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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.

Valle d'Aosta

We are Miriam and Clèmy with our 3 children born in 2002, 2005 and 2009. We decided to renovate a rural house in a village in the Alps and give birth to our dream of living a life with different rhythms in contact with nature, opening in 2013 a farm specialized in beekeeping. We have joined this main activity with the cultivation of fruit, medicinal herbs, soft fruit, vegetables and hens. From this year we will also start cultivating sativa cannabis. We believe that the best method for cultivation is the absence of chemicals and human interventions. We are trying to set up a permaculture system or similar. For the bees we look for pristine posts to produce natural and quality honey. Unfortunately, this year, after a few years of decline on honey production, we have been forced to work outside the farm. The external work commits us on average half a day from Monday to Friday. We would like to involve travelers in our daily activities during the summer season. Daily activities can be: open and close the hens, or weekly as, water the orchards, plant and harvest vegetables, prune and plant herbs, visit and move the bees, and much more ..... For your accommodation we have a caravan on the farm near our house with hot showers and meals in the house. We would like to open our home and farm to wwoofers from April to September. Minimum stay 10 days. We speak mother tongue English, French and Italian. We live in an isolated place, so welcoming the wwoofers gives us the opportunity to share experiences with new people. Valle d'Aosta is rich in cultural and natural activities.
We are a couple with three children born in 2010, 2012 and 2014 and we run a small farm Val d'Ayas breeding dairy cattle. We have the cows, chickens, vegetable gardens, fields and everything is processed in a natural way in our workshop. We organize guided tours, educational days and sell our products from the farm and in markets. Here you will have the opportunity to observe and share a simple life in a quiet place, marked by the rhythms of the seasons. The work is very varied and can accommodate many interests: from the kitchen to the cultivation of vegetable gardens, the care of the animals to the care of the land. Guests can participate in markets, pasture the animals, pick vegetables, bake bread, make jams, etc. Whatever your interest we offer hospitality all year round (we have no quiet periods) to individuals or couples in a pretty detached house. Languages ​​spoken: English French and German.
This is a family run farm run by ourselves and our two children (90 and '93) in the hills in the Valle d'Aosta. Our agriculture is organic, and in recent years we have focused also on biodynamic. We have vineyards, and especially grow native species of vines, make the wine on the farm, have pasture, an orchard, grow all sorts of vegetables, and raise farm animals. We are just finishing building an agritourism. We have, together with friends, the intention to recover abandoned land in our area to cultivate vegetables and cereals. We need help throughout the year, from pruning to harvesting the grapes. The jobs to be done depend on the season, and we also be pick flowers here and in the mountains. We speak Italian and French, and a bit of English. We welcome WWOOFers who want to share this life with us, we can accommodate you in two double rooms in an apartment in our house, the minimum stay is 10 days. In your spare time there are many walks in the mountains and the opportunity to go to concerts in our area, some of us are folk musicians.

I am Cristina (1977), ex-WWOOFer, with my two children Giacomo & Martino  (2007 and 2011). I cultivate about 5000 meters of aromatic and medicinal plants in Saint Pierre 900m and 1200m above sea level. I also have a large field where I am experimenting with synergistic agriculture in the cultivation of vegetables and small fruits. I'm passionate about herbs, collect wild herbs and organize courses about herb recognition depending on the seasons. I am part of a cooperative which dries organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. I sell my produce at markets and fairs in the Valle d'Aosta. I host from May to October (one person or a couple!) in a lovely caravan in the middle of a meadow near my house; shared bathroom in the house and vegetarian cuisine. You need to be adaptable and to have the interest and enthusiasm so we can grow together! Languages spoken: Italian, French and English.

We are a couple and own this farm located in the mountains of Valle d'Aosta, we breed goats, sheep and farmyard animals and we have several dogs and cats. The species we prefer for breeding are autochthonous and endangered species. We a vegetable garden for ourselves and direct sales, in addition we collect and sell spontaneous and medicinal herbs. Our agriculture is traditional without the use of chemicals and with little use of mechanical means. I am a seed saver of ancient and traditional seeds and knowledge, for years I recover ancient varieties and not only the varieties that I cultivate in my fields; this is to re-propose particular varieties to others and also to exchange the seeds with other producers. We have made agriculture our job by choice and by passion, and we like the idea of ​​sharing our knowledge and learning new things. During the summer we run a mountain refuge where we produce cheeses of various types. Our activities consist in working in the valley farm all year round, and on the mountain pasture from May to October. The activities will be varied according to the season, and shared with us. Both structures are in full nature, in close contact with it, ideal for those who want to get away from hectic life. We can host a person in our house and more people in the mountain refuge, where there is more space. There is the possibility of hiking in the mountains on some of the highest peaks of the valley. Meals are shared with us, mainly cooked with what we produce. The required period is minimum 3 weeks. We speak Italian and French, and some English.
We have a farm at 1400 m in a still wild area: 2 km further up the road ends and the paths begin, there are no hotels or ski lifts, only woods, houses and meadows. In 15 we live here all year, but we are increasing in number! We (Roberta '81 and Ruben '77) arrived here in 2003, we renovated an old mountain pasture and started raising goats and producing cheeses. We have 3 children (Bruno 2005, Matilde 2008 and Abramo 2015) and, in addition to goats, we now have 3 cows, 15 sheep, 2 horses, chickens, pigs, 3 dogs and 7 cats. We also cultivate fields with vegetables, cereals, corn ... here the land rests in winter and then in spring the perennial pastures reappear, which no one has ever had to sow, and the fertile land of the fields: the necessary interventions are only those of care. We transform the milk every day in our dairy. Now we have started a new journey together with our friend and wild chef Stefano: a farm where we will transform all that we produce and that the mountain offers. There is so much to do and learn (care of animals, fields and meadows, daily production of different types of cheeses, processing, etc.), we need different and positive minds with which to share all this and future projects (we would like to build a boulder and yurts ...). Accommodations: for lovers of privacy a caravan in the wild or a large attic, shared bathroom (not at the same time) shared kitchen (we all eat together). We ask you to have great adaptability and a pair of gum boots. Spoken languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish and Romanian. Wilds animals, wild people.

Small chalet in the mountains at the foot of Mont Blanc in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. They have a garden, vegetable garden, fruit orchard and chickens and need help for various tasks from 1-2 people. Accommodation in the house or a small apartment in the village depending on the season. Help needed most May-June, 2-3 free days a week to explore the area. French and some English spoken.

I Fabio, with my wife Elena and our 3 children (born in 2009, 2011 and 2012) run a small organic farm in the heart of Val d'Aosta. In designing the farm we were inspired by the peasant families of the past, for this reason we produce a bit of everything for the sustenance of the family and sell the surplus; we grow vegetables, fruit, saffron, grapes and raise bees and hens. We work trying to respect the earth and to maintain its natural fertility; this involves the refusal to use synthetic chemicals and artificially fertilize the soil. In this way we try to protect microorganisms that make the soil rich and vital.  I work full-time on the farm while Elena in addition to taking care of the fields is an educator in a community for minors. Our house is located at 750 m above sea level, we can accommodate travelers (1 or 2 at a time for a minimum period of 15 days) in a camping tent with 4 places placed on the panoramic terrace in front of the house. We will try to make it as comfortable as possible. I need help for the summer months; in addition to the agricultural tasks I would like to share with wwoofers all those self-production activities that for me mean taking care of the family, like making bread, yogurt, jams, soaps, wine, etc., etc. Elena and I speak Italian and English. We live right in the heart of the Valle d'Aosta and our house is 15 minutes walk from the bus stop from which you can get to the most beautiful places in the Valley.
Our small mountain farm deals with natural breeding and cultivation. We have goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, bees and a donkey (or two), a horse, three gardens cultivated with synergistic methods, potato fields and cultivation of small fruits. Depending on the season, we take care of the sowing, pruning or harvesting of fruit and vegetables, care of the meadows and haymaking, milking, care, cleaning and grazing of animals, beekeeping and the land. We run a small school garden and participate in the country's markets. Activities vary a lot from season to season and depend on the climate. In our spare time we love reading and discussing and when it is nice to go on a walk through the historical and scenic wonders of our valley. In summer it is possible to accompany the grandmother, a nature guide, on one of her guided tours. We always try to improve ourselves by combining ancient knowledge with new ideas and we love our territory, which we would like to present in a different way than traditional tourism, making it known and sharing it deeply. One of us is always present on the farm: Martha or Matilde, even if the survival of all the activity depends on the help and dedication of the whole family: grandmother, uncles, husbands and obviously little Diane, born in 2014. Guests will be welcomed in an independent apartment or in one of the bedrooms of the house, depending on the possibilities and arrangements we will make before your arrival. We will eat together, mainly the fruits of our work, even if some of us will not always be present. We obviously speak Italian and an excellent French and we know a few words of English.
This farm is situated in the Valle d’Aosta in the hills at an altitude of 800m. The farm is certified organic and has a very varied produce: bees, fruit and vegetables and we make preserves. We participate in the weekly markets in the area and also have a carpentry workshop. We run educational tours and walks to promote the area and also host groups. There are two of us on the farm and there are also two workers and our 22 year old daughter. We also have visits from special needs children during June, July and September to help us with simple jobs so people who are sensitive to their needs will be especially welcome. Help is needed with all the activities on the farm, in particular with the vegetable garden, harvesting fruit and vegetables, labeling and with the weekly markets. Accommodation in an independent room nearby or in a very modest room on the farm. Stays of at least a month for one person, we are unable to accommodate children, from March to September. We speak French and a little English and we would like people who can speak at least a little Italian. We are happy to share our free time with you and to go on excursions in the mountains, visit the astronomy observatory and take part in local festas.