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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are a small, rural farm in the north of Piemonte, near Switzerland. Our family, consisting of myself, my husband and two adorable adolescents, work together to run the farm, each in proportion to their capabilities. We live in a newly built house, surrounded by animal stalls which we use for our animals and as a tool shed. We have forty goats and six cows which we take up to the alps from Spring to Autumn, we breed them to sell them for sale, we do not produce cheese. We have several tasks to perform; together we take care of the vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards, and sell our produce in the local market, about 7 km away in Domodossola, a small, very simple and characteristic town. We also have pastures to cut during the summer to make hay for our animals when they return from Alps in late autumn. We would love to host a person who is happy to share with us our daily work, but who is also a lover of the simple life in close contact with nature, who wants to learn and experience the art of agriculture in the country, we will host you in the heart of our family and we will eat all meals together on the farm, independent accommodation in a stone house next to ours. We would prefer someone who can participate in our activities, willing and easy just like us. We speak enough English and are confident that together we will understand each other.

Ciao I was born in 1978 and run this small farm located in the far north of Piemonte at about 500 m above sea level (during the winter) and move to 1200 m in the summer. I have livestock (about 60) cattle, goats, sheep, and make cheese (from cow's milk), butter and ricotta from May to November; I grow potatoes, have a small orchard and vegetable garden for my own use. Out of respect for the animals and the environment I have chosen to milk by hand, without cereal fodder and traditional transhumance without using vehicles. On the farm WWOOFers will find hospitality, a family environment, good food and beautiful scenery all around. I ask for help in all aspects of the animals care, cheesemaking, haymaking, cleaning the pastures, I do not have much spare time but I do everything with great enthusiasm and at times am joined by family and friends. Accommodation is in the main refuge with shared bathroom, in a communal room with several beds in the attic. During the year I carry out other small jobs outside the farm. I would like to share experiences with you, teach what I know and learn what you can teach me. We need help all year round- We speak Italian and school level English and French (and am very willing to learn).

Ciao a tutti! I am Edoardo a young wine-maker (27 years old) who has just opened a wine-growing farm on the slopes of the Alps, in Domodossola (17 km from Switzerland and 120 km from Milan). Before being a host I was a wwoofer and I really enjoyed the experience. I like to exchange ideas, see new perspectives, and live in the midst of nature. At the moment I have about one hectare of vineyard (Nebbiolo and Merlot), some sheep and goats. I would like to meet motivated people who want to share experiences and learn together. The best time to come and see me is from spring (March) until Autumn (October - November) I can teach you how to manage the vegetable garden, about wine production and winemaking. Each month there is a different job to be done on the farm: from harvesting fruits and vegetables to making wine. There is no minimum time: whoever wants will be welcome in my farm for 1 hour to 1 month, obviously the more time we spend together the more things you will see / learn. I speak English, Spanish and Italian. It is not all work, there are also many other attractions: mountain walks, spas, ziplines and lakes. On the farm there is a house with kitchen and bathroom on the first floor and bedroom upstairs. Vi aspetto!!!

We are a couple with a son (born in 2012) and we have a farm with about 25 cows, a bull and some heifers/calves. We also have 3 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats. From the beginning of June to mid-October we are in the alps: at the beginning at an altitude of 1300m, in the two middle months at 1700 m, in a Natural Park in the north of Piemonte. We produce raw milk cheese, butter, ricotta and yogurt and sell our produce directly in front of the house in the mountain pastures to the tourists/hikers passing by. It is important that you can speak a little Italian to help with the selling, my wife is German but speaks Italian. At 1300 m we have a caravan for WWOOFers, at 1700m a bed in the attic of a house shared with two others. We eat all meals together. The days are very long due to the amount of work we have. For us it is important that those who decide to come and stay with us have a time availability and willingness to cooperate with us in the farm tasks also with the daily tasks of communal life such as cooking, cleaning. We would like someone who would be happy to stay with our son at times, ... it is also crucial to be motivated to be able to tolerate the hard but satisfying life in the mountains! We host one person from early June to mid-October, preferably for a period of six weeks. We can accommodate two from mid-July to late August.