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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Agritourism and farm where we cultivate organically 60 hectares of land seeded in rotation with cereals, legumes & forage crops in fields which are flanked by 100 hectares of woodland. The various grains are milled on the farm using a stone mill to produce various types of flour. WWOOFers needed to help in the organic garden, to mill cereals, to press sunflower oil, etc. Also to maintain the woodland for visitors, clearing paths, enlarging straw bale huts in the woods, etc. Stays of at least a month, accommodation in room with bathroom (one double room / couple preferred) and meals using mainly farm products. Yoga twice a week, folk dance once. Piano in the dining room. English and French spoken

20 hectare organic farm/open house in the hills 10 km from Gubbio. Very simple lifestyle, bring sleeping bag, long stays possible upon agreement. We breed Camargue horses and Sardinian donkeys, and keep milk sheep, hens, ducks, cats & dogs. Pasture, woods, olives, vines, vegetable gardens fruit. Work: gardening, clearing pasture, cleaning stables, fencing, harvesting, jam-making, working on firewood. English, Swiss German & French spoken. Big library, piano, active part of the bioregional network (see website: Sentiero Bioregionale) and local barter group.

We - Judith, Fabrizio and little Nathan, come from the Alto Adige and Sicily. We traveled, WWOOFed, and recently we have established ourselves in a large stone farmhouse in the woods between Citta della Pieve and Perugia so we now we can host WWOOFers ourselves! We are on a hill 300m above sea level, surrounded by our 2ha of land with olive trees and woods. We have chosen life in contact with nature because it is in tune with our need for freedom and spirituality. We have a simple lifestyle, we are vegetarians and willingly share meals with wwoofers and our guests. We are sensitive to issues related to: education, food, environment and social aspects. We want to care for and improve the earth and at the same time we enjoy life, we like to dance, sing, play music, laugh, play, meditate. We have never before had a farm and all the activities are at the beginning, such as planting a vegetable garden and orchard, building a solar greenhouse, the earth oven and fences, treating the olive trees, clearing the forest and trails, cutting firewood. We are experimenting with different kinds of organic agriculture, harvest herbs and wild fruits and make teas, creams, oils, dried fruit, jams, juices, detergents, etc. We have friends and tourists who stay here, and do all the maintenance work that the place requires. We do not have animals but we have started with two beehives. We have many other projects in mind…. We can accommodate up to 2 wwoofers or a couple with children, initially for up to a week, in a comfortable double room with bathroom and private entrance, or in a tent. Pets allowed in outdoor areas. We prefer to be contacted by mail with a brief description of who you are and why you want to come to us.
We're a family of two adults and two children, living in the mountains on 25 hectares including organic olives, wine/table grapes, extensive fruit orchards, woods, pastures with a cow, dairy goats, sheep, various poultry, cats, dog. We produce our own vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products, eggs, for a mini-CSA and for trade. We're interested in permaculture and “forest gardening”, green building, edible wild plants, medicinal herbs, local traditions. Projects include improving our strawbale barn, tending a large vegetable garden, running an agriturismo, stonewall construction, increasing and caring for our collections of heritage-variety and rare fruits (we have 350 different varieties of apples!). Possible experiences for WWOOFers include working in the vegetable garden, cutting-stacking firewood, planting trees, repairing fences, helping in the fields, irrigating, spreading manure, animal care, harvesting fruit, helping with the agriturismo or children, weeding (see farm website for details). We prefer hosting people who are strongly motivated to learn about sustainable agriculture. Accommodation in our house (or your tent if you prefer), WiFi (though not always functional), meals mainly vegetarian, and organic when possible. Maximum 6 people, unable to accommodate children. Minimum stay 1 week. English, Italian and Spanish spoken. Contact preferably by e-mail.
We are an organic farm, a rural guest house (agriturismo) and a cultural association. All our guests say "this place is a paradise!" so we always remember to appreciate this gift we have and share it with travellers. In the past we have lived in the city, with its’ polluted air and a sporadic life-style, but eventually chose to change our situation. My name is T., my husband's A., Coccolino (a sweet mongrol dog) and three cats, We are the permanent inhabitants of this enchanting place, the house is surrounded by the green Umbrian hills, there is an ecologic outdoor swimming pool, a veggy garden and good company. The farm produces Aloe plants and Aloe-based products (creams, toothpaste, juice), seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also we organize workshops of vegetarian and vegan cooking and workshops related to personal growth. We speak only Italian, but our daughters, who stay here most of the summer, speak English and Spanish. Preferably our volunteers would know at least basic level of the Italian. The help needed here varies depending on the season and necessities of the moment: in the garden, watering, planting Aloe, help in the kitchen and with the swimming pool; making jams, creams etc. Accommodations in a room or in the tent, depending on the availability. Meals are vegetarian using traditional South-Italian dishes (very rich and tasty). The town of Umbertide is 7 km away, and there there is a train station for Perugia, Città di Castello....
Opened in 2002, this is a b & b and a ceramics studio where my husband works as a sculptor and art master. The house is surrounded by a 4000sqm garden. We live here all year with our hospitality and course activities. We have a 13 year old son.  Beyond our native language, Italian, we know a little English and French, but we try to improve these languages with the study. The house is located in the centre of the Umbria region, in the Municipality of Marsciano, at a distance of 20km from Perugia and 15km from Todi, situated on a gentle slope and surrounded by the countryside specially cultivated with wheat, corn and sunflower Mainly we need help in the various months of the year for the care of plants, both tall trees (walnuts, elms, linden trees) and fruit (apples, apricots, cherries and peaches, wild blackberries). For the multiple flowering plants such as roses and other decorative flowers and the care, harvesting and drying of aromatic plants (thyme, sage, marjoram, basil, rosemary, lavender, bay which constitutes the whole hedge on the fence around the property) . The garden serves for a family-style approval and every year we have tomatoes, salad, green beans, sometimes aubergines and peas ..... We like the idea of ​​welcoming and hosting people who want to help us with the maintenance of our small farm. We are open to cultural exchange and experiences. We are interested in learning more about foreign languages ​​and at the same time being able to teach our language and our traditions. We are aware of a time exchange management and we are willing to welcome you to share some spaces of the house with us by providing a room and a bathroom and sharing the main meals at our table.
This farm was started in 2005 thanks to the enthusiasm of Clelia and Riccardo, both of whom graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Clelia from Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Riccardo - Viticulture and Enology. In the early years of production we have refined our techniques are now offering products that exploit the quality and potential of our land. Clelia Cini organizes coordinates the olive oil production, stirring, expertly, using experience gained at home and knowledge that she acquired at the University. Our farm is organic and we are very careful to respect the environment in which we are situated. The farm covers about 45 hectares of woodland, arable land, vineyard and olive groves. Our main work focuses in the vineyards (about 3.5 ha) and olive trees (about 4 ha). Our main produce is wine and oil. From this year we have also started to produce grape juice and grape jelly. On the farm for the family use we also have a chicken coop, 4 goats (from which after weaning the kids we get milk and make cheese) and raise two pigs a year which we butcher in January. Every year we also have a vegetable garden. We became aware of the WWOOF program from our friends and we were immediately interested, we have always been a hospitable family and like to show our farm to people and share our knowledge and our working days. We look for a a reciprocal exchange in that we can offer our knowledge but we believe that we can also learn much from you!
Ours is a self-sustaining farm, in the mountains twenty minutes north of Assisi. We have 13 hectares, some in fields, most returning to woodlands. We are a family of three, farming for thirty years. This is the fourth year we are on this land and there is still a great deal we are trying to create. Our primary focus has been to make the property energy self sufficient. Our farming goals are rewilding and reforesting, giving the land back to the animals and plants. We provide all our own energy and water and much of our food. We are creating food forests among the old oaks, planting olive, nut, and fruit trees and we cultivate several perennial food gardens. Our ducks and chickens are raised in a natural environment for a small egg business and we have established a medicinal and culinary herb garden. I am educated and experienced in agricultural ecology as well as botanical medicine. Though I practice a hybrid of permaculture and bio-dynamics for food production, I rely primarily on bio-intensive techniques ...as well as whim and inspired lunacy. Before contacting us, please see a complete description of WWOOFing with us (as well as many photographs) on our website. We speak Italian. Our mother tongue is English. We are relaxed vegetarians.
This farm is located in the hills between Perugia and Gubbio, in Santa Cristina. In the park, which is completely fenced there is a riding school, stables, olive trees and trails. There are 13 different breeds of donkeys, poultry and wildlife including deer, hares and birds typical to the area. The donkey, an animal which was once used for farm work and transportation, here is bred to be used in Pet therapy and for trekking. We grow vegetables and also harvest ‘pick your own’, experiment with health education and have a synergic vegetable garden. There is B & B. We need help with all jobs. Accommodation in a room with shared bathroom, there is also space for tents. A little German spoken, stays of at least 3 days.
We mainly grow vines and also olives, our agricultural methods require a close contact with plants and almost all the processes are done manually. The project was started by 3 friends (Rocco, Simone and Alessandro) who started to run a farm purely because of their love for agriculture and nature. The Farm is located at an altitude of 200-350 m above sea level, a territory historically favored by the Etruscans for viticulture and fruit growing in general. The soils are sandy with subsoil of sandstones and are rich in minerals and sediments left by the ancient Tiberinum lake. We have about 7.5 hectares of vineyards, including 3 hectares of old white grape vineyards planted between 1970 and 1980; the other red grape vineyards were planted between 2005 and 2012. In line with our production philosophy strongly linked to the territory, we cultivate only varieties of indigenous grapes, such as Sangiovese, Grechetto, Trebbiano, Malvasie, Barbera and Sagrantino. The entire farm has been certified by ‘Suolo e Salute’ since 2012 and we practice biodynamic agriculture through the use of herbal teas, 500, 501 and biodynamic compost. We perform the dynamization by hand and spray the preparations with a small copper shoulder pump. We sow leguminous plants and other species between the rows of vines to nourish the soil and stimulate biodiversity. We follow the biodynamic calendar of the lunar cycles and constellations for working the land, for sowing and for decanting in the cellar.