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In February I have to move away from Shivacarao.

I need someone who wants to spend a month in peace.

I have had a difficult time when I had to be closer to my family because of the loss of my dear brother Filippo. I am behind in making firewood for the winter and so send this request for help.

Due to the continual the bad weather, we are still at the height of the work in the garden, planting and planting out the seedlings, and meanwhile the harvesting and processing of strawberries, cherries, currants, etc. has begun.

Do you want to experience life in the countryside, or in the laboratory? we are waiting for you.

Contact Juliette
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Eberhard will be alone for a month: his wife has to go away for health reasons and he needs a helping hand to with his daily activities

Contact Eberhard


Recovering from an- luckily not serious- injury my father who until now had always given me a big hand in the management of the fields cannot help and I would like to welcome one or two wwoofers to our farm now as we have time to follow them and teach him and also to help out in different activities to be done, we will be available also in the following months but for July and August we already have several requests that should give us confirmation soon.
At the moment, however, no one has contacted us for this period and having an extra pair of helping hands from a wwoofer would be of great assistance

Contact Luca


The olive grove has been neglected in recent years due to family problems and today needs to be cleaned. Collaboration is required during the spring-summer period. Whilst collaborating on the farm olive cultivation techniques will be analyzed and it will be possible to compare the different experiences of organic and eco-sustainable agriculture.
Contact Giuliana

We are looking for a person who can help us to cut the grass in this period of difficulty due to illness. There would also be the possibility of remaining, if we all get on well, for prolonged periods. It could be a chance for a couple, to experience life in the countryside. Looking ahead, we are looking for someone who could manage our 10 ha.
Contatta Heidi

Toni Balestra has reached the point of finding it difficult to manage everything by himself. For this reason we have decided to suspend the publication of his announcement from the list and ask the wwoofers interested in a long term experience maybe leading to a long term or permanent commitment to contact him directly.

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I have had an annoying shoulder injury that prevents me from doing many jobs over the coming months, the most complex and demanding being that I have to prepare the winter garden, harvest, pick the olives, etc ... so I really need a hand for this period.

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