than half a century later, we make the opposite voyage, from the sea we are back in the country, looking for roots, typical products, customs and traditions of rural Romagna. Our passion for horses, probably inherited from our grandfather, has given rise to a new adventure: agritourism and horses, combining our skills and our passions. I, Katia, manage the farm, my cousin Cristian deals with the horse trekking industry and collaborates from September to April, in summer when my daughter Erika is there, in addition to the cook and some help. We are 1 km from the center of Civitella di Romagna on the first hills of the Romagna Apennines, easily accessible by public transport as well. We have 9 hectares of land with a good amount of wood, arable land, orchard, vineyard and garden. Work to do on the farm is in the garden (planting, transplanting, treading, harvesting) or with the horses (cleaning paddocks, animal shelter, fixing the fences, feeding them hay), or varied jobs such as like packing Christmas baskets with our products or clearing the paths in the woods. I speak English (intermediate level) and French (basic) and I understand Spanish, my cousin is bilingual, German/Italian. We have a single or double room with shower and sink in the room and outside toilet. We eat predominantly the products we grow and we get our meat from neighboring producers. We can host from April to November.