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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are Laura, Paolo and our four children. We live in Bibiana in a farmhouse at the foot of the mountains overlooking the Pinerolo plain. We have about fifty beehives, a cherry orchard in production, a growing apple orchard, scattered walnut and chestnut trees, some crops in the hills, chicken run, family vegetable garden, geese and a pony that helps with the work. Laura is forester and teacher, Paolo is an agronomist and integrates business with lessons, professional jobs and projects in the field of environmental education. Looking for a more sustainable agriculture and way of life we ​​have gradually abandoned the use of synthetic products in plant care and this year, after the conversion period, we are certified organic. The farm is small and, since it was born as a beekeeping farm, it does not have much mechanization. So many jobs are manual or with small mechanical means. Trying to reconcile agronomic training with the fascinating ideas of M. Fukuoka, we are interested in permaculture experimenting with it in the vegetable garden and on the arable land. We have transformed a part of our farm into camping for tents and picnic area (we are on FB as Agricampeggio La Tadea). We host Wwoofers in a separate room with bathroom. We ask for collaboration with harvesting and with maintenance of crops and the apiary. At least one of us speaks some English, French, Spanish and German. Wifi available.
This organic farm, started in 2010, and typical old farmhouse is located in the Monferrato hills about 30 km from Turin and Asti, in a rural area between two nature reserves (the Superga national park and the Forest of Vay) that are rich in hiking trails that wind through meadows, woods and vineyards. I live here with my husband and my son, (2006), and with a family of friends in the recently renovated farmhouse. We have also a small agritourism with rooms and a restaurant. We cultivate fruit and vegetables, have bees, make jams, preserves and cook for the agritourism. Accommodation is in a twin bedded room with private bathroom and meals, mainly with our organic or local produce, are eaten together with our family. We mainly need help with the vegetable garden and fruit orchard, as well as with other jobs on the farm, agriturism and with the bees for people who are interested. We have always lived with respect for nature and try to make sustainable choices. Minimum stays of 15 days from March to October. We speak English and French.

We are restoring and bringing life back to an ancient hamlet (at an altitude of 1400 m) which has been abandoned for several decades. Here, after the recovery of the environment and the renovation of the buildings, we want to start running farm courses focused on getting closer to nature and on the development and improvement of psycho-physical and spiritual health, as well as activities for children and teenagers.This typical mountain environment is connected only by a dirt road and to enjoy peace and serenity in a country which is almost entirely covered in concrete, you can find it only in places such as this. There are three of us working on this project, two more actively involved, A. (born 1951) and S. with her family (husband and two children). We live a few miles from the old hamlet and live there only at certain times of the year. We are currently rejuvenating meadows, fields, pastures, forests of a property which covers an area of about 150 hectares. We have started to replant the crops typical to this area and replant many species of indigenous plants with particular regard to rare species and herbs. We offer basic accommodation in dry stone huts, or tents, but giving you the opportunity to live in the midst of nature, eat and drink healthy food (also for vegetarians), learn to know and use herbs and wild edible fruits of which we are great experts: you must therefore have an interest in these activities and be very adaptable.We can accommodate people from May to September and you can collaborate in any of the above mentioned activities in a friendly atmosphere: we speak English, French, a little German and Spanish.

Our farm is situated near Piossasco which is 30 km from Turin. The farm is situated on a hill and is 8 km from the town. We cultivate crops which are typical to this rural area: vines, vegetables, greenhouse, a small orchard, meadow, an apiary, chickens, goats and sheep. We are certified organic and sell our produce in Torino (this gives the opportunity for WWOOFers to visit the city). Our family consists of two part-time nurses (1975 and 1969) and our son (2003) and at certain times of the year our grandparents who speak German. We also adhere to a social agricultural programme and occasionally have apprentices in collaboration with Torino university.The languages spoken are English (not fluently) and French. Ours is a lifestyle choice that is inspired by eco-sustainability. The activities are varied according the season (please contact us for more details), the WWOOFers will be given the opportunity to assist us and learn technical skills. Accommodation, from January to December, in a room shared with other WWOOFers. At certain times in the year (March, July, November) we go down to south Italy (Basilicata) where we cultivate land that belonged to our grandparents, grow olives and wheat and make olive oil, semolina and pasta. Given the complexity of our lifestyle we prefer a minimum stay of three weeks.

I live here with my partner in the hills of Torino, in a beautiful place close to the town and the woods of Superga. I am a man in my 60 s and I take care of the plants, experimenting with cultivation in open fields. I decided to collaborate with WWOOF to have some help and also to share my knowledge and experience. Accommodation is in a small caravan and small wooden houses. My wife helps me morally but physically I do the work myself. I cultivate stevia, perilla, okra and hemp and gather nettles. I speak French and a little English, and I can always learn. Torino is a wonderful city to visit and public transport is 10 minutes from our house, the city will be holding Expo 2015 and there are many interesting places to visit there. I work with the principles of awareness, art and love of nature. I ask you to help with jobs on the farm such as repotting, weeding, harvesting etc. We can host from April to October.
Earth, water, rock, wood, close people with whom to share moments of life. This, in 2011, led me to live on this mountain. Since 2015 I am Nehir's father. We are custodians of about five hectares between meadow and forest;I grow vegetables, fruit, legumes and corn for subsistence; we heat the house and the water with a wood stove; we work with always manual tools, without an engine. By choice and pleasure we light up with oil lamps and we do not use electricity or gas. Our village, at 1000 m asl, is between woods and streams, with good spring water, It is about an hour's walk from the bus station in the village (or 15 minutes by car). We eat mainly self-produced food, cooked in a genuine way. I adore: the simple and essential life in contact with the earth, raising my child and evolving in the relationship with other human beings. I would like to share our lifestyle, knowledge and projects with people who bring us other "worlds". We can accommodate in a room or a tent if you prefer throughout the year, for long or short periods, just specify the days when you would like to be accommodated. From our house there are paths for beautiful walks even at high altitude, ideal for those who love the mountains. I speak English, vegans, children and dogs respectful of other farmyard and wild animals are welcome. I hope that there is someone who would like to write to me by letter, I always answer very willingly! Or make a surprise visit here, in mutual acceptance and respect.