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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are a family of Italian-Austrian artists and we own a park in Capena (20 minutes from Rome) near the Farfa nature reserve. The park, entirely made by us, is located in a valley that hosts art, ceramics and mosaics, nature and animals. The combination of art and nature creates a real fairytale atmosphere! The surface is very large, 6 hectares, and the activities that can be carried out to enhance the park and at the same time enjoy its magic and the enchantment it returns are: gardening and pruning, farm care, land recovery, fence construction, trail maintenance, there are 100 untreated olive trees in 1.5 hectares of land to be cleared, in the bottom of the valley we have a small spring and wetland that we could turn into a biolake. At a later stage, through participatory art courses, I intend to perform installations, playgrounds and artistic ornaments, continuing the family tradition of mosaic and other arts, in which to invite those who know or want to try their hand in applied art with wood and clay naturally present in the ground with the possibility of earthen construction. There are outdoor and indoor kitchens, we can also eat together and you can stay inside the park, indoors in a room with a bathroom and more (which is describable in words!). We speak English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
My name is Francesca and I have a plant nursery in Bassano in Teverina. This nursery is a historic nursery that I want to use for other activities as it is very large, I would like to create a park with different disciplines. This is why I thought of inserting my project here, hoping for help and an exchange of rural and botanical memory. The activities are greenhouse cultivation, land art installations, plant pruning and management in general - you will find news through social channels and on the site. We eat together and in general our kitchen is traditional, we also have a oven where we can cook outdoors. I take care of the nursery and the association ‘I love Garden’. My mother and I live in the garden/ farm. There are many initiatives and routes to visit in the area, also by bike. Accommodation in tent, camper, a wooden house in the park and a room in the apartment. I hope you enjoy my initiative.
Our small farm of 4 ha is located in Velletri, 45km from Rome, within the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Roman castles. We produce vegetables, fruit, olive oil and wine. We collaborate with a macrobiotic point of Rome. We practice natural farming: do not use synthetic products, not even organic fertilizers. Our objective is to adopt the right farming techniques so that the soil retains its fertility over time independently. Our cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. Vi aspettiamo!
My house is part of the medieval walls of Toffia, below which is a terraced garden for fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, a polytunnel and plans to construct ponds and plant more permanent crops. Also part of the village walls is a communal herb garden, L'Orto dei Semplici, about 60 sq m set up 4 years ago but still needing the occasional watering and new plantings. There are 180 olive trees on 2.5 acres of steep land on Monte degli Elci, 2 kms from the village at 440m above sea level, producing a very good olive oil. Also some fruit and nut trees, and also here, plans to diversify with herbs, maybe livestock, more fruit and veg, terracing/swales to improve water retention in the soil (hugelkultur), continuing clearing the invasive plants from the land to create a forest garden, generally following permaculture principles. Accommodation in own room with a terrace, or sharing a room with a grand piano and harpsichord. Food mainly from the garden or neighbours or from the 'wild'. Rome is 40 minutes by train from Fara Sabina, or there's the bus from Osteria Nuova, closer to Toffia. There's also plenty to see closer to hand, like the largest olive tree in Europe (and maybe in the world...), and occasional concerts by Titubanda to check out. Help needed all year round, mainly with the olives, but it depends also on the season and the skills that guests bring. Mother tongue English, French also spoken and Italian of course. Stilt walkers - and other cultural workers welcome, also LGBTQ.

This is a farm of 60 hectares of woods, pastures and arable land 95 km from Rome and 15 km from Rieti which on one side uses different techniques of sustainable agriculture (thermocompost, acquaponia, synergistic garden, regenerative organic agriculture, biochar, minibiogas, worm compost, rational grazing, etc.) and on the other organizes festas and events related to the different stages of the production processes. For this work, depending on the time of year, is both agricultural and organization of events such as the Harvest Festival in July, the festival of ploughing using cows in October, etc. We cultivate ancient grains and breads, fruits, vegetables, nuts, jams, cattle, chickens. We are a family of 3 (34, 37 and 3 years old) and we cooperate with Filippo and Giulia who have started a farm with snails, saffron and spirulina. Depending on the availability of beds, the accommodation can be in double, triple or dorm rooms. We look forward to having many of you here!  

The family: she (56) teaches mathematics at the local high school and enjoys ceramics in her large studio; he (57) is an agronomist, works in the office and in the countryside. Their children: the first (30) is a biologist and PHD at the University of Geneva has a young baby, the second (28) works in Rome and is also father of a beautiful baby, the third (26) is 'abroad for a master's degree and the fourth is a student in Perugia. The farm: our family lives in the countryside on the top of a hill overlooking the medieval village of Torri in Sabina, in Lazio, less than an hour by train from Rome and well connected with Rieti and Terni, both about 40 km away. The land has belonged to the family for generations. We have an organic farm of about 18 hectares of which 8 hectares of hills with an olive grove and 10 ha (with irrigation) near the river Tiber, cultivated with cauliflowers and cereals. We would like to host volunteers to prune the olive trees, to cut the grass, for the harvesting of olives, for planting and maintaining cauliflower fields. Depending on the time you need to prepare jams and preserves, bottle and label the oil ... There is always something to do! We can accommodate a couple in a double room, and a single wwoofer in a single room with a balcony, the bathroom is shared but is very large and bright. Internet wifi is always available. We will share meals and daily life, we have an open mind, we love meeting new people, sharing experiences, cultures, different languages. We have been hosts for many years and have had many beautiful experiences in cultural exchanges. We have hosted volunteers from all over the world, every wwoofer is in our heart and has become a new friend.
We are Costanza and Lorenzo, the two founding members of the farm, we have gained different experiences first in volunteering (environmental association, scout, etc.) and then in the countryside, which we now like to share. We arrived in the beautiful Sabina ten years ago to dedicate ourselves to organic farming. We have bought the land and the essential equipment for the agricultural activity and above all a laboratory for processing our products. Over time we have started a project to recover abandoned land, which we rent and put back into production. From 1,000 olive trees we press a delicate and fragrant oil in the old mill of the town. We work to rediscover the wild fruits of the territory, such as wild rose hips, hawthorn, blackberries, which we transform into jams in our artisan laboratory. The synergistic vegetable garden is rich in plants both in summer and in winter. In the coming years, we will start the agritourism activity, in the structures that we are finishing building ourselves, along with food and environmental education activities and other cultural activities. We are in Poggio San Lorenzo, in the province of Rieti, 60 km from Rome, in a small town like many villages in our country. Our farm is along the "Via di Francesco" between Rieti and Rome, a beautiful Cammino to discover. We host in the village in a double room, on the farm in the living room. We believe in protecting and strengthening the territory and what is connected to it in terms of typical products. We are looking for people who want to share time with us by providing passion and skills, from the garden to the olive grove, from the harvest to the transformation of wild fruits, from pruning to grass cutting, up to self-construction.
Ours is an agricultural, social and cultural project born in 2013 with the aim of saving the few vineyards left in the valley of the Amaseno river, we are in Priverno in the south of Lazio. We enhance the native vines by recovering and vinifying without adding any other element the grapes of each vineyard, grown without the use of systemic products. It is a farm run by Martina (28 years), Arcangelo (31 years) and Emiliano (37 years). In Priverno there are 15,000 inhabitants. Halfway between Rome and Naples, from Latina and Frosinone (about 20 km), 30 minutes by car or bus from the south-Pontine coast and 20 km from the Circeo National Park. 6 km from the town centre is the beautiful medieval village of Fossanova. WOOFers are accommodated in a house located in the village opposite the wine cellar. The house is structured in two single rooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a small outdoor / garden space. The work takes place in the fields (vineyards, olive groves) and in the cellar. During the grape (August-October) and the olive harvests (October-January), the work is very intense but we always try to keep the festive and magic atmosphere typical of rural and peasant culture. Shared lunches, vineyard parties and group trips alternate with work and are part of the experience. Exchange and sharing, in addition to love and passion for nature, natural agriculture and good things, are our reference values. Leisure activities are in close contact with nature. Trekking, hiking and canoeing, on the lake, river, sea. The beaches of the coast and the Pontine islands always offer great moments of fun and relaxation. We are very close to Rome (around 50 minutes) and Naples (around 1 hour and 40 minutes) which are easily accessible by train.
This farm hosts our rural life project and we carry out activities related to permaculture and agroecology. We are a family with children of 5 and 4 years and we are taking care of three hectares of land of which one and a half is woodland and the remaining divided between olive grove, orchard, vegetable garden. We have a small spring in the woods and a wetland to turn into a bio lake. This season we plan to rebuild an old ruin using sustainable techniques and continue the pruning of olive and apple trees. In collaboration with other local farms we cultivate industrial hemp crops. We host WWOOFers in a small house in the historic center of Poggio Moiano which is about 1.5 km from the land, more or less 20 minutes on foot. With public transport it is easy to to visit Rome. We are very interested in sharing the experiences of travelers and hosting people who want to learn the principles of permaculture and participate in the development of the rural project.
Pietro's arrival pushed us to implement plan B. To look for a place to take care of ourselves. A wild oasis where we can learn together the harmony of everything that moves. Living, not simply telling, an alternative to the hasty and distracted city life. Last year we found this 7-hectare treasure chest. A valley with woods, pastures, springs, a stream, an olive grove and many walnuts. An hour away by bus from Rome a healthy and resilient environment in which, in a short time, we met dormice, squirrels, Martins, Porcupines, Foxes, Boars, Hedgehogs, Toads, Frogs, Tritons, Salamanders, Snakes, many birds and insects of every colour and shape. Our family has 6 donkeys and a kitten named Poep. My name is Francesco, I'm a father, environmental engineer and a novice grower. Barbara, my partner, works mainly in Rome and occasionally works on the internet from here too. Our idea is as clear as ambitious: to achieve food and energy self-sufficiency, making it in balance with the natural flows that surround us. The principles of permaculture and synergistic agriculture are the basis of our selection criteria. We have many small projects under way, such as: a hydroelectric turbine, a bio-pool, a food-for-life, a glamping area, a vegetable garden, an olive grove, and many others we hope to create with you. We can accommodate you in a a private bedroom, or alternatively, an independent attic. I am vegan and Barbara is a vegetarian, but we are respectful of everyone's choices. What binds all our activities is a different definition of time. Nothing here is carried out hastily, everything happens in a calm, present and mindfull manner. Pole pole, in Swahili, means "slowly". The idea is thus to promote awareness and enjoyment of every single breath.