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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Farm of 30 hectares of which 20 is woodland, 2 of chestnut trees, 1.5 of raspberries and currants, 2000m2 of vegetable garden and we have 50 old varieties of fruit trees, all situated within the Casentinesi Monte Falterona Campigna forest national park, where P. is an official guide. All the cultivation is carried out organically and we have a workshop where we make preserves etc from our produce or from organic produce from other farms. There is also a small agritourism. Help needed with harvesting and preserving produce. We both work on the farm and we have two children who non longer live here. We try to eat a healthy diet and whilst vegetarians are welcome we cannot cater for vegans. Accommodation varies depending on the season, in the agritourism when there is space or in a room in our house. French, Spanish and a little Portuguese spoken

We are an organic farm in the hills of Pistoia, about 5 km from the city. We are two young brothers, our mother, one of our uncles and 6 cats. The farm consists of 10 hectares of land, of which only 3 are cultivated with olives and saffron, and the remaining 7 are forest. We produce oil, which we press on the farm, saffron and honey, we also have fruit trees and a vegetable garden for our own use. The jobs to be done are different and scattered throughout the year: from the cutting and maintenance of the forest, the maintenance and cultivation of the fields, the vegetable garden and the garden to the maintenance of the house, the buildings and the road, various harvests and honey production. Accommodation is in a room or independent house which is not always warm, you need to get used to the wood heating but it is still welcoming. The cuisine is very simple and we adapt to any food requirement or suggestion. We speak English and French.

Our farm has 60 has of pasture, woodland and 500 olive trees, it is also an agritourism with riding stables 20 km from Florence. The guests come here to ride horses. We have 40 horses and stabling for 24 horses, all our horses free range on pasture. The farm is family run , ourselves and our son. F. takes care of the horses using his natural methods and R. takes care of the house. All year we have people who come to work with us for at least 1 month. We have employees and travellers with whom we share our activities, meals and life style. Our farm is organic but is not certified. We would like to share our work with the horses with people who are interested in actively participating. There is always work to be done with the horses, in the stables, pastures, fences, veterinary, making hay etc. We are renowned for the way we care for our horses. We heat our house with wood, and we have a seasonal vegetable garden. Activities: We all work together, with the horses in the stables and pasture, building and repairing fences. Olive harvest (November), collecting and chopping wood, repainting the house, other repairs etc. We all share in cooking and cleaning. Accommodation in shared room, meals eaten together. We speak English & German.

The house where I live (with my son, when he returns from university) is located in a small village of about 15 houses that were completely abandoned and then purchased by a group of people with the intenzione to create an eco village. We are 7km from the small town of Anghiari and is home to 12 families, some of the houses are holiday homes. I have a ha of land with olive trees, an orchard and a small vegetable garden, there is always something to do, work in the vegetable garden, grass cutting, maintenance of dry stone walls, maintenance of the house. We also organize courses and meetings about Ecological Communication, when a there is meeting I also need help organizing the hospitality. Accommodation for WWOOFers is in a tent or caravan (when it is free), and there is the possibility to get in touch with the world of eco-villages, as we are active members of the Italian Network of Ecological Villages (RIVE). English and German spoken,

We are Giorgia and Francesco, in 2005 we moved from the city to this land in the Mugello hills that was almost abandoned. We work on the development of a project that we like and that spreads the values that are important to us: land care , people care and fair share. The art is intertwining (in an efficient but peaceful way) the projects, the family (we have 3 children of less than 10 years), the guests and the observation of nature. We organize courses in permaculture, AOR, meditation, herbal gathering and more. We have rooms and shared kitchen where we welcome the participants but also the passing tourists. We have a vegetable garden where we like to experiment, what we learn in the courses. We have chestnut trees, olive and woodland where we take the wood to heat us and the water we use. For years we have also two places for asylum seekers who we help in the process of integration into society: we offer accommodation for the woofers in the room with bunk beds in the apartment shared with them also to promote a cultural exchange. The meals will be prepared and consumed mainly together. But what can wwoofers help us with? Depending on the season there will be activities in the vegetable garden, small construction works, pruning and harvesting fruit or olives. In October the collection of chestnuts. And then work in the woodland for wood. We are on a hill at 430 meters, the view is beautiful, 6 km from the village. If you also want to know Florence or other realities of the area, a car can be useful. We speak English, French a little Spanish. We request a stay of at least 15 days, good hand skills and goodwill. A bit of autonomy in the work is welcome as we can not always be together for the different activities that we must follow here.
This is a 50 hectare farm with 25 ha of vineyards, 6 ha olive grove and some pigs, chickens, bees and rabbits. WWOOFers can help in the vineyards, sometimes with the animals, with the grape harvest, with other small jobs on the farm, and are naturally expected to help with household tasks and keeping the farm and their rooms in order. Accommodation is in an independent building, a decadent old house, with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. We share lunch, but in the evening you cater for yourselves (with food supplied by us). Ideally you need to be independently minded. During the grape harvest the farm revives the festive spirit, with many happy people here who are dedicated and work seriously. This is a real farm. We have been Biodynamic since 2002 and organic since 1997. Public transport is not very good in our area. English and French spoken.

This is a farm with an agritourism and we produce wine, olive oil, ancient grains, honey and vegetables, the latter for domestic consumption. Our agricultural production follows the principles of organic farming, far beyond the stipulations of the certification and without compromise. I am convinced that it is the only type of agriculture possible. On the farm, as well as my family of 4, there are 4 permanent employees and 5 employees for the tourist season from May to October. The public transport that arrives closest to us (3 km away) is the bus: therefore we need to be clear about arrival times so that we can collect you. Activities on the farm vary depending on the season. In the tourist season, as well as working in the vineyard and olive grove we pay a lot of attention to the vegetable gardens which produce vegetables for the kitchen. As is necessary on a farm we face the variety of things to do with flexibility and punctuality. We host in an apartment with separate bathroom and kitchen, the kitchen is shared with other people who have lunch while working on the farm, and there are not seperate bedrooms, but we have the bunk beds in the same room where you eat. Usually we can host a maximum of two people simultaneously, for approximately 10 days. We speak English.
The farm is comprised of 435 hectares situated within a nature reserve in the area of Montagnola Senese, 22 km from Siena. The main building (medieval tower, villa and farm) hosts American academic and tour groups who study art, architecture, Italian, literature etc. Other houses on the farm are used for agritourism purposes. The most important products include wood, meat/salumi, wine, olive oil, and vegetables. Volunteers are involved in various tasks in different areas, depending on the season. Work may also include helping in agritourism, particularly during family-style dinners. Our food is primarily organic and from our own produce as much as possible. In all seasons except winter, WWOOFers eat with the 8 interns (here for three months at a time) for breakfast and lunch and have typical Tuscan dinners with other guests and Spannocchia's residents. There is a strong sense of community felt by residents, interns and guests. We take great care to respect the environment, to preserve the landscape and to limit the use of natural resources. Our agriculture is diversified and respects not only the earth but the animals we raise. English spoken.
This farm is situated in the commune of San Miniato, and is of 44 hectares of which 13 are vineyard and 6.5 olive grove. The farm is certified biodynamic and we believe in sustainable and social agriculture. If you come to our farm you can take part in all the phases of work, which vary according to the season, from the pruning and care of the growing plants up to the harvest, at which point you can also help with jobs in the wine cellar. In October and November it is also possible to participate in the olive harvest. We also have experience of working with apprentices from all over the world and university students. For more information visit our website and Facebook page. Accommodation in room. English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic spoken.
Our organic farm of 6 hectares extends over hilly terrain and is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the breeding of chickens and rabbits outside. In addition to recovering the ancient olive groves planted centuries ago (destroyed, except for the radical mass, in 1967 due to a devastating fire), our intent is to safeguard and spread our traditional culture linked to the production and preparation of food. Currently the recovery of olive trees is going hand in hand with the restoration of dry stone walls. Depending on the season, the WWOOFers participate in pruning and cleaning olive trees, olive harvesting, restoration of dry stone walls, contribute to the care of the farmyard animals, the vegetable garden and the orchard, participate in the preparation of homemade products, prepare meals, learn our traditional cuisine. From December 2016 we are also educational farm! This year the farm has four new friends: three Skudde sheep and a Sardinian donkey named Lampo. We are a few miles from the sea, from Pisa and Lucca. Languages ​​spoken: English, Russian and French as well as Italian. Contact Helena and / or Giacomo, preferably by e-mail. We need help throughout the year, especially in the summer months.