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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are Dimitri (1982) and Isabella (1987), and we have a small farm with a Stabie of Lentiai, a charming mountain village at 550 meters above sea level located in the Belluno pre-alps. This is is a project that embraces the principles of permaculture and believes in a resilient and sustainable agriculture by promoting a local economy. We produce mainly vegetables in Biointensive but also ancient varieties of local fruits, honey, ancient grains, essential oils and soaps in small quantities. For us, the soil is an essential element which we take care of by using agricultural techniques such as green manure, cover crops, macerated plants, mulches. WWOOFers are welcome from April to November and will join us in the various activities such as sowing, transplanting, harvesting, selling, processing, and all the varied works and ideas that the season offers us. We are actively social, therefore, there will be moments of exchange and knowledge that will enrich your stay. We eat together the genuine vegetarian food from our gardens and accommodation is in a room in the house. Unfortunately we only speak Italian well!

This is a certified organic farm situated at an altitude of 300. There is a river that drives a small mill that runs through the property. We grow mainly vegetables, potatoes and beans. In the summer we make hay. We have poultry (chickens, ducks, geese ...), a horse and a donkey. We run a B & B. We are in an area of​cultural interest; Feltre, Belluno, Asolo. A stone's throw from the farm there are pathways for excursions on the Grappa massif.

I'm Gianni, 49 years old and I have a livestock farm in Santa Giustina, between Belluno and Feltre, Parco delle Dolomiti Bellunesi. The farm is conducted with biological methods to respect the environment, people and animals. Our main activity is the breeding of 40 cattle including calves, heifers and milk cows from which 4 quintals of milk are milked per day. We have 35 hectares of meadows that are used for the hay necessary to feed the herd. We also have a small number of chickens. WWOOFers who wish to have an experience in this sector, can participate in all the jobs that we do in the barn, paying attention because the cows have horns. There is also a small orchard and we make juices and jams; a vegetable garden using ancient seeds is also cultivated, in collaboration with associations for the protection and regeneration of seeds. The kitchen is vegetarian and my sister uses our fruit and vegetables; and also prepares excellent bread with sourdough. The family also includes my mother, my brother-in-law and my niece. WWOOFers (maximum 2) can have a kitchen and independent room with bathroom. Being at the foot of the Dolomites, within few a Kms you can easily reach touristic places and hiking in the mountains on paths that lead to numerous refuges. We speak only Italian.
We are located in the north-east of Veneto, we have a family run organic farm of 10 ha. with forest, pasture and vegetable garden. The area is hilly, 350 m. of altitude, at the gates of the Belluno Dolomites Park. We produce fruit and vegetables outside and in greenhouse, we are available to accommodate WWOOFers throughout the year, we need help in all areas depending on the needs of the moment; work the land, sow, weed, harvest, take care of flowers ... We are Mirco and Giuliana (58, 65), we have 2 children (96, 05) and we have 2 dogs. Our diet is vegetarian (no smoking) many of the products are produced by us, the accommodation is an apartment that can accommodate 1/2 people attached to our house. Giuliana speaks a little English, we have bikes available for excursions. Our intent will be to let you live in full contact with nature by sharing the experience that led us to choose organic as a way of life in respect of our beloved earth.

This 4 ha farm is situated at an altitude of 800m facing the Dolomites. We, Isabella and Eugenio, have a B & B for people who enjoy the peace and quiet of this area, and cultivate vegetables and Lamon IGP e Gialet beans (Slow Food), potatoes, squash and apples using organic methods (certified ICEA). Help needed with preparing the land and seeding in April, May and June, with transplanting, harvesting and organic treatments from July to October, with selling our produce to people who come to the farm and with collecting firewood which we use to heat the house in the winter. The chickens, rabbits and other animals need to be cared for, the plants need watering and the areas kept in order. We are vegetarians and prefer people to smoke outside. We collaborate with a network of other farms "Dolomiti Bio" and an old dairy. We speak English and Spanish and a little French. Accommodation in a comfortable loft or a caravan, meals are eaten together. There are mountain bikes you can use. We collaborate with other WWOOF farms in the area.

This is a beautiful place of Mother Earth in where, starting in 2017, we started to blossom a small idea: a farm where life is cultivated, environmental ecology and social ecology. Fabio lives here (1978, 4 years as a wwoofer walking-tent traveler) and neighbour Ugo for 5 months a year, with dogs, cats, goats, whoever will visit us and nature in the first place. To start a co-run farm in a beautiful abandoned valley, waiting for those who choose to stop and live and make communities. Aided by a vast network of people who participate and help with the farm, stables, pastures, dinners, equipment, and house. A community without too many labels. The world is the true community, those whom we find around us every day, to remain open to comparison and improvement with everyone. We are in a secluded valley between the steep Belluno Dolomites, in a silent village and abandoned 10 months a year. We have several hectares of land in use. You can help us with dairy goats, making hay, vegetables, wood, bread, cook, build, tidy up, etc. We tend to use more and more hands and less oil and machinery. We will decide together with you what to add: hens, orchards, seedbed, compost toilet, earthen oven, bees, aromatic plants, botanical garden, music, art, crafts and what will come with the propensities and energies involved. Mostly organic and vegetarian food. We have 3 bedrooms or tent places in the summer, in the winter a wood stove heats a kitchen and a dormitory living room. We do not use non-biodegradable products. Places to visit between 3 and 100km: Dolomites, Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, Pale di San Martino, Euganean Hills, Belluno-Padua-Vicenza-Venice. We really like walking in the mountains.
This farm and B & B is run by myself (35), my companion (44) and his brother (28) who is the gardener. We also have 2 dogs: Bella and Scila and 6 cats. We cultivate Lamon beans (1000 sqmt), some vegetables (mainly for our own consumption), honey from 10 beehives, have our 2 cows Spinne and Victoria with their calves, 5 goats; Gina, Matilde, Geltrude, Sofia & Camillo and 4 hens. WWOOFers can help as needed in all of these activities or with haymaking and maintenance. Stays of a couple of weeks throughout the spring, summer and autumn. There are 4 ha.s for hay. The WWOOFer will be accommodated in a room of the B & B unless they are all occupied by guests, in this case accommodation will be in a tent but this usually only happens in August or sometimes at weekends. We are not vegetarians but eat a lot of vegetables. In the house we speak Italian, but we can also speak English and Spanish. Nearby as well as many beautiful mountains we have a pretty lake: il lago di S. Croce, various rivers, the city of Belluno and a lot of other nice things.
We are in the beautiful area of Valmorel, above the town of Limana at 900m above sea level, in the province of Belluno. For now we live in three on the farm Quinto, Marianna and the small Eliana (born in 2016). We take care of a breeding of dairy cows, chickens, pigs and the place where we live. We transform all the milk in the small dairy on the farm with raw milk cheeses. We follow the principles of organic and biodynamic .... We collect the wood to warm us and it is a job both to make it and consume it !!! ..... Guests can stay in the house with us, we hope to fix some autonomous spaces as soon as possible to offer more space ... In any case, meals will always be common moments ..... We eat a bit of everything but bio. We would host two people at a time. Quinto speaks a little French, we both would like to learn English !!! We prefer long stays. Valmorel offers magnificent landscapes and beautiful walks.
This small farm is situated in the hills at an altitude of 500m and surrounded by the Dolomite mountains. The deer share our vegetable garden with us! We are about 2 km from the nearest village. Mel, a nearby ancient hamlet, Belluno, Feltre, Cortina and Misurina (an hour and a half by car) jewels of the Dolomites with lakes and trails are all interesting places to visit. We need help maintaining beds in the synergic vegetable garden, making a compost toilet, weeding, hay making, wood cutting, clearing and pruning in the woods, setting up a system to collect rainwater, in the small greenhouse, making shelters and fences for the animals, building using green methods, (chalk, clay etc.) in the house which we are renovating, clearing old paths, dry stone walling, help with domestic chores. I mainly work the land on my own and now we have a foster child that follows me everywhere, born in December 2011, we welcome the presence of people who love nature as well as the kids! We are not vegetarian but adaptable. Prefer to accommodate couples in tent or caravan, in the winter in the house but please bring sleeping bags. We have a compost toilet and you share the family bathroom. We live in the town during the school term time but June to August we live on the farm. You may find yourselves alone on the farm a lot so be prepared to cook for yourselves. If there is only one person staying they can come home with us in the evenings.
Hello, I'm Lorenzo (’75), my passion for bees I inherited from my grandfather Onorio, who took me with him to the apiary at the tender age of 5. Growing up, love and curiosity for this respectful and perfect world that is the beehive, has led me to start a small farm, which I want to grow and develop. At my side there are Daniela (’75), partner and collaborator and Asja (2000), our second daughter who is studying. We produce with our bees various qualities of honey that are appreciated and sought after, worked according to tradition, with passion and love. The beehive also offers us other niche products like pollen, propolis, royal jelly and we breed queens. We have meadows and woods to keep clean, for the moment our 4 little goats give us a hand, Ulisse and Leon, our dog and cat keep us company. In San Pietro, we cultivate a beautiful garden, which we would like to enlarge. We practice nomadism, so we move a lot, and it can happen that we sleep in the house apiary, in the van or at home, we have a room with 2 beds for our friends, everything else is sharing. Daniela is a good cook, you will not lack for anything, not even when we have a picnic in the apiary We have internet and by choice for 10 years we do not have TV. We live in San Pietro di Cadore a village nestled in the Belluno Dolomites. Our WWOOFer friends who want to share with us all this and more, are welcome in our lives and on our farm! Minimum stay of 2 weeks, from May to late August. We speak good Italian, the rest we hope to learn from you.