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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are restoring and bringing life back to an ancient hamlet (at an altitude of 1400 m) which has been abandoned for several decades. Here, after the recovery of the environment and the renovation of the buildings, we want to start running farm courses focused on getting closer to nature and on the development and improvement of psycho-physical and spiritual health, as well as activities for children and teenagers.This typical mountain environment is connected only by a dirt road and to enjoy peace and serenity in a country which is almost entirely covered in concrete, you can find it only in places such as this. There are three of us working on this project, two more actively involved, A. (born 1951) and S. with her family (husband and two children). We live a few miles from the old hamlet and live there only at certain times of the year. We are currently rejuvenating meadows, fields, pastures, forests of a property which covers an area of about 150 hectares. We have started to replant the crops typical to this area and replant many species of indigenous plants with particular regard to rare species and herbs. We offer basic accommodation in dry stone huts, or tents, but giving you the opportunity to live in the midst of nature, eat and drink healthy food (also for vegetarians), learn to know and use herbs and wild edible fruits of which we are great experts: you must therefore have an interest in these activities and be very adaptable.We can accommodate people from May to September and you can collaborate in any of the above mentioned activities in a friendly atmosphere: we speak English, French, a little German and Spanish.

The drive to integrate the benefits of urban life with the desire to go back to our origins has given life to the idea of ​​an innovative educational farm: R.A.M. Roots in Moncalieri. We are a group of 6 (2 brothers and 4 friends) who have decided to share their passions, knowledge and dreams together. Everyone has their own duties. We live in a beautiful farmhouse in the Moncalierese hills, immersed in the greenery of the 'Collina Po' park, a UNESCO World Heritage site 15 minutes from Turin. We have a Brewery and Educational Farm. The farm is of 15 hectares: 2 horticultural crops, 1 barley, ½ hops, 1 Italian heirloom fruit orchard and the rest is wood. We have goats and sheep and make cheese, a henhouse, 30 hives with which we produce honey and derivatives, a small fish farm of carp and an Agricultural Brewery, BAM (we produce 100% of raw materials). We grow vegetables in and out of the soil (hydroponics and aquaponics). All resources, as well as waste, are reused in an integration cycle that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes production and benefits for the community. We are inspired by the principles of biodynamics and permaculture both in agriculture and in everyday life. We are founding members of the "Diramarsi" cultural association that promotes cultural and artistic events linked to sustainability on the farm. Depending on the season or availability, we offer a room with a shared bathroom or a tent in the garden in front of the house. Meals are shared together using all our own produce. We will choose together with our guests, according to their passions and skills, the most appropriate activities to do. We like to teach but also to learn.
My agricultural activity, which I prefer not to call a farm, is located in Exilles in the upper Susa valley at about 900 meters above sea level on the south-facing slope. I have been living here for 20 years cultivating family lands and many others with organic farming techniques that are often equivalent to those of old mountain dwellers. The working year is divided according to the seasons: in winter rest, planning and work in the woods; in spring, land preparation, machinery overhaul and first sowing; during the summer vegetable cultivation: transplanting, manual weeding, irrigation and hay harvesting; finally, in autumn, collected and direct sales of products with home deliveries and local markets / fairs. Chestnuts, potatoes and pumpkins are the main productions which are accompanied by autumn vegetables (cabbage, leeks, turnips etc ...); and small plots of ancient cereals for self-consumption or a little more. I would like to share this journey with those who will be pleased to learn about my experience and the area of ​​Val di Susa. The best moments are summer and autumn. Furthermore coming here you can come into contact with the history and experiences of the NO TAV Movement, protagonist of a thirty-year struggle against the obstruction of a highly impacting infrastructure with the territory. The small town where I live also offers the possibility of relationships with other friends through the activities of a lively cultural association to which I belong. The train station is not far away and can also be reached on foot. I speak a little French, English and Spanish.
Earth, water, rock, wood, close people with whom to share moments of life. This, in 2011, led me to live on this mountain. Since 2015 I am Nehir's father. We are custodians of about five hectares between meadow and forest;I grow vegetables, fruit, legumes and corn for subsistence; we heat the house and the water with a wood stove; we work with always manual tools, without an engine. By choice and pleasure we light up with oil lamps and we do not use electricity or gas. Our village, at 1000 m asl, is between woods and streams, with good spring water, It is about an hour's walk from the bus station in the village (or 15 minutes by car). We eat mainly self-produced food, cooked in a genuine way. I adore: the simple and essential life in contact with the earth, raising my child and evolving in the relationship with other human beings. I would like to share our lifestyle, knowledge and projects with people who bring us other "worlds". We can accommodate in a room or a tent if you prefer throughout the year, for long or short periods, just specify the days when you would like to be accommodated. From our house there are paths for beautiful walks even at high altitude, ideal for those who love the mountains. I speak English, vegans, children and dogs respectful of other farmyard and wild animals are welcome. I hope that there is someone who would like to write to me by letter, I always answer very willingly! Or make a surprise visit here, in mutual acceptance and respect.
This organic farm, started in 2010, and typical old farmhouse is located in the Monferrato hills about 30 km from Turin and Asti, in a rural area between two nature reserves (the Superga national park and the Forest of Vay) that are rich in hiking trails that wind through meadows, woods and vineyards. I live here with my husband and my son, (2006), and with a family of friends in the recently renovated farmhouse. We have also a small agritourism with rooms and a restaurant. We cultivate fruit and vegetables, have bees, make jams, preserves and cook for the agritourism. Accommodation is in a twin bedded room with private bathroom and meals, mainly with our organic or local produce, are eaten together with our family. We mainly need help with the vegetable garden and fruit orchard, as well as with other jobs on the farm, agriturism and with the bees for people who are interested. We have always lived with respect for nature and try to make sustainable choices. Minimum stays of 15 days from March to October. We speak English and French.
We are a small farm located in Val Susa 1000 meters altitude in a beautiful refuge enclosed in the woods. We devote ourselves to the earth for love and for safeguarding it from devastation. Here we and my partner live with two friends who help us in our work. We love animals and we have 5 cats, 3 dogs, 2 horses, 2 donkeys, for company. Also there are about 30 goats and many geese, ducks and hens that provide us milk and eggs but we do butcher them as we are vegetarians. We cultivate a bit of everything in our large vegetable garden, which gives us a small income but above all allows us to eat vegetables and legumes of the highest quality. We are certified organic and we use the principles of permaculture. We have a lot of activities from the bees to the vineyards, pasture and forest care, milking and cheese production, making hay, harvesting of wild herbs and soft fruits, fruit juices and preserves, cutting wood and many other activities. We speak many languages ​​and we are all young people of about 30 years who love socializing, getting to know and dealing with different people. We offer our guests a bedroom with shared bathroom. The house is very large and lends itself to accommodating many people, meals are shared and even in leisure time we like to share the good times. For lovers of skiing, hiking, climbing, horseback riding and mountain biking, it is definitely the perfect place. Less than an hour from Turin and a few kilometers from France our hut is 15 minutes from Chiomonte Station and is very easy to reach on foot. None of us carries out other activities and the tasks we need help are the most varied. We will choose tasks to be done with our guests according to their attitudes.
We are two women and one man and we live in a farmhouse in the hilly area 20 km from Turin. Friends, donkeys, cats and chickens help us in the management of the farm and the six hectares of woodland, pasture, cereals, fruit trees and vegetable garden. We are inspired by the principles of agroecology and food sovereignty, trying to encourage biodiversity, to claim and spread peasant agriculture, ecological and solidarity, to produce healthy food for the inhabitants of the farm and for citizens known or not with whom we are in relationship. The production of naturally leavened bread cooked in a wood oven is stable. In winter collecting /preparing firewood and the renovation of the farmhouse prevail. From March to December we work in the vegetable garden, processing fruit and vegetables and reproducing seeds. One of us is an elementary school teacher and is dedicated to ceramics that work and cook with different techniques. We periodically organize lunches, courses (construction, energy, permaculture, bakery, agriculture, crafts), cultural events with other realities. We offer a shared room or a caravan and a collective kitchen. In summer it is possible to camp. We would prefer to host people for 15 days / two months to be agreed after meeting each other. Omnivorous diversified cuisine, but everyone is free to express their identity. Good Spanish and French, understanding of English.
We are two brothers, Paolo and Claudio and cultivation is in our family’s DNA - we have always cultivated even though it hasn’t ever been the main source of income in the past. At a certain point in our lives we decided to make it our main job and converted to organic farming as an example of sustainability for both the land and its inhabitants. We are in a small town about 30km from Turin and 15 minutes from Pinerolo. The help we seek from WWOOFers is with the management and maintenance of the orchard where we grow mainly apple, pear trees and some soft fruit and recently we have begun to experiment cultivating ancient cereals and plants such as hemp seed or pea protein. There is a workshop where we process our fruit into juices, vinegars and ciders. We need help from March to December and can accommodate one person at a time for a minimum of two weeks. We are always happy to share with our guests our knowledge and our experience. Paolo lives in the farmhouse with his partner. We offer home-cooked food, a room with private bathroom and internet connection via Wi-Fi.
My partner and I run the Association whose mission is to take care of all sentient beings respecting their diversity. Our main activity is to take care of our horses in their every day management, education (which takes place within the herd as they live all together) and preparation for their role as co-facilitator in workshops that I lead as Eponaquest™ Certified Instructor, an deep and profound approach to Equine Facilitated Learning (an approach I learned during my years living in the States). We also need help with chopping woods, cleaning the bushes and woods around the property, fixing fences and several other things needed around the farm. We eat everything, but we have the utmost respect for everyone’s choice of food and everybody’s welcome. We buy locally at farmer’s markets or directly at our neighbors’s farms. We do not eat strawberries in January. We live in deep contact with nature and our animals are part of the family (3 cats, 4 dogs, 6 horses), we ask that they be respected and that who comes to stay with us does so with an open mentality to experiencing a different way to manage the animals in liberty and respecting their needs. Travelers are welcome all year around for a min of 15 days and will be accommodated depending on season and necessities; either in a private room or common room. it is also possible to camp (limited space available). We welcome 1 or 2 people, kids as well. Meals will be shared with us or not. you’ll be free to decide. We are half hour from the Torino’s downtown, surrounded by the beautiful hills that include Monferrato and Langhe. The train station is 20 min, but local public transport is very limited. We speak English, French and a bit of Spanish. We live and we work together sharing a piece of life.

We are a couple who run a small Bed and Breakfast, situated at 1,100 m, in the woods of the Cozie Alps. We are 6 km up from town and about 50 km from Turin city centre. We have recently taken over the nurturing of the family’s two large organic vegetable gardens from F’s parents who live next to us. We also maintain small herb plots, flower boxes, and the grounds around our building. We need help with all aspects of gardening and grounds maintenance. Depending on the season there are always various types of work to be done from woodcutting and building projects to hiking trail and building maintenance. During our busy periods, we may teach cooking classes, which you can participate in, if you are interested and we can always use a hand with the dishes. Accommodation is a large loft with 2 twin beds in our main building, which has high-speed Internet connection and your own private bathroom nearby. Walking and mountain biking tracks are accessible from our doorstep. We can accept one WWOOFer, from April through November, preferable for a minimum of 3 weeks. We may consider 2 wWWOOFers July through September. Meals are eaten together and made with love from scratch. We are native tongue English and Italian speakers. F. also speaks French.