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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are an Italian German couple with two children (2009 & 2011). Our farm is situated in the hills 17 km from the city. We cultivate old varieties of cereals, legumes, vegetables, some herbs, olives, almonds and fruit trees using only organic methods and we are experimenting with permaculture. We make conserves from our fruit and vegetables. We have 2 donkeys, 5 goats, chickens and rabbits. The main jobs to be done are in the vegetable garden, weeding and harvesting, with the trees, pruning and collecting firewood, cleaning out the animals, making preserves and with small building jobs. Accommodation in a room or tent. We eat mainly our own produce and a bit of everything! English and German spoken.

We are on the border between Matera, Miglionico and Grottole, just over a twenty kilometers from Matera, UNESCO site and European Capital of Culture for 2019. The surrounding countryside is very impressive, with crops, trees and forests. Nearby, as well as picturesque villages, is the the WWF Oasis of San Giuliano, while 300 mt away Bosco Coste Grottole, the Bradano river and its tributary, the Bilioso river. The house where you will be accommodated is where I live (not always alone but often with friends from near and far). It is located in the middle of a park of a little less than 3 hectares. Of these, around 1.60 m has been recently planted as olive grove, with a some reforestation and a pond with an irrigation system which is still to be finished; the rest is a mixture of fruit trees and ornamental plants. The farm still grows mainly cereal crops. As I do not always live here time and length of stay must be agreed on before you come. In addition to traditional agricultural work, guests will be asked to help repair / restore the fence for poultry, help paint / maintain railings and so on. The accommodation, in single rooms, is comfortable and served by WIFI. I speak English and French fluently, and understand Spanish.
The Masseria is located on a hill 400 meters above sea level, 9 km from Matera. We have been pursuing organic and natural agriculture for thirty years without ever giving in to compromises, certification is the frame. The farm is characterized by being a small multi-sectoral agricultural and livestock farm: cereals, vegetables, orchards, olive groves, cattle and sheep grazing with free pasture and milk processing directly in our dairy with natural and manual methods. Our 'zoological garden' also consists of: sheep, pigs, goats, hens, rabbits, donkey and horse. Each with its own contribution makes our 'small' corner of the world a closed ecosystem that allows us to escape the logic of living in the larger world. My father has always lived on the farm, I am here at the end of every working day. We host wwoofers throughout the year except in periods of great tourist influx such as July - August - September and December. Given our multi-sectorial work in the farm are always many and different things to do: care of the garden, pruning, repair of fences for grazing, harvesting olives, containment of greenery, grafts, .... The area dedicated to the wwoofer is a small annex adjacent to our house, with bedroom and kitchen with a total of 3 or 4 beds. Meals will be shared with me and my father, but a little 'independence' will be possible when appropriate. In case the annex is occupied by tourists, we have a comfortable and spacious hostel in the plains. I chose to 'come back home’ after 2 years do something for myself, unpretentious, but with real desire to grow and improve.