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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


The farm is located about 2 km from the village of Solarino, in the province of Syracuse. You can get here by bus with direct connections from Siracusa, Catania and Catania Airport. We bought the land only a few months ago so of course we are at the beginning of the project following the principles (and ethics) of Permaculture. Whilst waiting to complete the renovations of the house the accommodation will be in our house in the village, in a room with double sofa bed, with a bathroom and other facilities shared with us. We would be happy to accommodate couples. Everyday we go to the land where Alex will work with you on the jobs to be done. The activities for which we would like to have help include: preparation and maintenance of the garden, worm culture, caring for the seedlings, pruning, making a chicken coop and many other things In your free time there is plenty to see and visit, we have mountain bikes that you can use for small trips. We try to use our own produce in the kitchen as much as possible. Meals will be shared with us, we ask for collaboration for preparation and washing up. Federica loves to devote herself to cooking "healthily". We are omnivorous, but we eat meat very rarely and only when we know where it came from. Alex is a very helpful person, as well as being competent in various fields, such as computing and design, he likes themes such as bio-building, soil regeneration, mulching and beekeeping.
Our farm is located in the Simeto river valley with an incredible view of mount Etna surrounded by 3 ha of orange orchard, olive trees and an organic vegetable garden, chickens, geese, dogs and cats. The Waters of Etna converge on the farm and offer many opportunities for experiencing and creating water gardens. There are 1000 square meters of old buildings that we have restored a bit by bit because the property had been abandoned for about 20 years. Our intent is to be economically self-sufficient for the small group of people that live here respecting our biorhythms and the nature that surrounds us. We grow olive trees and citrus trees, prune in spring, in summer, irrigate, fertilize and harvest the olives in the fall and gather our oranges from December to April which we ship every week to customers, and from 2013 we have taken care of an abandoned avocado orchard and will harvest them too. We like to do our work on meditation, eating mainly fresh organic (when possible) vegetarian food and provide a break from the internet to our WWOOFers (although you can take a well-deserved afternoon off for a full immersion in the internet café 3 km away). We plan to continue rejuvenating the citrus trees, to improve and enlarge the vegetable garden in the spring, every so often we host someone who is interested in the project, and sometimes there are seminars. We welcome those of you who are willing and experienced in these activities, designers, artists and workers - meditators. We are open all year-round to WWOOFers hospitality in shared rooms with 2 or 3 beds.

This farm is situated 6 km from Noto, immersed in nature and surrounded by carob and ancient olive trees at the foot of Noto Antica. The house is comfortable, cool in the summer and also protected from the Sicilian winters. The 3 hectares of land is completely organic and has been bought back into production after having been abandoned for decades. There are ancient orange, lemon, mandarin, almond, loquot, persimmon, walnut and Persian banana trees. Help needed with clearing the land, harvesting fruit, watering, in the vegetable garden and with maintenance jobs around the house. A spring and river keep the area damp and semitropical. Vittoria decorates porcelain with designs of local Sicilian flowers and cooks traditional Sicilian meals (such as focacce with wild herbs). JC carries out many jobs to be done on the land including weeding, clearing in the summer to reduce the risk of fire, keeping the paths clear, in the vegetable garden and with the watering system. Accommodation in a room, there is also space for tents. English and Spanish spoken.

We are a family with four very cheerful, friendly, lively, noisy children. Two dogs, three cats, three goats, geese, ducks, chickens and a tortoise. We live in the countryside, 10 km from the town of Caltanissetta, well connected by public transportation to the airports of Catania and Palermo. In the the heart of Sicily, in an ideal geographical location to reach and enjoy the natural and artistic beauty that makes our land so attractive and unique. Our main interest is the study of folklore, music and poetry, holistic medicine and the search for a natural healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to be able to live simply, in harmony with the countryside, and in a true relationship with nature ... to be independent as much as possible, not slaves of a society that embraces getting fat, every day eating away at our our bodies, our minds and our souls. We live without technology in a humble and simple way. We have 2 has of land and a spring, an olive grove, orchard, fruit and almond trees. We cultivate the garden all year round with natural methods inspired by the principles of permaculture and biodynamic agriculture. We follow an omnivorous diet in accordance with the rhythms and cycles of nature. We home school our children. We are open to dialogue, confrontation, exchange ... We want to meet people who help us to grow in this direction ... maybe people who then decide to share our project, our dream of a ridiculous man! We offer board and lodging in comfortable rooms in a private apartment in exchange for co-operation in our various activities. We have a common kitchen accessible to everyone at all times of the day. We like to share the moments of preparation and consumption of meals, time of conviviality and socialization. We prefer telephone contact.
Situated in the heart of south eastern Sicily, the most African part of the island, a few kilometers from the sea, rich in natural archaeological & geological attractions in a landscape of great importance. We have planted many trees and intend to plant many more and like all living things they need to be cared for, protected and loved. There are about 100 species of Mediterranean trees, and a hundred different types of fruit trees with a total of about 10000 planted in the past 4 years following the principles of Permaculture. There are also many large olive trees which produce excellent quality oil. You can help us to maintain the garden. In autumn/ winter we harvest the olives and produce oil. All jobs are coordinated personally by Mario. Depending on the weather you can stay in the village in grandfathers’ stone house with a panoramic view, or in the garden (4 km) where there is a caravan and a large family tent ready to host up to 9 people. The cuisine is mostly vegetarian but if you prefer you can eat and cook independently. We like to live a good, healthy natural lifestyle with people we love. English spoken.

We are building a dream. We have developed a permaculture project and slowly we would like to bring into reality what is still on paper. We like to cook and eat, we make bread and other baked goods twice a week, we always have fresh and seasonal vegetables and we make preserves of what we cannot eat right away. We would like to collaborate for agricultural discourse, synergistic garden management (39 raised beds), fruit and olive trees, care for animals, earthworms, seedbeds and the planting of new plants. We are also working on small bio-constructions such as compost toilets, outdoor showers, benches, dry-stone walls, pergolas, etc. Our guests will always live with us, in the family. In winter in a triple room inside the house and in summer in a caravan near the house equipped with external shower and compost toilet. Volunteers will be involved in all our activities including domestic ones. We will share meals and work, and also moments of relaxation, children are welcome. We speak Italian, quite good English, we understand Spanish and we can make do with French. The house is large and equipped with wifi, the caravan is only used in the summer months. We are a small farm and our jobs vary according to the season. In summer we are very busy with the reception of tourists, cooking and cleaning as we run a b & b at home, in this period we must take into account that Sicily has a very hot climate, so we will work in the garden early in the morning, in October/December we are mainly engaged in olive harvesting, pruning and harvesting of wood, in the period January / April we host courses related to our business and therefore on agriculture and ‘homemade’ so we will need help at home and in the preparation for these events.
Our farm is family run, consisting of myself, Ambrogio I live here almost permanently, my wife, who is here with our daughter every weekend or whenever they can be. It is located in the province of Palermo at an altitude of 600 meters where wheat fields offer the picturesque and endless landscapes of central Sicily, in the municipality of Sclafani Bagni (PA), about 60 km from the Madonie and from several maritime sites such as Cefalu or Agrigento. It is reachable by bus from Palermo / Valledolmo, by train from Palermo or Catania. It extends for 10 ha, 1.00 of which olive trees. Most of land is used for the cultivation of antique grains rotating with lentils, chickpeas, beans, forage and in compliance with Bioethics Agriculture. For family needs, we have a permanent vegetable garden and grow the “siccagno” tomato, typical of the area. We also have a small orchard and woodworking equipment. We like to share the preparation and eating of meals, an occasion of conviviality and socialization. The kitchen is used by everyone, the food is preferably self-produced with additions and variations depending on the needs of the guests. Wi Fi is available. The territory is rich in archaeological sites, in the district we have many other sites of historical interest. We want to increase productions for self-consumption and facilitate meetings with people seeking peace and serenity with musicians, artists and artisans. Our aspiration is to live on the farm in the company of cheerful, proposing people who respect the environment. Accommodation in shared room or tent.
We are a couple and we have lived for almost two years in a valley near Piazza Armerina (EN), rich in natural and cultural sights, such as the Villa Romana del Casale. We work towards self-sufficiency in food, the circular economy and the regeneration of the earth working together with neighbours and with anyone who wishes to share experiences and knowledge in the name of caring for the land and people. The plot is slightly larger than one hectare and a half, there is a small grove of oak trees, a stream, a flat area with the vegetable garden, herbs and trees, a terraced hill with various fruit trees, olives and pine trees. The accommodation for our traveling friends is in a room with a comfortable bed. We can accommodate one to three people. In summer you can also stay in a tent under a tree. Meals are shared as well as all the other times of the day. The food is mostly vegan, with mainly self-produced vegetables and fruit. The main activities are the synergic vegetable garden, the orchard, the regeneration of the earth, gathering firewood, shared organization and planning of open spaces. The minimum stay is two weeks, allowing time for a rewarding experience for both parties. The daily activities are carried out according to times punctuated by seasonal solar rhythms. Free time will be decided in accordance with the needs of people and of the moment. Dogs and other pets by prior agreement. Piazza Armerina can be reached by bus from both Catania and Palermo. Once in the city, we will collect you. Languages ​​spoken by Graziella: English, French, Spanish, Arabic.

On this 8 ha farm we cultivate olives and other crops and vegetables in the spring/summer. There is a small Mediterranean woodland. I have a small flock of 20 sheep which free range and they are useful to keep the grass cut! The land and the animals are kept according to the methods of organic farming, the farm is family run with use of casual labour. I am an agronomist and a freelance yoga teacher and for 15 years have concentrated on organic cultivation. I am on the farm all the time during the three months of summer and can host you in a room, when possible, or else in a tent or caravan. We prepare meals and eat together and have a typical Mediterranean diet, we can cater for special diets. Things to do on a farm are countless and varied : 1. Agricultural activities such as pruning and removing the suckers from the olive trees, grass cutting, building dry stone walls, wood cutting, fencing, irrigating olive trees at the start of the spring season, care of the environment around etc. etc. ... 2. Construction activities, such as restoration and maintenance of existing buildings There are many other activities apart from the agricultural ones that I plan to be implement in the near future; social and educational agricultural projects, harvesting of plants for therapeutic purposes or for craft activities (production of chairs, baskets, felting), informal hospitality, courses in yoga, meditation, etc. . I ask for a help especially during the following periods : - From July to September, for the care of the olive trees in the olive grove and orchard  - From late October to December for the olive harvest. I also want to restore the existing farm buildings, so people with skills in this are very welcome. We are in the Nebrodi Park, where the different varieties of oak trees form extensive forests, nearby is Lake Ancipa, Lake Regalbuto , Monte Soro, the Biviere Cesaro, etc. The Tyrrhenian coast is 60 kms away by car through the thick woods. The farm is on a hill at an altitude of about 650 ms, the typical medieval  town of Troina is located at an altitude of 1,120 mlm and in the summer holds numerous events and festivals. 

We are Simona and Danilo and we look after this place with Anthea and Ethan (6 and 4 years old) in the mountains of Palermo in the middle of nature, a half ha of terraced land with stone walls with olive trees, fruit trees, pine trees and two streams. You can reach us by bus from the railway station of Palermo to Montelepre or Pioppo where we can collect you; by prior arrangement we can also pick you up in Palermo. We have almost completed the rehabilitation of the buildings using green techniques, now we try to put into production the land which had been abandoned for over 25 years, by applying the principles and techniques of permaculture and learning the art of "do it yourself" for the construction of a reality in balance with the nature of the place and tending towards self-sufficiency from the local community. We work in the house to complete the restructuring, we prune and collect branches from olive and pine trees, produce wood chips and firewood for warmth in the winter, produce essential oils, we manage the land for fire protection, we harvest the olives, we plant trees, we make bread and we begin to deal with horticulture and beekeeping. By prior arrangement we can offer you a lift to Palermo and possibly hospitality in the city during your free time. We eat genuine vegetarian food and all meals are eaten together. We can accommodate you in a tent (provided by us), in the olive grove where there is a comfortable compost toilet overlooking the valley, or in a room to share with other WWOOFers. We speak English and French. Length of stay by arrangement.