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These are the acts of the Association and you must read them: becoming a member means you are in agreement with and share their contents. The Statute is quite long and complicated, but you’ll need to know at least the main points and to keep a copy as a reference when you are in doubt. The Internal Rules define in a practical way the various activities of the Association, the rights and duties of members. It is essential to respect and enforce them also to other members with whom you come in contact. You can find a summary of the two documents on this page.

By becoming a member you will be part of a wider network that will stimulate you, thanks to the activity of the coordinators, to attend general meetings and local meetings in the area you visit here that will facilitate and enrich your wealth of experience and knowledge.

WWOOF Italy provides insurance cover which is included in the membership. It is an essential tool because it covers accidents and civil liability at a minimal cost. Of course, all activities must be carried out safely and without using motorized tools whose use is prohibited by the Regulations and therefore not covered by the insurance. For more information please refer to the relevant page or contact us directly.


The membership fee is €35.00, is individual and valid for 12 months from the date we receive your fee. We will add your information to our address book to keep you informed with a newsletter, for as long as you wish to receive this. N.B Joining WWOOF Italia entitles you to WWOOF ONLY in Italy. To WWOOF in other countries you need to contact their national WWOOF organization, all the official WWOOF sites can be found under www.wwoof.net


With bank transfers: We strongly advise you to use another way to pay from abroad as bank fees for international transactions are ludicrously high!

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