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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


This is a multipurpose Agricultural Centre for dogs and sheep immersed in the Lessinia Rational Park at about a thousand meters and 25 km from the center of Verona. On our farm we breed Brogne sheep, a local breed of sheep that live free in pasture, between a transhumance, respecting their nomadic nature. We process the wool and milk with natural and organic methods and keep the lambs as pets. We breed and train Swiss sheepdogs and two rare and preserved local mountain breeds of sheepdog for the management of the flocks and herds. The dogs, which are a dozen, are to be understood to be members of the family and the puppies that we save or that are born here for us are the mascots of the garden and always in close contact with us. The Agricultural Fund winds around the exclusive district, on the top of a hill, surrounded by woods and meadows, in a valley with mountain views. We are in the process of creating a project that will include a boarding kennel for dogs and cats, an educational farm and accommodation for guests and customers taking advantage of the opportunities offered in the high mountains. In the house that is adjacent, we, Silvia, 28 and Alessandro, 20, live. We are looking for people who want to share this work fairly and responsibly with us, to take care of our animals with us and to always strive to improve their environment, to help them grow and take care of them, to educate them and contribute to all the projects we carry out day by day.
This farm is situated at an altitude of 450m in the foothills of Monte Baldo. There are about 3 has of woodland and a stone house where we create, design and cook with dormice for company! We have a breeze from and panorama of Lake Garda which is 5 kms from the farm. Wwoofing and PDC in permaculture were decisive for the recovery of this place, whose indelible mark became the seed of the "Le Gilde del Bosco" project: an ecosystem of people who, through a new economy, pursue a shared self-sufficiency and a new well-being, applying the ethics and principles of permaculture. And so, the forest and the house became the first seat of this experimentation. The place is open to those who want to participate in its foundation and those who want to try their hand at a project to share. We live in the city and go there on average three times a week. A wwoofer that wants to experience "wild", even in solitude, wants to engage with us in the search for low-tech solutions, to test its creativity, to develop together self-production, cultural and cooperation projects, here it finds fertile ground . A compost toilet, an outdoor shower and, for sleeping, a place on the mezzanine or the whole forest with a tent and a hammock, are the conveniences. We collect rainwater that we will learn to filter for domestic uses; in the meantime we stock up on the potable one with a series of cans. The place, about 700 m from the village, can be reached by an off-road vehicle and a short path. We speak English, but mine is little more than a scholastic.
This is our and our 3 childrens’ (2005, 2010 e 2016) farm and life project. The house has a magnificent view over the Padana plain and we are restoring it to its original state (artists are especially welcome!) using green building techniques. We hope that you will help us to bring this farm back to life, rebuilding with us the neglected barns with straw bales, cleaning the dry stone walls, planting, in the synergic vegetable garden. We also have some chickens, 3 dogs, 4 cats, a tortoise and 3 beehives! We make honey, cheese, sourdough bread baked in our wood burning oven, jams and juices, and other products using local wild herbs which we would love your help with. The area is full of paths for walks or mountain biking, and nearby you can visit Bolca, the Ilasi valley, Giazza and Verona is 35 kms away. Vegetarians and omnivores are welcome, accommodation in shared room or tent as preferred. We speak good English.
We are a couple, Elena and Luigi, and we run this 3 ha farm which is located 700 m above sea level at the foot of Mount Baldo and overlooks Lake Garda. We cultivate soft fruit, cherries and chestnuts. We process our products, make essential oils from our herbs, organize cooking and herbal classes .... We have two donkeys, a dog and a cat. We ask cooperation for harvesting fruit and its transformation, for manual weeding and clearing and tending the vegetable garden - from March to October. You will stay in a double room with bath and / or in an attic with two beds, share our vegetarian meals and our life following the rhythms of nature. In the house we have two rules: boots and cigarettes stay outside! You can go on nature or artistic excursions to Monte Baldo, Lake Garda (15 m.) To Verona (40m.) ... We can talk in English and French. The farm can be reached by public transport.

This farm is located on the hill above the town of Santa Maria in Stelle. In this ancient rural court live two families, two dogs and two cats. The main productions are Valpolicella wine grapes, olive oil and vegetables grown in the fields. The total area of ​the holding is 6.94 hectares, of which 1.8 Ha are planted with vines for wine, olives 0.35, 0.15 for the vegetables, the rest is forest. The farm has been certified organic since 2000, is run part-time by myself, an agronomist consultant for organic farming throughout Italy. My partner is the director of a technical school. One of our sons, born in 1987, works in agricultural development projects in Africa, the other (1991) studies food technology in Padua. WWOOFers live in the house and share the family's life and work in the fields. We like to eat good, genuine food with little meat but we are not vegetarians. We are passionate about baking bread, making salami and preserving fruit and vegetables for our own use. We also have 5 beehives. This year, my oldest son has opened a new organic viticulture farm, taking over an old vineyard with a rustic annex of the seventeenth century. For those interested, there might be a chance to help him.

We are family, parents (1956) & (1961), with our two sons, 1997 and 2000. We have lived in this house since 1995, once we had finished renovating the house we started working the 8.5 has of land. The land is terraced with woodland and olive trees, there is a small fruit orchard and various vegetable gardens. We have always been organic and we have been certified organic since 2001 BIOS. We offer accommodation and meals with a total of 10 bedrooms. In 2008 we built a wooden house according to the criteria of green building, in this house we have a kitchen where we prepare our produce. We have 2 horses, 12 chickens, a dog and 2 cats. We would like to share our lives with 1 -2 people, accommodation is in a room with bath or in our house. In summer you may have to sleep in tents. We eat meat every now and then, don’t drink alcohol, and smoking is only allowed outdoors, we speak English and French. The jobs that we would like to share with you are: maintenance of dry stone walls, terraces and cleaning trails, hay making, in the vegetable gardens, olives, pruning, firewood, animal care. We are close to the centre of Verona, to Lake Garda and the Lessini Mountains. The bus stop ​is 4 km away while for those of you who enjoy hiking, there is easy access to the European route E5.
We are in the middle of the Veronese plain immersed in the woods and hedges with which in 2012 we have reforested our land. We grow, re-seeding, grains of ancient wheats - with which we make flour and bread, corn, flax, mustard, hemp, beans, buckwheat and host some bee families in two permanent locations. We also have a mixed vegetable garden-orchard of about 2 ha. We attend farmers markets for the sale of our products. The home of the wwoofers is located in the agricultural house and the main activities will be the care of animals and the garden, the vegetable garden, pruning, sowing, harvesting and green building activities. To welcome you Federico and Giulia as well as two collaborators and several animals including a dog, several cats, two horses, an ass, a mule and a few hens. We prefer vegetarian cuisine and we look for an exchange with people who want to stop the time necessary to complete the projects together depending on the season and the experiences. We speak English well and a little less French and Spanish. The center of the village of Villa Bartolomea is 2 km away, you will have a bicycle and the train station that allows you to quickly reach different cities (Verona, Padua, Venice, Rovigo, Ferrara, Mantua and Bologna).

Farm which has been organic since 1995 and is now being converted to Biodynamic. It is located in a village of 2,000 residents 10 minutes from the centre of Verona and 30 minutes from Lake Garda. Our family consists of four people, 2 adults and our daughter (1993) & son (1998). We grow fruit and vegetables in the greenhouse on about 5 hectares of land, and we sell them through markets, GAS, traders and shops. We would love your collaboration with taking care of the gardens, harvesting vegetables, labelling, participation in markets and to share our passion for biodynamic farming. We also welcome help in the house. In addition, we are interested in having people from all over the world with us to improve our English and to learn about realities different from ours. We can host all year round and for short stays. We can cater for vegetarians. There are 2 bedrooms available. No smoking in the house. English spoken

We are a couple (1959 & 1954) with our daughter (1992), respectively psychomotor therapist, journalist and university student (home only occasionally due to studies), have this small farm organically certified (ICEA). We alternate our professions with the 2 ha farm where we have vineyards, an olive grove and orchards and which is located in the Val d’’Illasi 20 km from the centre of Verona. We are new to organic farming and we love sharing our knowledge with others. We are also part of the Val d’’Illasi Gas, a group with whom we share critical consumption choices for a more sustainable lifestyle. There are jobs to be done on the farm all year round: we offer a double room in our house, sharing the family bathroom, and we welcome people who have chosen to be vegetarian. We have a very docile and playful dog and 3 cats which live in the house. We have hosted WWOOFers from different countries and are interested to increase our knowledge of the different of other parts of the world. The town is 20 km from Verona, with public transport to the railway station and the airport. We speak school level English and French.