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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


I, my husband E. and our two sons L. (14) & C. (12) run this small farm of less than 7 ha in Abruzzo, in the Pescara hills. I was born in Switzerland and do the main work on the farm. E., born in northern Italy, teaches at the university. E.’s mother also lives with us, and 3 dogs and 2 cats. We live 30 minutes from the sea, 40 from the mountains, and 2 km from Loreto Aprutino, a small medieval town. We live in a wooden frame straw bale house and we heat the house with wood from the pruning of our trees. We have a vegetable garden, 300 olive trees and 300 young fruit trees and live with great respect for the environment. We are at an early stage of reforestation and regenerating the the soil. We are not mechanized and intervene as little as possible in the work of Nature. We are vegans for ethical and environmental reasons. B. offers vegan cooking classes. The jobs are varied: in the vegetable garden, maintaining the trees, the land and the house, making preserves (jams, juices, drying vegetables and fruits, bottling). The accommodation is in the house. If preferred or at busy times of the year you can also pitch a tent. Languages spoken: English, French, German (only B.)

This farm born from the our idea, Francesca and my husband Christopher, French, 4 years ago when we were captured by the beauty of this land we decided to settle here on my grandfathers land (about 4 hectares of which one is forest) and start a path towards autonomy by self-producing what we ate. Thus began our passion for agriculture and breeding livestock that led us to the creation of an organic farm (even if not yet certified). Today, after 4 years, in 2017 a new member of the family, Leonardo, joined us. On the farm we breed some pigs (we dedicate the months of December and January to the processing of meat according to traditional methods), goats and sheep (about 30), we produce cheese from the goat's milk from April to November, and have many different kinds of poultry for the production of eggs and meat. We look after 5 beehives. A well as this we have two synergistic gardens, we grow spelt; have an olive grove of about 100 plants and fruit trees surround the house. We work the land without using any chemicals, we try to leave the animals as free as possible and respect their natural cycles. The farm is in the middle of the countryside, but a 10-minute walk takes you to a bus which can take you to other places in our beautiful region. We ask for collaboration with the wwoofers in all the seasonal activities concerning the farm but also in activities such as the maintenance of the structures or the collection of firewood. We prefer periods of stay of at least two weeks. Couples are welcome. The accommodation is in a room in the house with a shared bathroom but those who wish can stay in a tent and in this case there is a dry toilet available.
Farm and agritourism in the centre of the three parks in Abruzzo at an altitude of 850m. We can host WWOOFers in the spring, summer and fall. We prefer long-term stays. The activities' carried out on the farm are with the bees, in the vegetable garden, and we have a donkey (Rosina), some sheep, goats and poultry. We produce jams, preserves, liqueurs, etc.. We can cater for all diets and also teach cooking. We ask for help with the maintenance of the farm, the stables, the gardens, a little help in the kitchen and, between July and August, for the honey extraction. The accommodation offered is in single bedrooms with bathrooms. Internet point in the city 40 km away reachable by bus or train. Languages spoken: English.