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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Olive farm in Castagneto Carducci. Help needed with vegetable garden and agricultural work. Beautiful position with views over the sea. Michael is an artist and is happy to give art lessons. English and French spoken. 

Our little farm has just been born. It is family-run (me, my mother and my father) and the family also include two donkeys, a horse, three dogs and three cats. We have many very old olive trees, but the oil we produce for the moment comes only from a hundred of these. Most of the work is concentrated when the olives are harvested and during the pruning. However, as is well known, in the countryside there is never a lack of things to do, especially for those who always have new ideas, like me. It would be really nice if there is someone willing to help us and share with us moments of daily life. If you want to come visit us you can sleep, depending on availability, in one of the rooms of the apartment on the ground floor, the same building where my parents live, or in a small apartment in the village, where I live, which is only 5 minutes walk from the farm. I speak English and Spanish. My parents do not speak foreign languages ​​well but they are very friendly and will be able to make themselves understood.

Family-run farm of 3 hectares in the hills near the sea in Castagneto Carducci. I (co-ordinator for WWOOF) and my 2 children - who are abroad and here only in the holidays- live on and run the farm with help from friends and WWOOFers. We have chickens, geese, a cat and 2 dogs. Our aim is to provide as much of our own organic produce (i.e. olive oil, eggs, fruit, nuts and vegetables) as possible, and sell the excess (which is generally only oil and eggs). We have a reed-bed system to recycle our water and photovoltaic solar panels. Need help for jobs in permaculture vegetable garden, fruit orchard, olive grove and various other jobs. We collaborate with nearby WWOOF farms, one with a forest garden and reforestation project and the other a biodynamic vineyard. We also participate in a community vegetable garden as we do not have enough water to have a large garden here. Accommodation for 2 people in bedroom with own bathroom or in a comfortable caravan. English spoken.

The farm is situated near the mediaeval village of Sassetta, 15 km from the sea and surrounded by forest. We have an organic farm. Over the last 20 years the farming has become less important and more and more our main activity is making wooden toys which we sell at markets or festas in the area. These toys all have movement. Although our production is small, it is very time consuming and our WWOOF guests would be given a wide variety of construction jobs, most of which we do outside, as well as some seasonal farm work (mainly raspberries) and help in the house. Accommodation in own room. English spoken.

This is a cultural association with a meditation centre and a place for personal-growth groups. It includes a small biological farm of 6 hectares situated at the foot of the Macchia della Magona and is 6 kms away from the sea along the wine route to Bolgheri. We produce olive oil, jam, herb salt and firewood for our own consumption. Your help is needed for the care and the harvest of 250 olive trees and 50 fruit trees, also caring for the herb garden and cutting fire wood in our beautiful park with ancient trees. Further jobs to be done include house work and the maintenance of the house and land. Your stay can last for at least 3 weeks, or longer if you fit into the centres lifestyle. Sometimes you will be surrounded by many people and sometimes by a few. We offer shared accommodation and bathrooms in the house as well as spaces for tents under the trees. The meals are vegetarian and communal. You can participate in active and silent meditations here and receive individual reiki sessions. We speak Italian, English, German and French and have an Internet connection.
The farm, established in 2002 by us, Marina architect and Emilio winemaker, is on the hills of Castagneto Carducci we produce Bolgheri DOC, IGT wine and extra virgin olive oil. We are a certified organic farm in conversion to biodynamic agriculture. The activities carried out in the farm every month are on our website. On 2,5 ha of vineyards we begin in February with the pruning in spring ordering the vines, we take off the not useful branches, then bend the branches high weaving them together. In September we harvest, for a month. In the cellar, in September, there is wine-making, replacement, racking and decanting, then, throughout the year we have to bottle, capsule, and label them and pack into boxes. People visit the farm to taste our organic wines. We offer visitors snacks, tastings and small lunches, together with wwoofers working with us on the farm. Akira, our dog is lively and sweet, also our 2 cats, Liebniz and Newton live with us. We have olive trees, from which we make olive oil. We have a small vegetable garden cultivated according to permaculture. Our farm is located 3 km from Castagneto Carducci, a medieval village. The sea is 7 km away. Around here are many medieval villages such as Bolgheri, Bibbona, Montescudaio, Riparbella, Populonia amongst others. By train you can reach the most beautiful Tuscan cities of Volterra, San Gimignano, Massa Marittima, Pisa, Lucca and Firenze. We speak English. We have free wifi. Bicycles for guests. We host wwoofers in our house in a triple room and a twin room, or in a tent, if preferred. I cook personally Tuscan dishes, simple, seasonal, many vegetables and legumes, with aromatic herbs, homemade bread, according to our Tuscan culture that we are happy to share and transmit.
This is a small farm with 300 secular olive trees and many aromatic plants. It is located on a hill in Castagneto Carducci a 20 minutes walk from the beautiful medieval town and 20 minutes by bike from the sea. I think it's important to treat the olive grove and vegetable garden in pursuit of harmony between man and nature. I have two beehives, two horses, two goats, hens, two cats and a dog. Working together is more enjoyable than alone, but I also love to preserve private moments of solitude and am often committed elsewhere. I really enjoy cooking, I'm not a vegetarian but I eat very little meat. I speak English, French and German. I can host for two-week periods in a comfortable caravan, max one or two people at a time.
Our small 5 ha farm is situated in the foothills near to the sea (6 kms). We have cultivated organically for the past 20 years: 2 ha of vegetables (winter and summer), 100 fruit trees, 300 olives. We are a family of 4: us two, our daughter and dog Rudi. Help needed with cultivation and harvesting vegetables which are sold at the weekly market in Cecina and in November with the olive harvest. Accommodation in double room or caravan with own bathroom, heated in the winter. Excellent vegetarian food. Stays of not less that 10 days. We have bicycles you can use and speak very little English.
This certified organic farm specializes in the cultivation and transformation of herbs, and they also cultivate olives and vegetables for their own use. They also have 3 horses for manure and riding. It is situated in the countryside km from Suvereto; accommodation in room with bathroom for a period of time suitable to everyone. Meals are mainly vegetarian and organic. A little English and French spoken. Help needed with harvesting wild and cultivated herbs and making products from them in our workshop. Also in the olive grove and for the olive harvest. We need help especially in the spring (transplanting and harvesting wild herbs) and October to December (for the olive harvest) and all year round in the workshop.
We are a biodynamic farm and produce mainly vegetables and chillies, we grow, harvest, process and package our produce. We are only 6 km from the sea, in the heart of Tuscany near Bolgheri in the province of Livorno. We can provide bicycles to travel and we will be delighted to find people willing to teach the English language! We need a hand in the fields and in processing workshop.