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ATTENTION: In this list you see the hosts that reflect your research and you can get an idea of the hosts present in WWOOF Italia. Their name and contacts are only visible to members. By joining WWOOF Italy and paying the membership fee of € 35 you can get in touch with your chosen farm and organize your trip and your stay with them.


We are currently two in our family (Luigi who is retired and Barbara who works in Venice) and we live permanently in our house on the island of Vignole. We have a winter vegetable garden, a small vineyard and we grow artichokes, which is the traditional culture in this area. We do not use chemicals of any kind. With the collaboration of wwoofers we plan to clean and tidy up the land, clear the vegetation around the drainage channels in the fields, continue to care for a small Elm forest, do small maintenance jobs and whatever else may be necessary to improve the property. The land is about six hectares and is located on the lagoon of Venice and is accessible both by public transport (vaporetto) and by boat can arrive directly in front of the house. We have five very nice black cats, useful and good hunters. We are not vegetarians. Wwoofers will be able to stay in a little house built in wood and bricks next to the house where we live, it's very comfortable and welcoming. The best times to come to the farm are spring and autumn. Isola delle Vignole is a 15-minute vaporetto ride from the centre of Venice where there are a thousand things to see and do. Barbara and I can speak French, English and Arabic.
We are Dimitri (1982) and Isabella (1987), and we have a small farm with a Stabie of Lentiai, a charming mountain village at 550 meters above sea level located in the Belluno pre-alps. This is is a project that embraces the principles of permaculture and believes in a resilient and sustainable agriculture by promoting a local economy. We produce mainly vegetables in Biointensive but also ancient varieties of local fruits, honey, ancient grains, essential oils and soaps in small quantities. For us, the soil is an essential element which we take care of by using agricultural techniques such as green manure, cover crops, macerated plants, mulches. WWOOFers are welcome from April to November and will join us in the various activities such as sowing, transplanting, harvesting, selling, processing, and all the varied works and ideas that the season offers us. We are actively social, therefore, there will be moments of exchange and knowledge that will enrich your stay. We eat together the genuine vegetarian food from our gardens and accommodation is in a room in the house. Unfortunately we only speak Italian well!
This is a multipurpose Agricultural Centre for dogs and sheep immersed in the Lessinia Rational Park at about a thousand meters and 25 km from the center of Verona. On our farm we breed Brogne sheep, a local breed of sheep that live free in pasture, between a transhumance, respecting their nomadic nature. We process the wool and milk with natural and organic methods and keep the lambs as pets. We breed and train Swiss sheepdogs and two rare and preserved local mountain breeds of sheepdog for the management of the flocks and herds. The dogs, which are a dozen, are to be understood to be members of the family and the puppies that we save or that are born here for us are the mascots of the garden and always in close contact with us. The Agricultural Fund winds around the exclusive district, on the top of a hill, surrounded by woods and meadows, in a valley with mountain views. We are in the process of creating a project that will include a boarding kennel for dogs and cats, an educational farm and accommodation for guests and customers taking advantage of the opportunities offered in the high mountains. In the house that is adjacent, we, Silvia, 28 and Alessandro, 20, live. We are looking for people who want to share this work fairly and responsibly with us, to take care of our animals with us and to always strive to improve their environment, to help them grow and take care of them, to educate them and contribute to all the projects we carry out day by day.
This farm is situated at an altitude of 450m in the foothills of Monte Baldo. There are about 3 has of woodland and a stone house where we create, design and cook with dormice for company! We have a breeze from and panorama of Lake Garda which is 5 kms from the farm. Wwoofing and PDC in permaculture were decisive for the recovery of this place, whose indelible mark became the seed of the "Le Gilde del Bosco" project: an ecosystem of people who, through a new economy, pursue a shared self-sufficiency and a new well-being, applying the ethics and principles of permaculture. And so, the forest and the house became the first seat of this experimentation. The place is open to those who want to participate in its foundation and those who want to try their hand at a project to share. We live in the city and go there on average three times a week. A wwoofer that wants to experience "wild", even in solitude, wants to engage with us in the search for low-tech solutions, to test its creativity, to develop together self-production, cultural and cooperation projects, here it finds fertile ground . A compost toilet, an outdoor shower and, for sleeping, a place on the mezzanine or the whole forest with a tent and a hammock, are the conveniences. We collect rainwater that we will learn to filter for domestic uses; in the meantime we stock up on the potable one with a series of cans. The place, about 700 m from the village, can be reached by an off-road vehicle and a short path. We speak English, but mine is little more than a scholastic.
We are animal breeders who aim at an eco-compatible, attentive and sustainable breeding. We raise a herd of 60 goats and 60 lactating sheep on the border of the Lessinia natural park, between 1000 and 1500 meters above sea level. We transform everything and only the milk produced by our animals in a small farm dairy and sell all the cheese through the network of g.a.s. (solidarity and social purchasing groups) in the area and some self-managed farmers markets. With the whey, left over from the cheese-making, we feed a small family of Nero delle Alpi pigs, which live, as far as possible in the woods and in rotation in a paddock. We have about 20 hectares of pasture and 10 and apart from the farm jobs we also need help with cutting and stacking wood and cleaning the meadows and pastures. The house where we live is about 20 km from Verona, the public transport is not very good and buses mainly run only at school times, there are many accessible trails for all. We are omnivores and the food you will find on our table comes mainly from places that are part of our network .. We have dogs and cats ... and an 11 year old daughter. Everyone is welcome as long as you love nature and animals. We speak Italian, a little English and a little Spanish. WIFI connection. We can accommodate WWOOFers all year round in private rooms in the house, during the mountain pasture in malga (mountain stone hut) in a shared room or in a camper-tent. Fb Quelli del Baito
There are two of us on the farm, Michele (1986) and Rachele (1996). Rachele has left to do Civil Service and will be replaced by our friend Simon (1984). The main activity is the production of vegetables and processed products (tomato sauce, etc.), secondly fruit and eggs, we also grow corn and wheat, the only animals we will have this year are chickens. The help requested will concern field work, sales and self-production: manual hoeing, transplanting, harvesting, cleaning vegetables, conservation. We cultivate about 5000 m2 divided into 3 plots, of which 1800 are owned, the remaining are on loan. The fields are 100 m away from the house, the other 2 plots are located 1 km from the house. We accept children, but you must know that the house is adjacent to a fairly busy road. For the same reason, we advise against bringing dogs. At home it would be preferable not to smoke. The diet is mainly vegetarian. It can also be adapted to other needs [vegans, celiacs, etc.]. The wwoofers will have an independent house at their disposal and also wanting the camp to put up a tent. The area is hilly, you can go hiking and bathe in the river. We are close to Asiago, Bassano del Grappa, Schio. To take the bus you have to walk about 1 km; during the weekend we can accompany you to the train or elsewhere. We speak English well and a little French.
We are Anca, Enrico and Roberto, a young social agriculture project, an integral part of the Entropia Social Cooperative. We carry out training and rehabilitation programs with people living in psychiatric distress and requesting international protection in agriculture. You will find us in Santorso (VI) near the Timonchio stream. The accommodation is a room in a small house near Mount Summano about 7 km from the camp, shared with Anca and we give priority to female wwoofers. We cultivate about 2 hectares of vegetables using regenerative, organic and integrated pest management techniques. We sell our products directly and are developing a CSA (Community that supports Agriculture) inspiring us in the market garden model. The wwoofers that will stay with us will carry out all the activities that involve cultivation, then sowing, transplanting, weeding, weed control, monitoring, irrigation, scheduling of work, use of innovative manual equipment in agriculture (bicycle cultivators), harvesting, packing, relationship with customers and much more ... Moreover we would like to involve you in the participation and organization of events in the territory, collaborate with other realities through workshops, courses and informal meetings. Being in the foothills area the territory is rich in routes including the Asiago plateau, Monte Summano, Monte Novegno. The area is very rich in cultural and gastronomic activities (Agritour, Ca Dell’Agata, Oasi Rossi, Breganze wine area, Bassano del Grappa, Marostica, Venice). The earth is for those who want to take care of it, with passion and respect ... we, a small multi-ethnic and biodiverse group, do our best to create genuine connections !!
Our farm covers about 12 hectares and is totally organic and located in a beautiful valley at the foot of the Berici mountains and specializes in the production of particular VITALI vegetables. To a lesser extent we produce fruit and eggs. We sell directly in markets. We organize Vitale cooking classes in which I explain the latest research on nutrition conscious, as well as many practical examples of vitale vegetarian cuisine. I have renovated my large house and have several rooms to host max 2 or 3 wwoofers. My goal is to create an efficient eco village where you can practice all the theoretical knowledge about healthy life away from chemicals. The area is called Val Liona and here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes with the ancient "valley of mills", ancient villas, pathways, former quarries or caves, lakes and more ... Spoken languages: Italian and a little English.

This is a certified organic farm situated at an altitude of 300. There is a river that drives a small mill that runs through the property. We grow mainly vegetables, potatoes and beans. In the summer we make hay. We have poultry (chickens, ducks, geese ...), a horse and a donkey. We run a B & B. We are in an area of​cultural interest; Feltre, Belluno, Asolo. A stone's throw from the farm there are pathways for excursions on the Grappa massif.

This 5 ha vineyard was founded in 2000; it includes the Selva vineyard, at an altitude of about 430 m with volcanic soil, where we grow merlot and pinot noir grapes, and the Sant’Urbano vineyards, where in the limestone terrain at an altitude 250 m we cultivate vineyards of Garganega, tai red, chardonnay and pinot grigio. The whole family - Gianfranco and Francesca, with Julia and daughters Monica - is dedicated to the care of the farm, always following biodynamic principles, respecting the land and the seasons, and we produce natural grape juice for a wine which does undergo any chemical treatment. In the summer we host interns from the agricultural school in Lonigo. On the farm we also have two dogs, two horses and some chickens. In addition to viticulture and cellar management, we are grow vegetables, from time to time we make cheese and salami and organize wine tastings, the WWOOFer is welcome to participate in all of these activities. We are not vegetarian, but we respect and admire the choice to not eat meat. Accommodation is in a self contained apartment with kitchen next to the farm. The farm is a 10-minute drive from the town centre, Trissino. The whole area is served by public transport (bus) and from the station you can reach Vicenza Trissino (40-45 minutes), Verona (1 hour) and Padova (1 hour). However, given the distance between the town centre and the farm, we usually use our car.