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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This farm, organic for 20 years, is located in a quiet valley crossed by two streams, and consists of 5 ha of orchards (citrus, apricots, persimmons, loquats, and many other species) and approximately 10 ha of uncultivated land. The work includes harvesting, pruning, clearing and in the vegetable garden. It is situated 3 km from Noto (SR). We often go into the town and happily take WWOOFers, although you can also easily walk. The accommodation is in a single or shared room. Stays of at least a week by prior arrangement The meals are macrobiotic and we use only organic produce. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome. We eat together in the large kitchen in the house. Languages spoken: English and Danish.
The adventure of returning to the countryside. My name is Luciano Favara and I live alone in the ancient Predio Borgochiarito farm, which came to me after more than three centuries. I need sensitive people and nature lovers, willing to help me write the rest of the story. This is a magical place, the landscape is beautiful, the territory large, lush and varied, between the hills, the forest, the river, partly wild and partly cultivated with citrus, almond, olive trees, carob trees and much more. Very old agricultural plants, stone buildings, the tower, the caves. I am here to live in a regenerative and productive rural dimension, to reunite with nature and experience self-sufficiency. But also to restore splendour to the farm and make it a small, prosperous and welcoming kingdom, still capable of withstanding over time. I work mainly in general maintenance, defence of the territory and organic cultivation of fruit and vegetables, which I consume or sell directly to families. I have a cat, 2 dogs and 5 hens. It is a rural world of the past, without comfort, noise and urban habits, there is a lot to do and learn, authentic interest and mental and physical energy are needed. For those who want to recover the use of the senses and rediscover the essential dimension of men and things, to use their hands and their head wherever they need it, to feel free and useful and rediscover the rhythm of self-sufficiency, which is not work, but for which you always work. Equally important occasions to share conviviality, culture and leisure. I have a lot to talk about nature and life and I like doing it well, so I prefer to host a maximum of one or two people at a time for long periods. Then I wait for you, to be volunteers together, at the service of the natural world to be reconquered.
The farm is located about 2 km from the village of Solarino, in the province of Syracuse. You can get here by bus with direct connections from Siracusa, Catania and Catania Airport. We bought the land only a few months ago so of course we are at the beginning of the project following the principles (and ethics) of Permaculture. Whilst waiting to complete the renovations of the house the accommodation will be in our house in the village, in a room with double sofa bed, with a bathroom and other facilities shared with us. We would be happy to accommodate couples. Everyday we go to the land where Alex will work with you on the jobs to be done. The activities for which we would like to have help include: preparation and maintenance of the garden, worm culture, caring for the seedlings, pruning, making a chicken coop and many other things In your free time there is plenty to see and visit, we have mountain bikes that you can use for small trips. We try to use our own produce in the kitchen as much as possible. Meals will be shared with us, we ask for collaboration for preparation and washing up. Federica loves to devote herself to cooking "healthily". We are omnivorous, but we eat meat very rarely and only when we know where it came from. Alex is a very helpful person, as well as being competent in various fields, such as computing and design, he likes themes such as bio-building, soil regeneration, mulching and beekeeping.

This farm is situated 6 km from Noto, immersed in nature and surrounded by carob and ancient olive trees at the foot of Noto Antica. The house is comfortable, cool in the summer and also protected from the Sicilian winters. The 3 hectares of land is completely organic and has been bought back into production after having been abandoned for decades. There are ancient orange, lemon, mandarin, almond, loquot, persimmon, walnut and Persian banana trees. Help needed with clearing the land, harvesting fruit, watering, in the vegetable garden and with maintenance jobs around the house. A spring and river keep the area damp and semitropical. Vittoria decorates porcelain with designs of local Sicilian flowers and cooks traditional Sicilian meals (such as focacce with wild herbs). JC carries out many jobs to be done on the land including weeding, clearing in the summer to reduce the risk of fire, keeping the paths clear, in the vegetable garden and with the watering system. Accommodation in a room, there is also space for tents. English and Spanish spoken.

Hi, I'm Michelangela and with my mother we run a small farm of about 3 hectares. We have been living for many years in a late nineteenth century farmhouse that we renovated a few years ago. We are looking for one or two people s to share the pleasures and hardships of living in the countryside while maintaining the harmony of the sounds and serenity of nature. We have 7 dogs, two donkeys and two cats, we mainly eat vegetarian trying to optimize our products. We take care of olive trees, fruit trees and ornamental plants. We can graft and harvest. We keep the biological cycle alive. Among the activities we do is the preparation of compost, manure, water collection, wood for the fireplace and for the oven. In addition there is the maintenance of the farm and its facilities with its dry walls, fences, paths, wood stores, etc .. I am a teacher in a nursery school and I work in the district of Testa dell'Acqua which is about 600 meters from our house. Among the novelties, this year I have established together with friends of naturopaths an association that aims to re-evaluate the resources of the territory and the bio-natural disciplines. I play guitar for pleasure and I love Sicilian folk traditional music. Guests can take advantage of a furnished and independent chalet, and share our family life. In your free time, you can visit several wonderful cities of art and numerous archaeological sites such as Castelluccio, Noto Antica, Palazzolo Acreide and many others.