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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are a newly founded farm located in the municipality of Borgo Val di Taro, a hamlet of Tiedoli, 60 km between Parma and Liguria. We are in the Apennines, at 600 m asl, in a wooded area, the largest town is 12 km away. With great respect for the ecosystem, we are working in an area which has been abandoned for over 40 years, but which is rich in history and whose first certain dates, carved in stone, date back to 1797, but probably can be found in the Tabula Alimentaria di Traiano, between the properties of Marco Vario Felice or of the partners Taxtanulates. We look for sharing for our activity that varies according to the seasons. Currently the main jobs are with the cultivation of vegetables and potatoes; cultivation and harvesting of saffron; chestnut flour production; pig breeding. However, we hope to expand our business, for example by building fences and shelters for new animals. We offer our guests hospitality in an independent house from October to April and in caravans in the summer months; sharing of meals (we are not vegetarians); unlimited Internet. We speak, school level, English, French and Spanish. We request a stay of at least three weeks, the minimum time necessary to get to know each other. We are in an enchanting place, on the banks of a small river, in an isolated and peaceful position. The train stations of Borgo Taro and Ostia Parmense are well served. To reach us from the station, there are bus services during daylight hours that leave you 1.5 km away from us. The last 700m that lead to the farm are unpaved but passable with any car.
Ours is a small farm born in 2016. We came to live in Santa Maria del Taro with a small flock of goats, chickens, two dogs, a few cats. We are at 750m altitude, we see Monte Penna and the Taro river flows just below. At the moment we make goat cheeses for our consumption, for relatives and friends; we also produce a little surplus: soft fruits, eggs, bread, apple juices, chestnuts, beans, potatoes, corn flour. We are part of a network of other small producers with whom we try to share projects and the problems of farming in the mountains. We would like to act in the territory also culturally and for this reason the volunteers could help us with the worlds and the energies that they carry with them. We are part of a local group for the clearing and recovery of the many paths present. We use few and small machines both to work the land and follow the crops in the various phases and to make hay. We collect wild herbs and other forest products for food use and as a remedy. We transform fruits and vegetables for self-production or for B&B guests. We don't like waste and we have fun with reuse and self-construction. We practice critical consumption and pay attention to energy saving. Volunteers have at their disposal a double room in the house with us or a room in the adjacent one for B&B use depending on the period and if they prefer to be autonomous. There is no shortage of books, comics, hammocks and musical instruments. We prefer medium-long stays. To get to us there are few couriers to Borgo Val di Taro or to Chiavari (we are halfway there), but we can also meet volunteers at the station with the car taking advantage of other rides. We speak mediocre English (which we would like to practice and improve), and one of us French and Spanish.
A small farm that contains the project of a new lifestyle. We are Roberto and Marcella, we have based the farm on the cultivation of small fruits, and a synergistic vegetable garden for self-consumption. The small farm bathed by the Termina stream is on the first hills of Parma, about 30 minutes from Parma and the same from Reggio Emilia. Here we harvest raspberries, blueberries and currants, take care of the rows of the field and accept good ideas for the construction of a chicken coop, tool shed, but mainly enjoy good company. We can accommodate for the moment in a fenced and non-enclosed tent. Languages English and Spanish. Mediterranean cuisine, especially Emilia-Romagna. We love pasta, meat, vegetables and products from the Naviano organic oasis of which we are proud to be a part.
Our farm, now also an agritourism, is located in the Apennines behind Parma halfway to the Cinque Terre. It's a lovely place for us, very clean, not polluted, not very inhabited and even less known, the river Ceno in summer is bathing, and bathing kissed by fish that swim around is a delight. It is an hour and a half from Milan and one from Bologna, by train or car. We breed Appaloosa horses, which graze free in the property. We care for them using natural methods anO they reciprocate by being docile and serene. In the farm we have gardens cultivated using permaculture methods and we eat our own organic vegetables along with all the spontaneous herbs that we manage to harvest, which are richer in nourishment. We are mainly vegans, even if our happy hens make eggs that we use in the kitchen of the farm.  Now my 82-year-old mother is not as ablet as she used to be and it's a real shame, because she did most of the work. My previous collaborators have gone, my partner works outside the farm and I have been left alone to do everything ... I'm good at it and I can do it. But ... I would like to share and teach someone everything I have learned in these years ... someone who wants to change their lives ... There is always so much to do outside - the care of animals, the collection of firewood for the winter, the gardens, cleaning of shelters, cutting grass and when there are guests also inside ... And then there is especially the hospitality, it is important that we all stay well!

38 years ago we made a lifestyle choice to move from the city. Since then we have built, farmed, planted and wished to be able to stay and live in these mountains. In the meantime, our son has started his own family and all together we are dedicated to cultivating this 50 hectares organically. We get great satisfaction from the soft fruit production and the bees. But as often happens in these poor areas we have had to combine tourist accommodation with our farming to cater for tourists who come to this beautiful area. So for the past 20 years the agritourism has helped us economically, and without it we would probably have had to return to the city. Our day is full of interesting activities from the early morning visit to the chicken coop on. During the tourist season a great deal of our time is spent taking the guests to see the production of Parmesan and Parma ham. We dedicate a lot of our time to the vegetable garden and orchard and also the kitchen. People who will come to us must be willing to do a little of all of this and for our part we will treat you like family by teaching you what we know and taking you with us wherever we go be it for pleasure or work commitments. The climate is always engaging and thrilling but especially in the summer when the temperature is pleasant in comparison to the great heat of the plains below.

This farm is in the Albareto district in the Taro valley halfway between Parma and La Spezia and is easily reachable by train. It is a family-run farm centred on health and well-being, as the farm is run by a herbalist and a naturapath. The farm has been organic since 1998, it consists of 6 hectares of land with soft fruit, cereals, maize, vegetables and medicinal herbs. We have chickens, a few families of bees and we collect mushrooms, wild berries, chestnuts and wild herbs. We make jams, pickles, herbal teas and essential oils. This year some of our produce will be grown using the principles of permaculture. We are happy to have WWOOFers especially from March to October. We have a room for a maximum of two people with en suite bathroom. Meals are mainly vegetarian and nearly always organic. We usually request your help in the mornings and you have a day off a week. We have bicycles that you can use. We are willing to have anyone who wants to give us a hand and spend some time with us. We speak fluent English and Czech, and quite good Spanish, German and Polish.

We are a young couple, and we have recently moved to the Emilian Apennines to start our project: we want to live as much as possible in harmony with nature. Right now we are restoring a small family vegetable garden, an orchard, woods, fields and preparing to have a small herd of goats. We are also renovating our house and hope to start a B & B. Officially we are not yet a farm and we still do not have animals. We would like to share the beginning of this project with WWOOFers who are willing to help us in the various construction and carpentry jobs, and also in the garden, the orchard, woods and paddocks and with housework. We offer accommodation in rooms shared with any other WWOOFers or alternatively in a caravan. For those who prefer we also have plenty of space for tents. We will eat all our meals together and although we are not vegetarian we eat very little meat. Our home is a place for those who want to stay in contact with nature, take long walks in the woods and enjoy the peace all around us. There is a small stream nearby where you can swim. The train station is 7 kms away and from there you can catch trains to the famous Cinque Terre (1 hour). We speak: English, Spanish and French.

Small organic farm of 7 has located on a hill in the municipality of Borgotaro (between Parma and La Spezia), in a W.W.F. reserve. We grow vegetables (in open fields and in a greenhouse), soft fruit (blackberries, currants, raspberries, gooseberries), lavender, fruit trees and we harvest wild plants as we live in an uncontaminated area. We have a chicken coop with about 20 chickens, 3 horses, a donkey and 3 goats (and if their pregnancies go well we will have double this number!). At Easter time we are hoping to start a campsite with Yurts with structure which can be used as a dining room. We ask for co-operation for all agricultural activities, depending on the period these will vary from the planting of orchards, harvesting and processing of vegetables, fruit and berries, distilling the lavender, packaging of wild herbs and with the daily care of the animals (feeding, collecting eggs, etc.). Accommodation is in a room or tent depending on the season, meals are eaten together (we are not vegetarians but happily cater for vegetarians). There is no public transport and the nearest village is 8 km away. There is a railway station at Borgotaro. We provide bikes and are willing to give lifts in the car. For people with cars we are down a I km unpaved road. Usually, depending in the work that we are doing we ask for help in the mornings and the afternoons and one whole day are free., Stays of at least 2 weeks to allow time to get to know the routine and benefit from your stay. English spoken. Free Internet access. We look forward to meeting you,

30 hectare farm and agritourism situated in a panoramic position in the Appennino Parmense hills at an altitude of 600m, halfway between Parma and La Spezia (railway station Borgo Val di Taro). The farm has been certified organic by AIAB/ICEA since 1993. Our philosophy is self sufficiency and we exchange produce with other farms in a way to guarantee that we, our clients and friends have the most genuine produce possible. The main activities on the farm are: cultivating aromatic herbs in the greenhouse for farms that then plant them out outside, vegetable and fruit orchard, caring for the cows & pigs for meat, cultivation of forage crops for the livestock. We have a workshop where we transform various products to make jams, conserves and juices, bread, salami and meat. We have hosted WWOOFers since 1997, usually you help in the morning and have the afternoons free for walks, excursions etc. WWOOFers can help with any of the activities on the farm and are welcome to state their preferences and interests whilst appreciating that some of the necessary activities can be repetitive. We can accommodate WWOOFers from mid January to mid December, in room or caravan depending on the season, meals are prepared and eaten together. English, French and German are spoken.