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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


The farm is located in Montecosaro, in the heart of the Marche countryside, a few minutes from the sea, in a very sunny location away from populated areas and immersed in an oasis of 4 hectares of greenery and populated by many animals: peacocks, mallards, hens, parrots, geese, turtles, a cat ... The house which was built at the end of the nineteenth century with local brick and stone is inhabited by Michela, the owner and her sons Mirea (6 years) and Manuel (5 years), their grandmother and uncle and is surrounded by a vast rich garden of ornamental botanical species and a valuable collection of succulents. Giuseppe works on the farm as an agricultural entrepreneur and he is responsible for the maintenance of the farm that mainly produces preparations of Aloe arborescens. The estate is divided into 5000 meters of vineyard, 130 olive trees, a large vegetable garden for domestic use, a small wood of about 3000 meters, 2 greenhouses of about 4600 plants for the production of Aloe arborescens leaves, a greenhouse for the cultivation of succulent plants and an apiary. The WWOOFers that will be hosted will participate in all the activities of the farm, harvesting the leaves to make the preparations, maintenance of the greenhouses, the garden and the vegetable garden. You can take walks in nature, go to the beach, the mountains and visit the surrounding historical centres. Guests will enjoy a double bedroom with private bathroom and independent access to the upper floor. The kitchen and the living room are spaces in common with the family. On request you can have the WI-Fi connection. There is also the possibility of camping in the surrounding garden with your own tent. We eat everything preferring seasonal fruit and vegetables and we respect food choices (vegetarian and vegan).
We breed dairy goats and produce cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit for self-consumption. The farm is located about 800 m. s.l.m. near the lake of Fiastra inside the national park of the Monti Sibillini. There are 4 of us in the family: Stefano 41, Federico 15, Gioia 12, Iolanda 9, and we offer hospitality preferably from April to October, but in favorable weather conditions also in the remaining months of the year. Shared meals and accommodation in caravan with access to the bathroom in the house.

I practice agriculture for my own consumption, not for commercial reasons. I grow the major part of my food and also I harvest a lot of wild produce; herbs, flowers and fruit which I eat fresh or dry to conserve. The small pieces of land which I care for are between the hills and mountains and surrounded by woodland. I try to be as self sufficient as possible. The jobs are varied throughout the year in the vegetable garden, woods and with other tasks. I love conviviality, communication, music, and reading aloud. I publish a newspaper "il Seminasogni" about alternative realities to communicate with the outside world. I write poetry. I know many wild plants, edible and medicinal. Cultivating ones own food for me is not work but a joyous occupation. A slow, stress free lifestyle. Accommodation in room, meals vegetarian. English spoken. Due to the earthquake accommodation only possible if you bring a tent or camper van.

We live in an old farmhouse in a grove between Monte San Vicino and the lake of Cingoli. We are a couple, more or less young, who moved to le Marche in October 2015. We have a certified organic farm with bees, oil and vineyard, a B & B, and we grow fruit, vegetables and poultry for our own use. As a growing farm, we always need a hand. We have tasks for WWOOFers depending on your expertise and interests. Besides the various agricultural jobs, there is a chance to help with harvesting of wild foods, processing and fermentation of fruit, vegetables, honey and so on, with maintenance and beautification of the house and around, small buildings for chickens etc., art projects and markets. Accommodation in the house, we ask for a hand with meals and cleaning. We eat little meat, mostly from our own production or bartered with friends. There are two cats in the house, you can smoke outside, and dogs must be well trained (we keep chickens free range). Mainly we speak Italian and English and a bit 'of Spanish. We would love to learn French.
The farm is a laboratory of experiences that, through continuous research and experimentation, moves towards the sustainable development of new socio-economic models. Actively engaged in environmental regeneration, in restoring fertility and soil balance and in the production of densely nutritious foods, therefore with a high content of nutrients easily assimilated by the body, we propose an approach based on the observation of nature and the respect of its cycles. We practice organic and regenerative agriculture with particular attention to water management through techniques such as the keyline. We produce soil improvers, biochar, bocashi, macerates, biofertilizers, etc. We have a half-hectare food forest, with shrubs and support trees of all kinds. 5/6 hectares of cereals (ancient grains and evolutionary populations), half a hectare of officinal herbs, a garden of 1500 m and we harvest wild herbs. We offer courses, events and trainings mainly related to self-production, spontaneous, medicinal, herbal medicine, regenerative agriculture. We have 3 dogs and 7 cats, chickens and 2 sheep and from this year 4 beehives. We are part of the regional permaculture network, of the house of herbs circuit and we collaborate with the genuine underground network. We are a young reality and we are learning day by day, with the experience of working with nature, with animals, between people. We share our experience rather than teach. We ask for collaboration in agricultural work, in the daily management of the house and in the organization of courses. The indispensable things you have to bring with you are good humor, good will, spirit of adaptation!
I live in the country by choice and practice natural farming. I grow about 11 has of old varieties of grains and are experimenting by tilling the soil as little as possible. I transform our wheat into high quality flour that we sell at local markets and to buyers groups. I have a traditional vegetable garden, one run on the principles of "Fukuoka" and a synergistic one. I am inspired by the concepts of Permaculture. I experiment, harvest herbs, flowers, wild and cultivated fruits to eat fresh or preserve. I make bread and cakes for our own consumption and for local markets. I have a subsistence economy, and I am inspired by the ideals of complete self-sufficiency. I have a lot of hens, six sheep (currently only for meat … we are waiting for the right moment to  start making cheese) and eight cats. I would like to accommodate motivated people who want to experience life in the countryside. I welcome longer stays. I use wood for heating and cooking. I live on a beautiful hill surrounded by old oak trees and have a large olive grove, woods and fields. I love art, music and developing communication. I am part of the group of 'Seminasogni'. Besides Italian I also speak English.

This is a new biodynamic 5 ha farm in the hills a few kms from Cingoli. The project is based on the principles of permaculture. We have a secular olive grove, worms for compost and keep bees following the principles of Warrè. We are a family of 2 people, 1 dog and 1 horse which grazes freely under our olive trees. We have a small kitchen garden, collect blackberries for blackberry jam, make candles with beeswax and we have many other projects on the go. We have a yurt where we live in the summer months. We can offer accommodation in a tent (from spring to autumn) length of stay by prior agreement. There is a compost toilet and an outdoor kitchen but we do not have electricity or internet. Our farm is a quiet place where we spend time working on many projects and take care of nature. We are 1 km from a small village where you will find the basic necessities and public transport. Nearby there are large forests and many beautiful trails for hiking and mountain bikes. Everyone is welcome as long you love the nature and living in close contact with others. Currently we do not live full time on the farm and both work part time outside, so a degree of independence is important. We speak Italian and English.

We live very simply in an old house (reachable only by foot) surrounded by woods, with 5 hectares of land at the foot of Mount Igno (1440m). By choice we do not have electricity - for cooking and heating we use a wood-burning stove. There is a spring near the house where we collect our water. We are a couple with children (born 2005 2008, 2010, 2012). We need help all year round for various activities: in the vegetable garden, with the bees (we have 5 hives) with firewood, harvesting fruit, making jam, baking bread, maintaining the house. We are mainly interested in sharing our chosen lifestyle with other people. Meals are vegetarian, using organic produce from the garden or collected from the wild. Accommodation in the house or in a tent. We reply promptly to all letters. I practice yoga. Children welcome. French, German, a little Spanish, Esperanto and English spoken.

The farm is located in the plains, near the river. We are a couple of about 50, we are not vegans but we eat a lot of vegetables. We usually eat together. We provide a separate room for WWOOFers. Our philosophy is the desire to reconstruct the typical rural environment, to enhance the relationship of the individual with rurality in all aspects. There is an orchard with fruit trees and soft fruits, vineyard, olive grove and washerman, without forgetting a small flock of geese and hens and a family vegetable garden. In the main house, the agritourism is also carried out with rural characteristics. Organic Certification in 2017. What there is to learn here; First of all we need to learn the meaning of time and the relationship with nature, which is important for rebalancing one's own rhythm of life based on the rising of the sun until sunset, the seasons with their variety, where nature takes us back to our to being and belonging. The contact with nature and biodiversity where everything leads to a tendency to self-balance the system helps us better understand the interconnections between the seasons, nature, magic and work. You can learn how from a seed you can grow a plant in the garden, harvest the produce and transform them into food for ourselves and the animals on the farm. The care of fruit plants, berries, vines and olives make us understand the importance of love for nature for their personal balance and for survival. In short, one can learn that the earth is not something to be exploited but something to love. The bus stop is 600 meters where you can reach 7 km from Recanati and 10 from Macerata. The sea is about 12 km. There are many villages in the vicinity to visit.