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This farm is located on a beautiful plain in Canavese, about 20 km north of Turin and 15 km south of Ivrea. We are a group of about twenty adults and eight children that live in an old farmhouse renovated using green building techniques. Some of us are directly involved in running the farm, others have different activities. Our group is part of the D., Federation of Communities’ which was founded in 1975, which is experimenting with a social model based on ethical and spiritual values ​expressed through work and art. We rear 100 cattle and produce all the grains needed for their maintenance, as well as for ourselves. We have vegetable gardens and greenhouses for the cultivation of organic vegetables, a small chicken coop and, seasonally, some pigs. We also run a restaurant, as part of our Agritourism project, by reservation only. Accommodation in single or double rooms, in a prefabricated wooden house near the barn. Some of us speak English, some speak French, Spanish and others German. WWOOFers can help mainly in the vegetables garden and vineyard. We can accommodate you between March and October. Help is also needed in the animal stalls and in the house. We cultivate several vineyards and everyone helps with the grape harvest in autumn. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the farm.
The drive to integrate the benefits of urban life with the desire to go back to our origins has given life to the idea of ​​an innovative educational farm: R.A.M. Roots in Moncalieri. We are a group of 6 (2 brothers and 4 friends) who have decided to share their passions, knowledge and dreams together. Everyone has their own duties. We live in a beautiful farmhouse in the Moncalierese hills, immersed in the greenery of the 'Collina Po' park, a UNESCO World Heritage site 15 minutes from Turin. We have a Brewery and Educational Farm. The farm is of 15 hectares: 2 horticultural crops, 1 barley, ½ hops, 1 Italian heirloom fruit orchard and the rest is wood. We have goats and sheep and make cheese, a henhouse, 30 hives with which we produce honey and derivatives, a small fish farm of carp and an Agricultural Brewery, BAM (we produce 100% of raw materials). We grow vegetables in and out of the soil (hydroponics and aquaponics). All resources, as well as waste, are reused in an integration cycle that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes production and benefits for the community. We are inspired by the principles of biodynamics and permaculture both in agriculture and in everyday life. We are founding members of the "Diramarsi" cultural association that promotes cultural and artistic events linked to sustainability on the farm. Depending on the season or availability, we offer a room with a shared bathroom or a tent in the garden in front of the house. Meals are shared together using all our own produce. We will choose together with our guests, according to their passions and skills, the most appropriate activities to do. We like to teach but also to learn.

We are a couple who run a small Bed and Breakfast, situated at 1,100 m, in the woods of the Cozie Alps. We are 6 km up from town and about 50 km from Turin city centre. We have recently taken over the nurturing of the family’s two large organic vegetable gardens from F’s parents who live next to us. We also maintain small herb plots, flower boxes, and the grounds around our building. We need help with all aspects of gardening and grounds maintenance. Depending on the season there are always various types of work to be done from woodcutting and building projects to hiking trail and building maintenance. During our busy periods, we may teach cooking classes, which you can participate in, if you are interested and we can always use a hand with the dishes. Accommodation is a large loft with 2 twin beds in our main building, which has high-speed Internet connection and your own private bathroom nearby. Walking and mountain biking tracks are accessible from our doorstep. We can accept one WWOOFer, from April through November, preferable for a minimum of 3 weeks. We may consider 2 wWWOOFers July through September. Meals are eaten together and made with love from scratch. We are native tongue English and Italian speakers. F. also speaks French.

We are a small farm located in Val Susa 1000 meters altitude in a beautiful refuge enclosed in the woods. We devote ourselves to the earth for love and for safeguarding it from devastation. Here we and my partner live with two friends who help us in our work. We love animals and we have 5 cats, 3 dogs, 2 horses, 2 donkeys, for company. Also there are about 30 goats and many geese, ducks and hens that provide us milk and eggs but we do butcher them as we are vegetarians. We cultivate a bit of everything in our large vegetable garden, which gives us a small income but above all allows us to eat vegetables and legumes of the highest quality. We are certified organic and we use the principles of permaculture. We have a lot of activities from the bees to the vineyards, pasture and forest care, milking and cheese production, making hay, harvesting of wild herbs and soft fruits, fruit juices and preserves, cutting wood and many other activities. We speak many languages ​​and we are all young people of about 30 years who love socializing, getting to know and dealing with different people. We offer our guests a bedroom with shared bathroom. The house is very large and lends itself to accommodating many people, meals are shared and even in leisure time we like to share the good times. For lovers of skiing, hiking, climbing, horseback riding and mountain biking, it is definitely the perfect place. Less than an hour from Turin and a few kilometers from France our hut is 15 minutes from Chiomonte Station and is very easy to reach on foot. None of us carries out other activities and the tasks we need help are the most varied. We will choose tasks to be done with our guests according to their attitudes.
We are Giorgio and Elena, we grow organic fruit on about 4 hectares of land on the slopes of Punta Quinzeina, in Canavese, 50km north of Turin. We produce several varieties of apples, hazelnuts, strawberries, mulberries and various types of summer fruit in smaller quantities. We cultivate a small garden close to home for our own personal consumption. We will soon open up a small fruit processing workshop, and in the future we will start to keep hens and introduce bees. We also garden for private customers. WWOOFers can help us with various tasks in the orchards and in the garden according to the season. We also need help in the kitchen (Elena has been baking sourdough bread and making kefir for a few months). From April to December we can offer a room in our home with a one and a half person bed (for one person or two who want to sleep together). From August to October, if the room is already occupied, we can arrange a bed in the living room (1 person) or a tent in the garden. We live with two dogs in the house, so guests should not be afraid of dogs. Our land is about 4-5 km from the house, which can be reached by car. Walking takes about an hour to the nearest orchard. We speak English and French. We love cultural exchange and we hope to establish a good relationship with who ever comes here, going beyond the simple offer of help but being an experience that can enrich us humanly. Guests can go hiking near the house or in the Gran Paradiso National Park, an ideal destination for climbers and mountaineers.
Ciao, we have a small farm in the low mountains near the Sacra di San Michele. Our farm is woodland close to the mountain where generations of people have constructed large terraces. We came to live here ten years ago and we grow vegetables mainly using hand tools and farming methods inspired Fukuoka, integrating synergistic with Bio intensive and where possible traditional methods. We have bees (20 hives) and chickens. Soon we will also have donkeys. We clear in the woods to keep warm and to give fertility to our vegetable garden. In addition to agricultural activities we are constantly renovating buildings and shelters, fences, greenhouses and other buildings. We would like to accommodate people interested in working with us in our many activities, to learn as much as possible from our farm and be willing to share knowledge. M. has an outside job too. The place is isolated, but you can reach the nearest town Giaveno, in 50 minutes on foot or 10 mins by car. We offer simple accommodation on the farm. The minimum period of stay is two weeks. We can host people from April to September. We speak English (Carlo) and both a little French.
My husband and I breed alpaca in the Valle Sacra, alto Canavese, we are at 1000 mt surrounded by chestnut and hazel woods. We have an alpaca farm, our main activity is animal welfare, including care of the pasture, maintenance of stalls and fences, weed eradication, storing manure and daily care. The spring is the time to shear the alpaca. The fibre, which is very fine and of high quality, is then worked by hand using ancient instruments and with full respect for ecology, up to the packaging of the soft balls of wool with the wheel spool. During the summer there are the births and new born to care for. Our business absorbs us completely, and there is not much time for social life. We have a couple of vegetable gardens that allow us to consume vegetables grown using the principles of permaculture. The only fertilizer used is alpaca which has superb qualities. In the autumn we take care of our forests and prepare the wood we will need next year to warm up. In addition to alpaca we have three dogs and two cats. In this area telephone communication is difficult and discontinuous, we do not have wifi and we try to moderate contact with electromagnetic waves. We can accommodate people who would like to share with us the days in an apartment where there is a large bedroom with a good view, with bathroom annex, below a kitchen. What we want to propose is meeting new people with the mutual exchange of knowledge and reality and also to teach the ancient art of spinning wool.
We are two brothers, Paolo and Claudio and cultivation is in our family’s DNA - we have always cultivated even though it hasn’t ever been the main source of income in the past. At a certain point in our lives we decided to make it our main job and converted to organic farming as an example of sustainability for both the land and its inhabitants. We are in a small town about 30km from Turin and 15 minutes from Pinerolo. The help we seek from WWOOFers is with the management and maintenance of the orchard where we grow mainly apple, pear trees and some soft fruit and recently we have begun to experiment cultivating ancient cereals and plants such as hemp seed or pea protein. There is a workshop where we process our fruit into juices, vinegars and ciders. We need help from March to December and can accommodate one person at a time for a minimum of two weeks. We are always happy to share with our guests our knowledge and our experience. Paolo lives in the farmhouse with his partner. We offer home-cooked food, a room with private bathroom and internet connection via Wi-Fi.
My partner and I run the Association whose mission is to take care of all sentient beings respecting their diversity. Our main activity is to take care of our horses in their every day management, education (which takes place within the herd as they live all together) and preparation for their role as co-facilitator in workshops that I lead as Eponaquest™ Certified Instructor, an deep and profound approach to Equine Facilitated Learning (an approach I learned during my years living in the States). We also need help with chopping woods, cleaning the bushes and woods around the property, fixing fences and several other things needed around the farm. We eat everything, but we have the utmost respect for everyone’s choice of food and everybody’s welcome. We buy locally at farmer’s markets or directly at our neighbors’s farms. We do not eat strawberries in January. We live in deep contact with nature and our animals are part of the family (3 cats, 4 dogs, 6 horses), we ask that they be respected and that who comes to stay with us does so with an open mentality to experiencing a different way to manage the animals in liberty and respecting their needs. Travelers are welcome all year around for a min of 15 days and will be accommodated depending on season and necessities; either in a private room or common room. it is also possible to camp (limited space available). We welcome 1 or 2 people, kids as well. Meals will be shared with us or not. you’ll be free to decide. We are half hour from the Torino’s downtown, surrounded by the beautiful hills that include Monferrato and Langhe. The train station is 20 min, but local public transport is very limited. We speak English, French and a bit of Spanish. We live and we work together sharing a piece of life.

La mia attività agricola, che preferisco non chiamare azienda, si trova ad Exilles in alta valle Susa a circa 900 metri di altitudine nel versante rivolto a sud. Vivo qui da 20 anni coltivando i terreni di famiglia e numerosi altri con le tecniche di agricoltura biologica che spesso equivalgono a quelle dei vecchi montanari. L'annata lavorativa si divide a seconda delle stagioni: in inverno riposo, pianificazione e lavori nel bosco; a primavera sistemazione e preparazione terreni, revisione macchinari e prime semine; durante l'estate coltivazione degli ortaggi: trapianti, diserbo manuale, irrigazioni e raccolta del fieno; infine in autunno raccolti e vendita diretta dei prodotti con consegne a domicilio e mercati/fiere del territorio. Castagne, patate e zucche sono le produzioni principali a cui si affiancano gli ortaggi autunnali (cavoli, porri, rape ecc...); e piccoli appezzamenti di cereali antichi per autoconsumo o poco più. Vorrei condividere questo percorso con chi avrà piacere di conoscere la mia esperienza e il territorio della val di Susa. I momenti migliori sono l'estate e l'autunno. Inoltre venendo qui si potrà venire a contatto con la storia e le esperienze del Movimento NO TAV, protagonista di una lotta ormai trentennale contro la ostruzione di una infrastruttura altamente impattante col territorio. Il piccolo paese in cui vivo offre anche la possibilità di rapporti con altri amici tramite le attività di una vivace associazione culturale di cui faccio parte. La stazione ferroviaria non è distante ed è raggiungibile anche a piedi. Parlo un po' di francese, inglese e spagnolo.