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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


Ours is a young farm in the Apennines of Modena, 350 meters above sea level, between Polinago and Serramazzoni, about an hour from Modena and Reggio Emilia. We have about 5,000 square meters of bio-intensive vegetable garden with two greenhouses, 50 laying hens on rolling pastures and about ten bee hives, for the production of honey and to help us with pollination. We are also planning a mixed orchard (pears, apples, plums), which we will plant this fall. We designed the entire farm inspired by the principles of organic-regenerative agriculture and permaculture. We are surrounded by woods, with some paths where you can go walking, and by a stream where you can swim when it's hot. We will need help especially in the garden, with all the related activities (sowing, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, etc.), but there will also be a way to contribute to the daily life of the farm with the management of the hens, and participating in beekeeping activities if interested. We also participate in two farmers' markets every week. We are looking for people who are willing to learn and willing to engage. We request periods of stay of at least 30 days, after a few days of testing for both parties. The accommodation for wwoofers will be in a yurt (two beds) in the woods, not far from the fields and from our house, with adjoining solar shower and compost toilet. We will take care of the preparation of meals, usually vegetarian and mainly using what we produce or products from local farms. We make bread, yogurt and various fermented products at home. We also have a clay oven, which we use at least a couple of times a month to make pizza with friends. We host from May to September, we speak Italian, English and Spanish. We have no television, but we have an internet connection.
Ciao, we are Lorenzo (35) and Barbara (40), Miriam (8) and Iris (4), living in the hills of the altitude of 600, surrounded by wild woods rich in biodiversity. We live 1 hour away from Modena, and 50 minutes from Bologna by car. From our house, you can overlook the beautiful landscape of the Appennini. There are some hiking trails nearby if you are into hiking. Ten years ago after finishing studying as herbalists, we started to work with herbs. Through Nature's teaching we try to place cultivation in harmony with the landscape around, taking inspiration from natural farming advice, from ecological gardening and from the principles of permaculture. We also try to create an orchard of medicinal plants and useful herbs. We harvest wild herbs and also cultivate some. We make herb remedies, drinks (tea, juice, beer), jam, vegetable preserves that we bring weekly to local organic markets in Bologna to sell. There are some cats and chickens with us. We cook and eat with wwoofers everyday, using vegetables from our garden, also making pizza, bread, and yogurt. We are not vegetarians but we eat very little meat. If you enjoy cooking, we welcome you to share with us your cooking from your culture and the knowledge of your tradition. Help needed in particular in Autumn, Spring and Summer. Jobs include attending the vegetable garden, harvesting wild herbs, helping preserving herbs, preparing for the market...etc. We have two rooms and a caravan for wwoofers. Minimum stay is one week. Wwoofers have one day off during a week. To get here, you can take a train from Bologna to Bazzano where we can pick you up at the train station.
This farm was renovated in 1996 after having been abandoned for many years. The 27 ha of land is now cultivated and they mainly grow potatoes, apples (old varieties) cherries, walnuts and chestnuts. There are no animals. It is situated in the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines mountains at an altitude of 800 m. The farm is certified ICEA. There is an agritourism and restaurant. Accommodation in a room or apartment, near the farm (2 km, a 20 minute walk) children welcome, length of stay by arrangement. Meals not always organic or vegetarian. As well as the work to be done in the fields, vegetable garden, orchard there is also the possibility to learn about restoring furniture. A little French spoken.

I am a 60 year old shepherd and live in a remarkable agritourism on the crown of a hill. The house is large, there is a room for holding courses, 3 bedrooms, a restaurant and outside a vegetable garden and a large barn for my sheep. There are other people who work here such as the cook but generally I am here alone with my sheep. I need help with various tasks which vary according to the season: In autumn with the vegetable garden and wood cutting, in the winter with the wood and with jobs inside the house. From March to July with cheese making, and in the vegetable garden, from January to March with the lambing. We eat meals together, the area is very beautiful and it would be a good experience for anyone who is interested in learning how to make cheese and the life of a shepherd. I only speak Italian a but have friends and WWOOFers who speak English. I will do everything I can to make your stay comfortable but I am a shepherd who has lived alone for many years with my sheep and am a man of few words! I can however teach you a great deal. Minimum stay 3 weeks.

The farm is at an altitude of 320m between the provinces of Modena and Bologna and close to Castello di Serravalle and surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. Here we welcome volunteers, friends and visitors who want to experience social farming orientated towards a self sufficient society where no one is left out. We work our 8 has and cultivate ancient grains, a large permaculture vegetable garden, a biodynamic vineyard, saffron, heirloom fruit trees and saffron. We produce a wine without using sulphates or additives and it is fermented in oak barrels up until it is bottled.We offer two spacious en suite rooms and you can share with us our multi-purpose living room and kitchen with our legendary round table! We all eat together-using our own produce when possible- vegetarian or not, respecting the tastes of everyone.  We take WWOOFers all year round as there are always things to do. Jobs and collaboration discussed by phone before you come We are accessible by car or train + bus. Languages spoken: English, French, a bit of Croatian.

We are primarily a Spiritual Community. We are about 30 people working in different sectors. The existential quest is the most important factor. We are open to a discussion of sharing but we are also aware that there is a True collaboration. If you come here you should not come looking for a holiday but for an opportunity for interior growth. Our lifestyle is KARMA YOGA, the path of action. We own 16 acres of land and we have an organic and biodynamic vegetable garden. We attend several farmers' markets. In the spring we host schools for which you may be engaged in workshops on bread making, clay, painting. We have a mini zoo, organize classes on yoga, relaxation, concentration and insight. Amongst your duties we ask for help with cooking and housekeeping. In your spare time you can choose from: relaxing, reading, meditation, hiking. Contact us by describing sincerely your goals in order to avoid unpleasant situations whilst you are here. We would appreciate a photo and a description of yourself that allows us to see certain characteristics of your personality. You should be able to speak some Italian. A smile. Aghni, the founder.

We are a young couple with 2 children. Our paradise is located in the hills of Modena about ten kms from Montese. We live in a house with 5 has of land, have a vegetable garden for ourselves, firewood, hay and grain for our animals (donkey, cows, pigs and goats). We produce sausages, and we are also planning to make cheese. Possible jobs: gardening, cutting wood, horticulture, maintaining fences and caring for the animals.  We host throughout the year as needed, hospitality is in a caravan (max 2 people), mostly organic food. Unfortunately we only speak Italian, but are happy to accommodate people of all nationalities. 

Our farm, certified organic since its opening, is located in Formigine, at the foot of the Emilian Apennines in the province of Modena. We deal exclusively with beekeeping and we manage around 500 beehives spread over a large area from the plains to the mountains and some of them are moved during the year even outside the region for some flowers. The activities we propose are mainly held from April to October and change a lot depending on the period (from the preparation of the hives after the winter, to the honey extraction, to the gathering of pollen, to the breeding of queen bees and much more). Our farm is a family business, composed of Giovanni and Giorgia, both 32 years old and graduated in natural sciences and our 4 year old daughter Gea. Another constant presence on our farm, as the owner of the structures, is our 73-year-old Gaetano master of beekeeping who still has 200 beehives, a vineyard where you can observe the production of grapes and an orchard / vegetable garden for family use. The accommodation we offer is an independent wooden house also used as a farm shop with private bathroom and kitchen, but often we would like to share meals (cooked with mainly organic products) together. The center of Formigine is about 2.5 km away and can be easily reached by bicycle. Formigine is about 15 km from Modena and is connected to it by train and bus. We are very close to the Apennines and the municipality of Maranello (Ferrari) as well as being very close to cities such as Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Parma. In addition to Italian we speak English at school level and understand enough French. We prefer to host for periods of at least 10 days (even a couple or two friends). We are waiting to share our passion for the world of bees and nature.

Our farm is in the province of Modena about 8 kms from Rocchetta di Guiglia. On our 5 ha farm we cultivate vegetables and fruit using organic methods. The jobs to do are planting, cultivating and harvesting produce and we also have some jobs to be done in the synergic vegetable garden and areas around the house. Accommodation is in our house, meals mainly vegetarian and organic, we speak a bit of Spanish. Help needed from April to November and length of stays are by arrangement. The area around us is hilly, good for walking and relaxing in, there is a nearby park, Rocca Malatina, which is well worth visiting, we are also near to Bologna and Modena.

Our farm is engaged in the care of the park of a campsite with maintenance of the green areas, the flowers, the wooded areas and the organic vegetable garden (digging, sowing, harvesting, composting). The food supply of the structure is focused on organic products, in agreement with local farms. We also organizes cultural activities for adults and children (shows, exhibitions and school/nursery in the woods) and workshops for campers, audio-video library, library, wellness and meditation space. We dedicate a lot of attention to children with an art festival for infants, a series of daily and weekly walks to teach about nature and art. We need help primarily with the care and maintenance of the natural environment, willingness to also collaborate on recreational activities is welcomed. It is advantageous if you can speak more than one language to be able to communicate with the clients. Hospitality is organized in the camping facilities (bungalows, mobile homes, caravans and tents). Meals are taken with the staff of the facility. The accommodation is cleaned by the guest, the health services are those of the campsite, the washing and ironing service is free. This year we are organized with a local network of other farms and for those interested in staying longer it is possible to be hosted in each reality according to the individual needs related to the various different activities, dividing in this sense the commitment and enriching everyones experience, in the perspective of an enlarged sharing of resources and knowledge.