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Trentino Alto Adige

Our farm is located in Brunico (Pusteria Valley) at about one kilometer from the town centre in a beautiful quiet location. We are a young family and have two small sons and on our 4 hectares of flat land we grow mainly vegetables and herbs, as well as potatoes, cereal crops and meadows from which to make hay. We sell our products at the weekly organic market in Brunico and through direct home delivery and to hotels. We also have about 50 chickens, bees, a pond with trout and a dog. We live in our spartan house from May to September, and we usually accommodate our Wwoofers (maximum two persons) in a large room. There is a compost toilet and an outdoor shower with hot water. You will be fully involved in our cheerful and busy family life. We cook with our vegetables and we are happy if you also want to cook with or for us (vegetarian cuisine to be agreed, cannot cater for vegans). We share the washing of dishes and other chores at home. We cannot accommodate children, but if you like to spend time with our two kids they would be very happy! Among the many tasks to do there is: animal care (feeding the fish and chickens, cleaning the barn, collecting eggs, if interested also helping out with beekeeping), cultivating vegetables (planting, pulling weeds, harvesting), washing / preparation for the sale in the market every Friday, cleaning and re-positioning of the crates to transport vegetables. Unser Hof befindet sich in Reischach – Pustertal in ruhiger Lage etwa einen Kilometer außerhalb vom Dorfkern. Wir, eine junge Familie bestehend auf vier Famili

We are a family of four with a small organic farm in Malles, Val Venosta (in Alto Adige on the borders of Switzerland and Austria). Malles is a village of 2,500 inhabitants at an altitude of 1050 m and is much visited bu tourists as it is the midst of the Alps and there is a lot to see. We mainly cultivate spelt and rye, potatoes and the Pala pear which a very healthy hierloom variety of pear. In our garden we grow various varieties of fruits and vegetables which we harvest and preserve together, some to eat fresh and some to store for the winter months. It is with much pleasure that we manage to feed ourselves almost entirely from our own produce. Activities which we need help with; harvesting in August and September, selling in the local markets, in the house, cooking, making bread, juices, chutneys, marinated vegetables, dried fruit, liquors, mushrooms and many other things. We live in an ex women's monastery which has a very friendly ambiance, many friendly people, bicycle rides in the area and walking in the mountains (Ortles, the highest mountain in Italy can be seen from the balcony). If you are interested you can also participate in folk dancing every Tuesday, every Friday there are courses and dance evenings. Weather permitting you can also go to visit the Resia lake, Glorenza, the smallest mediaeval village in Italy, Coira castle or the old Monte Maria convent. When are children are at home (both of them study and work in Vienna) they will be happy to take you to the summer festivals, to the pub, or to vegetarian barbecues with music and other young, alternative people. We look forward to meeting you with pleasure. The Pobitzer family.

The farm is located in Malles, in the Upper Val Venosta, and is an organic farm of four hectares. My name is Anna, I'm 30 and I'm the peasant farmer. My parents help me when I need it. We work mainly by hand and without pesticides of any kind. We grow various vegetables, rye, potatoes and hemp. In addition, we breed some animals: goats, pigs, chickens, ducks and quails. And I have a dog. The jobs vary according to the seasons: preparation of the fields, sowing and planting, vegetable garden, harvesting, sale and preservation of fruit and vegetables. We sell most of our products directly from the farm. As a Wwoofer you have a small room (big enough for one person or a couple) with a bathroom, an electric stove and plenty of space in front of the house. You can bring your pets if they are compatible with ours and behave well in the field and with customers. We speak German, Italian and English. We are not vegetarians but we respect your food choices. We prefer people who are stay for at least for two weeks. The area is ideal for hiking in the mountains, my parents ride bikes and you can accompany them. In Malles we have a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool and in the surroundings you can also practice more adventurous sports like kitesurfing, paragliding, climbing or rafting. If you prefer quieter activities we can cook, do DIY projects, practice yoga, drink beer and play soccer together. (:
Small mountain farm which uses organic and synergetic farming methods set in a small village at 1000 m altitude. The work varies with the seasons: in spring, preparation of gardens and distillation of the essential oils of pine and spruce. In summer: garden, firewood, collecting wild herbs, distillation of various essential oils. In autumn: vegetables, firewood, collecting wild herbs, processing of various preparations with herbs. Personally I eat vegetarian food with preference for vegan. If some people have special diets they are welcome to prepare meals for them selves provided that there is no meat or fish. The house is almost entirely made of wood, and consists of a kitchen, living room, bathroom, two bedrooms (one is mine), outside there is a large balcony overlooking the valley and the peaks of the Lagorai mountain range and Lake Stramentizzo. I can host people with children, but not dogs as we have a dog and Vento, a cat, who both live in the house. I provide sheets and towels. To understand the philosophy and lifestyle choices of the environment, I invite you to go visit our website. Languages ​​spoken: Italian, Spanish and a little German.
On our farm we cultivate mountain herbs and it is located at 1400 m. above sea level, in South Tyrol near Bressanone, on the southern slopes of the Plose mountain. The wide panorama of the valley gives us a feeling of freedom. For over thirty years we have managed our farm of ca. 3.5 hectares on a steep slope, according to strict ecological guidelines. We grow many species of medicinal and aromatic herbs, plus we keep goats and some chickens. WWOOFers can learn about a large number of different medicinal and aromatic plants and their effects and characteristics, experience physical and psychic contact with mother earth, and help out working the land and with all the care of the plants up until the harvesting and processing of the finished product. The daily work in the house and on the farm provide interesting ideas, and you can get to understand the way of everyday life farming in the mountains. Our household consists of: Laurenz, her parents Rita and Engelbert, Elfriede. We place a strong emphasis on healthy eating, gourmet dishes ranging from Tyrolean cuisine to Italian, depending on what is currently growing on the farm, using the meat from our animals and purchasing high-quality produce. The main season is from May to November, but we will be happy to host people in other periods, for processing the herbs, which requires a lot of manpower. In your free time there are beautiful hikes in the foothills of the Dolomites. Mother tongue: German. Kräuteranbau Unser Kräuter- Bergbauernhof liegt auf 1400 m, Südtirol, nahe Brixen. WWOOFerInnen können viele Kräuter und deren Wirkung und Charaktere kennenlernen, Hand anlegen von der Bodenbearbeitung über die Pflege bis zur Ernte und Weiterverarbeitung bis zum Endprodukt. Willkommen WWOOFER, die das
Our farm is located in high val Venosta, near the border with Austria and Switzerland, within the Stelvio National Park. We live on the farm with our children of five and two. We moved here in 2013 year and started our activity and we have completely rebuilt the farm building it in wood and using ecological and natural materials according to the principles of bio-building. Accommodation is in a small hut, built in wood near the main farm. Usually we all eat lunch together while breakfast and dinner are prepared and eaten by guests in the hut. The area where we are is very quiet, located about two kilometers from the nearest town and enjoys a panoramic view of the upper Val Venosta. Our farm is still in the development phase and our philosophy of life is to live in and with nature with the principles of self-sufficiency. Our guests can help us work with animals (laying hens, pigs, sheep), small wooden carpentry jobs (fences, repairs, ...), packing eggs and similar jobs.
We are a young family with two small daughters. 3 years ago we rented our farm. We have 2 dairy cows, 5 calves, 4 pigs, and about 20 hens a dog and cat. With the milk we make cheese, butter and yogurt. In the kitchen we try to use our products above all. We grow many different vegetables and herbs on 0.5 hectares of fields with which we make money. We have 4.5 ha meadows where we make hay twice a year. On other 4.5 has we graze our animals and Highlands cattle. We gave since the beginning been organic, and now we are biodynamic. We are in a wonderful place in the mountains at 1140m with a spectacular view. The distance to the next town is 3km. Here the road ends. Here it is never boring, because there are many different jobs are to be done.
I am Matteo and with my family we manage our farm on the beautiful hills of Trento, we are surrounded by nature even though we are almost in the centre of the city of Trento. The farm has five hectares of land fully planted with different varieties of vines; this is the main activity during the course of the year but we also work in the management of the buildings and maintenance of the countryside. In addition to the farm we also have a large vegetable garden and a few fruit trees, rabbits, ducks and chickens. We ask that you are interested in nature and animals, have adaptability and willingness help with manuals jobs that vary during the year depending on the needs of the seasons. The farm can accommodate up to two people, for guests there are a couple of rooms with a shared bathroom. The meals will be prepared together trying to accommodate everyones needs. We speak Italian and a little English. The farm is easily accessible, just a few kilometers from the railway station and the centre of the city of Trento: let us know your arrival time and we will collect you. We also have a couple of bikes available for you to use in your free time if want to be independent and to visit the city.
On this mixed, family run farm we breed horses, sheep, cows, donkeys and farmyard animals. We cultivate grapes and make wine on the farm and grow soft fruit, vegetables and forage crops all with certified organic methods. The farm covers approximately 14 hectares includes a barn, an agritourism with 24 beds and the winery. We are in Val Giudicarie in the province of Trento, at an altitude of 510 s.l.m. 3 km from the Terme di Comano, 15 from Riva del Garda and 35 from Trento, in the foothills of the natural park of the Brenta, in a very quiet area just 1.5 km from the small town where there is the bus station. We are willing to host throughout the year, preferably both Italian and foreign couples in one of the rooms of the agritourism. No pets. We speak English and German at an intermediate school level. We offer traditional cuisine.
Our farm is situated at 600 m above sea level and is made up of three areas which are cultivated for vegetables and two which are for greenhouses. The farm is surrounded by woodland and pasture where the animals are free to roam. There are 9 horses and dogs, cats, ducks and chickens. We have an agritourism and also hold courses on tai chi, climbing, yoga and contact dance. The living conditions are like that of a mountain refuge, modest but comfortable. The best time to come is in spring or summer: the house is large, there is also a gymnasium and a climbing wall. To get here you have to walk for about an hour along a path from Sabbionara d’Avio. Telephone first for details. Work is in the vegetable garden, maintenance and in the kitchen when we have groups. We are also looking for longer term WWOOFers who would be interested to share our work and projects. Languages spoken: French, English and a little German.